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What JLU combos would you have loved to see?

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    [21]May 16, 2008
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    I would like to see the JSA members Mr. Terrific, Sand, Hourman, Dr. Mid-Nite, Stargirl, Hawkgirl and Atom Smasher all team up.
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    [22]May 19, 2008
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    My choices and plots to go with them (Something I typed on Toon Zone):

    1. Mxyzptlk making friends with Batmite, and introducing his new friend to the Justice League. He would also try a new look (His silver age look that it).

    Line Up- Flash, B'Wana Beast, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, The Creeper, Elongated Man, Johnny Thunder and his Thunderbolt. Maybe try adding Sue Dibny.

    2. Overall, a tribute to the Bronze Age Justice Society. Vandal Savage (From the Batman Beyond era) proposes team up with his younger self to deal with the Justice League. Superman and Wonder Woman would be subdued already. The more elderly members of the JLU as well as Jay Garrick, Alan Scot, Hawkman, Power Girl* and Huntress are the only ones to stand in the way. To keep history from being altered, Superman and Wonder Woman (from the Batman Beyond era)** would follow Savage back in time to help save their younger counterparts.

    Line Up- Superman, Wonder Woman, Alan Scot/Green Lantern, Jay Garrick/Flash, Power Girl, Huntress and Hawkman.

    * The JLU comics had Power Girl in the line up despite Galatea appearing on the show. They could always try having her reform and taking up the Power Girl mantle.

    ** For those who haven't guess, Superman and Wonder Woman Beyond would more or less pay tribute to Earth-Two's Superman and Wonder Woman.

    3. Can't think of a specific story, but maybe a cross between "The Brave And The Bold" and "Hard Traveling Heroes". Maybe introducing Hal Jordan as a pilot friend of Oliver Queen. They'd probably converse about politics. Not to mention a scene with John somewhat recognizing Hal (Shades of "Once And Future Thing, Part 2").

    Line Up- Green Arrow, Black Canary, Green Lantern and Flash

    4. A story with the characters from Justice League Europe, maybe an animated story adapting the Captain Atom/JLE/Gargoyles Parody. I'd recommend Greg Weisman for this one.

    Line Up- Captain Atom, Metamorpho, Flash and Kilowog (They did talk about hanging out sometime, hence having him in the story).

    5. A semi Justice League/Teen Titans crossover (Probably a two parter like that Adam Strange story in JL Adventures). The Titans here would of course be different than their animated counterparts. More in style of the DCAU. Overall, Batman and Crew would aid Nightwing and some of his pupil in a fight against the Fearsome Five. Maybe include Static.

    Line Up- Batman, Green Arrow, Flash

    TT Line Up- Nightwing, Robin, Speedy, Static and Gear

    Fearsome Five- Mammoth, Psimon, Gizmo, Deuce and Charger.
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    * The JLU comics had Power Girl in the line up despite Galatea appearing on the show.

    I saw that! someone posted the page of that comic in their journal/blog

    It showed Powergirl talking to Stargirl, funny thing though Supergirl was on the same page too, I'll have to post a link to that page when I find it again.

    On the show I would've liked to have seen a Flash and Supergirl team up or at least one with Static & Superigirl since Superman had done team ups with Flash and Static. Mr. Terrific did mention Flash and Supergirl working together in Madagascar in the patriot act episode but there wasn't anything else mentioned about that.

    I did have one idea for a fanfiction which consists of a 'younger' division in the justice league as if the whole 'Far from home' episode never happend:

    Founding members:



    Wondergirl-Donna Troy version

    Kid-Flash-Bart Allen version



    Green lantern-Kyle Rainer


    Other members:



    Rubberband man




    Long shadow*

    Robin-Tim Drake version

    Steel- Natasha Irons


    Superboy-Conner Kent

    *I did have this idea where Superman decides to put her on a 'back up' list of members sometime after the whole panic in the sky incident, also nothing was really mentioned about what happend to Long shadow or the other Ultimen for that matter so that door was kind of left open...

    what do you think?

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    would love to see hal jordan and just about anyone. Mainly supergirl, powergirl ,hawk girl.

    A Dr Fate, Dr Midnight pairing would be cool too.

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