Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 02, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • will Luthor finally prevail in his scheme to destroy the justice league?

    we see in this episode that captain atom is a man of honor, and he's willing to do anything to obey orders given to him. that makes him a great hero. we also see in this episode the return of huntress to the watchtower, although she will not go back to the justice league again. we also see that people in this era doesn't really treat the justice league heros and they will lose their trust to their heroes immediately when they do something wrong. that is one human nature emphasized in this episode. it make take many deeds to earn trust, but only one to break it.
  • Status quo threatening episode where the heroes lose control of their Watchtower weapon, and are considered enemies of the U.S. government. Problems with traditional versus new character personalities, but the episode is well-written and suspenseful.

    Wow. JLU is getting better than ever, they are really threatening to shake up the status quo with some crazy developments and fears. I knew the government and Cadmus sub-plots were building up the whole season, and the climax that this episode is coming up to is executed well.

    I gasped when the JLU space cannon was about to discharge, and no one could do anything to stop it. The shots of the people enjoying the day, Superman's futile attempt, and the real life devastation that such a blast would cause were done well. I really felt the drama and effect of the JLU losing control of their ultimate weapon.

    The last part with the origin of Power Girl tied into the Supergirl clone, is I think a great revision, as Kara's true past is mired in continuity landmines. The JLU is going to have an epic fight on their hands.

    My only gripe is with the characterization of Superman, as somewhat of a hard-hitting John Wayne type of brute, who hit first and asks questions later. In my head he always represents the noble heart of America, who tries to always do things the right and just way first. He would be the last one to resort to dirty measures. In some ways that somewhat leftist attitude suits him, because he's so strong, capable, and powerful that he is allowed that luxury of idealism (in comparison to the right leaning Batman), and he usually proves himself right. I could see how they could have changed up the story a bit, with Superman as the ideal head and clashing with the other heroes, struggling to change their minds, and lead them as a group. I always thought that would be his role. But the JLU incarnation though not as faithful to the Superman tradition, is at least accessible and executed well for new viewers. If I didn't know Superman as a character previously, I could buy that a big, strong guy like him would be more into busting heads and taking action, than worrying about what the ideal just action would be.

    Can't wait to see where this whole arc, building for the past two seasons, is going to end up. These past two seasons, though sometimes uneven, are amazing for their creativity, and the willingness of the writers to push the boundaries and really threaten to shake the status quo.
  • To avenge a fallen comrade, Superman declares war on Cadmus.

    "Flashpoint" is truly excellent. I was quite impressed with the serious tone and strong emotional depth in this episode. The episode opens with a thrilling battle between Superman and Captain Atom. The story is well-paced and offers some good emotional scenes. The touching relationship between Huntress and the Question is nicely presented. The characters deliver some strong arguements. Superman and Supergirl are ready for war. Green Arrow supports the people's fear of the League and doesn't blame them for trying to plot against them. The animated series has come a long way since "Secret Origins".
  • Superman has an unexpexted battle with the result being that a friend is 2 friends are badly hurt, one at his own hands. His first instinct is to attack Cadmus. But the League is about to have bigger problems.

    Although I was looking forward to seeing this episode after seeing Question Authority, I didn't really like this episode. Superman could have easily killed Captain Atom, but he didn't. You kind of felt sorry for Captain Atom. You also felt bad for The Question, who showed his real face, bruised at the hands of Lex Luthor (yes Lex Luthor) and being tortured in a room in Cadmus. And to add injury to insult civilians are blaming the Justice league, to their face, for firing their space gun. In the words of Q, "It's not like it's the end of the world...right?!".
  • another great episode

    This season has all been about great episodes with a lot of character development and this episode delivers just that. First we have Captain Atom’s betrayal of the league and as a result he as one of the greatest fighting sequences in the series along with Superman

    Then we have The Question finally showing his face to the Huntress which in it self was a really cute scene

    Finally we have the Flash trying to deal with civilian population after watchtowers misfire on the city. It was very interesting seeing how some people viewed the league as saints and wile others saw them as tyrants

    all I can say is thing episode was great, 9.7 in my book
  • Pulse-pounding. I enjoyed every minute.

    This was a good episode. It was a great action episode, and had great battle scenes.

    Superman vs Captian Atom... never saw that one coming! But even though Captain Atom could use Red Sun radiation on Superman, the Man of Steel still beat him. But what really proves Superman to be a trustworthy man and a true, good friend, is when the medics from Cadmus rush onto the scene after he takes a beating, and Superman shouts at them, "Don't touch him! He's Justice Leauge."

    In this episode, you get to see Question's face, which proves he does have one. And it's no wonder why he wears a mask! But I suppose once his injuries heal, most of the ugliness will go away.
    We also find out that he has red hair, not black hair.

    Well, on the more important note, now that Lex has blasted a chunk out of the area Cadmus is in and framed the League for it, Superman is having to go through this scenario all over again after Darkside took over him in the Superman animated series. Will this fact factor in Superman's decision?
    Well, that's all for now!
  • There are too many obvious holes and problems with the motivations behind the plots.....

    This show used to be my favorite show on TV. However, the last 3 or 4 episodes of the series has led me to believe that the future of this show is very bleak. There are too many holes and problems with the plots and motivations behind the plots...I can write a book on these problems, but, to get responses to this review I will format it a very simple way...


    1. Why didn't "The Question" tell anyone that when he went to see Lex Luthor to kill him, Lex Luthor threw him around the room with one arm like he was a doll.

    That didnt seem strange to "The Question", who to date is known as a person that finds out conspiracies and strange events that go unnoticed or most people overlook? All this info he was able to patch together about Cadmus but thought nothing about being tossed around room. Please..............

    2. Superman said to his fellow Justice Leaguers that Cadmus was created to protect the innocent people from the Justice Leaguers due to the fact that if they were to turn evil (Like the Justice Lords did) there would be nothing to stop them.

    Sounds good right? Wrong....What is Cadmus doing to protect the populice from the other Superpowered people that are already evil and have turned against the govermnent and people...For example Bizzaro, Sinestro, and more importantly Braniac. They are actually working with Braniac (I would hope unknowingly).

    Most importantly, where was Cadmus when the Thanagarians almost took over the world...Isn't that a real threat to the people? Come on...

    3. You find out in the season finale that the Future Batman's protege biological father was genetically altered to have a child with Batman's DNA. The reason behind this is that Cadmus' Amanda Waller felt that the future world would be a better place with a Batman in it. There is at least two problems with this...

    a) When Batman paid his visits to Ms Waller in the earlier episodes of this season, he terrified her. She gave no indication that she admired him. In fact, she seemed like she was scared out of her wits whenever he showed up. She didn't show him this but it was obvious to the viewers. Why would she clone him based on the above.

    b) Another problem with this is that it defeats the argument behind the creation of Cadmus. You want to protect the world against the Justice Leaguers but you are creating one for the future that will not be under your tutelage (like Galatea had been). Isnt that self defeating?

    4. This visit to the alternate earth with the Justice Lords is being overplayed too much. Based on the plots now, if the Justice League went to or landed some how in a parallel earth where there was a group of people called the Lights of Justice (for argument sake)and they took over their govt and ran the planet in harmony for centuries, would Cadmus exist to help the JLA remove the govt.

    In essence, there are countless parallel worlds. Why let one influence everyone to this point the way it is. They have been to other parallel worlds and it didnt result in a creation of Cadmus...You will see all types of scenarios in different earths. So each scenario should result in a different creation of a sub government group like Cadmus.

    I can go on but I will stop here...I welcome your comments...
  • Tremendous portrayal of ideals.

    This episode was fantastic! The Cadmus storyline has been building ever since the conclusion of Star Crossed and it's finally coming to a head. Superman was portrayed a bit differently than we're used to seeing him and I, for one loved it. He wasn't the Boy Scout, he was seriously ticked off and wanted revenge. The exchange between him, J'onn, Arrow and Flash really hit home, especially when Flash responded to Superman's "Do I look like Batman to you?" Speaking of which, where is ol' Bats? I'm sure he's got something cookin'.
    The ending with Tea/Supergirl Clone/Quasi-Power Girl and the Ultimen is so climatic. You know there's a huge fight coming that should be awesome to watch.
    What makes this whole storyline so spot on is that it plays to a very realistic fear that would likely come to pass if our world was populated with super-powered beings. Lex manipulating the situation to his advantage is classic. 'Flashpoint' drives home the League's strong stance in upholding its ideals (even through aggresive means) as contrasted with the distrust, confusion and caution of a world it wants to protect. I can't wait for 'Panic In The Sky' and the remaining episodes.
  • Superman beats up Captain Atom, The Question's face is revealed, Waller and Cadmus revive Gallatea and the Ultimen for a big attack, and oh yeah Luthor remotely uses the watchtower to take out a city with their ion cannon. You know some people had to have

    This episode was great, this whole story arch is goin somewhere nuts, and its gonna be awesome. The dialogue and character reactions to what is said is perfect, albeit a few cheesy lines but nothing unbearable. "People need us, we help them" I'll let it slide Flash. MUSIC KICKS ASS
  • It's getting dark in here. But I trust the writers of Justice League Unlimited enough to leave my flashlight at home (just don't turn Superman evil).

    I'm a little bit worried about where this series is going. As a huge Superman fan, the idea that he might be vilified is deplorable to me. I have faith that he will remain the super hero that he is, but what if I’m wrong? Regardless of his ultimate fate, the ride is thrilling. And it's certainly more ambitious than anything this team has done since the first episodes of The Adventures of Batman. We are finally seeing everything that was promised us since Darkseid kidnapped Superman and brainwashed him—we're seeing the flipside of having a beloved hero. We're seeing what happens when one group has too much power (whether they end up misusing it or not). We're seeing what happens when the public turns on its own saviors. We're seeing a story that is so much more than just Superman taking down one of Lex Luthor's robots. This tale is epic and no matter what dark places it leads us, the ride is certainly a blast. Oh, and then there's the issue of Superman's great battle with Captain Atom. Now THAT'S why I watch.

    Aside from all of the questions that this episode leaves unanswered, here is my big one—where the heck is Batman in all of this?
  • Excellent and very dramatic

    For a thirty minute show it was very dramatic and compeling. The first scene of Superman and Captain Atom going at it was increadable, the only they I question is why Captain Atom did not go after Huntress and Question when he had the chance, He seemed very attend on beating Superman. Superman showed his true colors by helping to save Captain Atom after the battle. Lex Luthor and Cadmus showed how evil they truly are. Luthor has no moral center at all by trying to take out innocent lives by using the Justice league weapon on the earth. Great seing the Flash back in action he may be the greatest asset to the League. Its going to be interesting to see how it all ends. My bet is on the League having to banshing Luthor from earth forever, just like they did Doomsday.
  • We see most of the cards in the hand for Cadamus.

    I guess Superman has more pent up anger than he would ever admit. Maybe Batman needs to give him a few lessons. Or maybe Yoda does "Fear leads to anger, Anger leads to hate, Hate leads to the Darkside of the force. I sense much fear in you"

    We see some more of Superman's fear in this episode. The Man of steel doesn't always show us his more vulnerable side. We also see that The US government is more tied to Cadamus than maybe originally thought.

    Cadamus revealed their cards though.

    A must watch episode.

  • More of the puzzle comes together.

    It's been fun trying to put together the puzzle that is the Cadmus storyline. We've gotten all the pieces. We've seen the Justice Lords, Power Girl, the Ultimen, etc. We already know the ultimate picture is of the JLU vs. Cadmus, but seeing how the pieces fit together has me enthralled. In this episode we see more of these pieces link up to form a bigger picture. It's still not the complete picture though. I can't wait for the next episode. I've loved this show since it first started, but it's never had me hooked as much as I am with this storyline.
  • Excellent from start to finish!! A must-see JLU episode!!!

    This episode definitely one of my favorite Justice League episodes! Everything is done perfectly, from the fight scenes, to the dialogue/voice acting, to the plot itself! Seeing Captain Atom give Superman a run for his money with his Red Sun energy blasts was very entertaining, as was watching Lex Luthor totally destroy the League's reputation and public trust with the help of their own Watchtower! Although it had a rotating roster of superheroes, it didn't take away from enjoying the episode. This season of Justice League has been the best season ever! (Dare I say that this season has more wonderful episodes than any other season!) The Cadmus story arc is getting better each minute, and the ending with Galatea and an army of Ultimen left me anticipating the big showdown in "Panic in the Sky"! To put it simply, "Flashpoint" is another notch on the Justice League's belt of top-quality episodes!
  • The suppense is killing me what is Luthor up to. Cadmus has become what they were trying to prevent.

    Lex Luthor is up to his old tricks and there working. His is getting the Justice League and Cadmus to fight each other. Luthor takes over the JL cannon and shoots at a Cadmus secret base. Now we even see more the true colors of Cadmus. Even though the president of the U.S. told them to wait but stay on high alert, they ignore the order and thus have became what they were created to stop; and play right into Luthors hands. This allways happens with secret orgainizations, they become what they were suppose to stop.
    Luthors plan's for world domination are comming to fuition.
  • Live by the game die by the game

    Really nice episode =D I really like to wath these episodes cause it is nice artwork. jf
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