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    Forum Posting Rules

    Basically these are what we used over on TV Tome, which had about the same Terms of Use standards and rules that are here.

    If someone violates the policy, we may simply delete the offending post. Alternately, we'll close the whole thread, then delete it after a day or two. If it's a policy-violating post within an otherwise legitimate thread (i.e., hijacking), the post will be deleted in its entirety but we'll leave the thread. Repeat offenders will be reported to the TV.com Webmaster for banning.

    If you don't like the policies, please let the TV.com staff know, as it is their site and they created the policies we're trying to interpret. We'll be glad to send them links to the posts that were locked to verify your complaint. Keep in mind the forums are privately owned but provided by TV.com for the benefit of all users.

    If you see someone breaking any of these TV.com policies, do not respond to them or try to "correct" them or get the last word or whatever. Just ignore them and let the staff deal with them.

    Pretty much all of this is covered under TV.com’s Terms of Use. If you're not familiar with the TOU, please review it. If you're reading this, that means you're almost certainly a TV.com member and you agreed to them.


    No offensive language/censor-bypassing

    This seems pretty straightforward, but if you're not sure, assume it is offensive. Again, we're pretty easygoing on this, but it is an official TV.com rule.

    If you need a guideline for this forum, then I would say this – language in general should not be more "adult" or "mature" or whatever then what is used on the show itself. Since everyone here presumably watches Justice League Unlimited, on Cartoon Network, we all know what that means. It's also flexible enough to allow for different forums for different shows with different standards.

    Standard Net Etiquette

    All upper-caps is considered to be "shouting" and just as annoying as if someone were in the room shouting at you. Use of &*$(#)&(*%&* -type characters constitutes offensive language and will be treated accordingly.

    Do not post copyright material verbatim from other sites. Provide a link if you must. Other then short excerpts, do not copy material from magazines, newspaper articles, etc.

    Threads and Content

    If you have a specific question or want to discuss a specific character, create a new thread. Please try to see if there is an existing thread on a topic you wish to discuss before creating a new one. We will be creating pinned threads for each new episode 2-3 weeks before it airs.

    If you create a new thread, it must have content or it will be deleted. Do not simply pose a brief question or statement and wander off.

    Do not "shout" in a thread title or use unusual or non-standard characters.

    Illegal Activities

    Discussion of copying and/or downloading episodes (i.e., Copyright Material) is off-topic and against Terms of Use – it’s illegal. If you want to ask someone to "help" you see an episode, mention it briefly and they can contact you via Personal Messaging. Folks can then contact you off-line and outside this forum. You can post your e-mail directly in the forum but I wouldn't since it is available to Google search, etc.

    Fanfic is unfortunately borderline illegal due to copyright violation. Discussion of writing, as it pertains to Justice League and its writers, is on-topic and okay. Discussion of characters, characterization, future directions a character might take, are acceptable if they're on the show. Posting your own stories here is not acceptable. Creating entire episodes or seasons and/or entirely new characters for such seasons is not acceptable. If you want to advertise a link with fan fiction, put it in your signature.

    Posting of other people’s artwork, whether you claim it as your own or not, is illegal. Provide links if you so desire.

    Keep your posts on topic

    Topic = the discussion of Justice League Unlimited, its characters, its setting. Other posters are not on-topic, whether you "flame" them or not, whether you specifically name them or give broad and obvious hints. That's not to say you can't address a point about the show that they raise – but they themselves are not on-topic. The policies of the forum, TV.com, or the page format are not on-topic (unless we open something up for discussion and/or explanation). If you think there's something wrong with page content, use the contribution system – if we don't fix it, take a hint.

    Shows other then Justice League Unlimited, unless you're comparing them to Justice League Unlimited with the emphasis on Justice League Unlimited, or they are tied into or otherwise part of the shared WB animated universe, are off-topic. Advertisements and referrals are off-topic unless the product is very specifically Justice League-related (Season DVDs, Justice League Unlimited comics, etc.). Again, you'd be better off directing folks to your personal profile, but discussion of the quality of Justice League Unlimited-related product is on-topic.

    Comic books, from DC or anyone else (mostly Marvel), are not on-topic except as they relate directly to the JLU series. What happened in Batman #500 or Identity Crisis #3 is not on-topic here. We'd recommend www.dccomics.com if you want to discuss DC comics.

    Non DC animated universe movies about superheroes, even those who are JLU members, are not on-topic here. Check out www.movietome.com and their forums.

    Folks' personal fantasies, poetry, etc. about the characters qualify as "fanfic" (and typically bad fanfic at that) and even if it isn't, is still not on-topic here. If you want to exchange pictures, material, stuff with other users, contact them via e-mail.

    On-line/forum “games”, voting, etc., are not on-topic as there is no discussion or real involvement with the show involved.

    Stay on-topic within a thread. If you want to discuss something unrelated, start a new thread.

    "Bump" posts or posts that have no meaningful content but are intended to keep a post on the front page are not on topic.

    As gratifying as it may be, we don't need to be thanked for doing our jobs. Your visiting here is gratitude enough.

    News and Rumors

    Don't post any news unless you provide a specific URL. We try to confirm news through at least two sources, including our own, so we typically don't post much news, update episode lists, etc., until we are able to confirm. That helps false information and rumors from being spread.

    Posting fake rumors and news is against forum policy.

    'Versus' Threads

    We allow these as long as they focus primarily on the Justice League and its characters. Particularly since the writers themselves like to blur the lines (i.e., a Defenders-type team on JLU). However, they should almost always involve American comic book characters, not real-life or other animation styles. For instance, American-vs.-Japanese comic threads are pretty much pointless and thus not allowed due to the disparity between the genres. No personal attacks

    Attack the argument, not the arguer.

    Critiquing of an actor's performance, a writer's ability to write, a director's skills, etc., are all valid. Insulting and disparaging remarks which have nothing to do with a crew member's skills or performance, and which may concern individuals who may be users on TV.com anonymously or otherwise, will be considered "flaming" and deleted accordingly. While characters are fictional and not subject to personal attacks, the actors who play them are...well, persons, so attacking their personal appearance is certainly flaming.


    If you post forum material that contains actual spoilers of future episode(s) (as of when you post), please put (Spoilers) in the Title. This is for the benefit of those readers who don't wish to have future episodes spoiled for them. The official episode discussion threads are not the place for spoilers.

    Our editorial policy here on Justice League Unlimited at TV.com is to not post a whole lot of spoiler information and wait until the episode airs, and then post complete information. Uninformed but reasonable speculation on future events based on existing episodes and previews and hints is allowed within reason, and is not considered "spoilers."

    Thanks, everyone!

    Updated 9/7/05

    Do not cut-n-paste material from other sites onto this site, whether they're cool with it or not. As stated above, provide a link, with or without the HTML code to let folks click on it.

    Other Off-Topic Subjects: Other users, forum policy, TV.com policy in general.

    (Updated 1/31/06)

    The best way to perpetuate a thread you don't like or don't agree with is to post on it.

    Posting you have nothing to say on a thread is off-topic, and will be moderated accordingly. Commenting on the way a thread is going is off-topic.

    Don't create a thread or make a post just to make an example, or prove a point.

    If you do something in the first post you create for a thread that is a violation and we moderate/delete, the entire thread is lost. So watch things like Censor Bypassing, etc. We're not going to edit a post to make it acceptable - that's your job.

    Flaming and Flame Wars

    There is a difference between debate and flaming. Or to put it another way, respond to the argument, not the user. Saying why something someone says is incorrect (as much as you can say any opinion is "incorrect"), is one thing. Saying they're dumb, or "baloney," or not entitled to post their opinion, is another.

    Posting that you're going to report someone is off-topic, and almost guaranteed to start/maintain a flame war.

    There is no such thing as "defensive" flaming. If you respond to a flame with a flame, you're flaming. If you quote someone else flaming, well...you're responsible for everything that's in your post, and your content will be moderated accordingly.

    The shorter your post, the more likely it is not "reasonable and informed criticism and debate." A quick one-sentence post, especially one going against the initial point of a thread or opposing another user's argument, is more likely to be considered a driveby flame or troll, and moderated accordingly.


    If you start your post with "It might be off-topic," or "Sorry to go off-topic" or whatever, while we appreciate your honesty, it'll still be deleted and considered Off-Topic.

    Posting to tell someone what they're posting is off-topic or inappropriate is off-topic. Just report it and let it go. If it doesn't go away, then you were wrong.

    As this forum is for discussion of JLU, please do not posts surveys, polls, lists, etc.
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