Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 2

For the Man Who Has Everything

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Aug 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • It feels like I'm watching a really great drama.

    Batman and Wonder Woman are heading towards Superman's place to deliver him presents for his big day. But a bug type of creature is implanted onto his chest, making him fantasize continually on his most precious desires. In his case, he dreams about having a wife and a kid that he dearly loves. Mogul seems to be the culprit behind this, and Wonder Woman goes and battles him. Batman tries taking it off, and his words seemed to have reached through, as Superman snapped back to reality. But the creature backfired on Batman and was implanted on his chest now. He fantasizes about his dad protecting him and his mom from a generic robber. With the help of his friends, he is able to take it off. Superman is now battling Moguel, and Wonder Woman now throws the fantasizing teasing creature onto him.

    If it weren't for a particular thirty second moment, this episode would have passed for average. However, the moment when Superman realizes that all of this could just be a dream, and telling his son about it was kind of ironic in a way, but also extremely dramatic. By far one of the most dramatic things I've watched. It's just one of the best drama scenes I've ever seen. It honestly is that great that deserves my endless ranting about it. But other than that, I see everything else as a build up to that one scene. The fighting, like in all of the Justice League episodes, are your daily "I hit you then you hit me" rinse and repeat fights that get boring pretty quickly.