Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 2

For the Man Who Has Everything

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Aug 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • Adapting an early superman comic, several of the Justice Leaguers celebrates Superman's birthday.

    I have fond memories attached to this story arc, since I actually read the comic book when I was a little kid. And it actually was quite a tear jerker for me back then.

    Unfortunately, due to the show being limited to 30 minutes, we can't quite pack all the details into this show the same way the comic book did, and show the culmination of Superman's rage towards Mongul. In fact in many ways it weakens the the story arc a little.

    The only build up here is that Superman must lose his own son and normal family to be Superman again, which while significant, is not nearly as powerful as in the comic where Kal El came to realize that his whole life, not just his son was a sham. But on it's own, the episode was a very powerful one which showed a side of superman that we always knew but frequently forget... His yearning for a semblance of a normal family life.

    People will often site their own children as their greatest achievement and their pride and joy. Kal El is no different. His son is the very culmination of everything that he wants out of his life. And quite frankly watching Superman force himself awake is quite a strong moment for me. But once again, compared to the comic book it pales by comparison due to the extensive build up.

    I find it rather curious that they decided to take out Robin and have Wonder Woman perform the same role as what he did. (Instead brute forcing the plant off of Batman, he had special gloves to tame the plant)