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    Just a note, as the new season gears up, please observe the following when making submissions:

    1) Provide a source in Comments when you submit something for the new season. (IMDB.com is not a reliable source.)

    2) Other then very brief "factual" info, do not copy material word-for-word from other sites.

    3) Don't speculate.

    4) If you're not sure that what you're posting is accurate, don't post. Don't keep posting and resubmitting the same thing with minor changes.

    5) Usually something that's in the system will stay there as-is. Otherwise we have an endless change of people trying to "fix" something they think is wrong, changing each other's stuff, etc.

    6) The producers' policy is not to credit actors for multiple roles in the same episode. Don't "guess" at who played what in an uncredited role, or submit some other site's guess.

    Overall, I'd rather be accurate then fast.

    Hope that all helps.
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