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Who is smarter?

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    Mr Terrific is easily the smartest human in the Justice League. I don't know if the Martian Manhunter is smarter or not.
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    Batman is smart, but not the smartest.

    Batman has a deductive mind, which is why it would be easy for him to figure out everyone's secret identity. He is a really smart human, but Luthor and J'onnn have him beat.

    The DC character who's brain never gets love is Superman. Superman never forgets anything he sees, reads, or learns. His brain cells are also effected by his invunrabilty.

    Luthor is, atleast, a 12 level intellect. He has solved the cure for Cancer, Aids, and every other disease known to man. He is the smartest humanoid in the DC universe.

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    -Blackstar- wrote:
    RoboAmish wrote:
    Batman. In the DC world he is often implied to be the smarrtest person on earth
    Funny, I don't recall anyone ever implying that about Batman. Lex Luthor, Ras Al Gul and perhaps Edward Nygma (aka The Riddler) are just as smart as Bruce, if not more so. Bruce is an excellent detective and a shrewd judge of character, but he's not a super genius.

    I'm not denying that Bruce has a big ol' brain on him, but calling him "the smartest person on earth" is pushing it just a tad. If Bruce were really that smart, you might as well start claiming his intellect as a super power. Then he'd be like Gear on Static Shock.

    Batman is indeed the smartest person on earth. He knows when to run and when not to.

    As far as Luthor, Ras al gul and Riddler, where are those guys again? Oh right, in JAIL or DEAD. Besides, in the end Batman always came out on top against any of those guys, which would put him above them, just sayin'.

    And last but not least, Batman's smarts have always been his trademark, he's always 2 steps ahead.

    Intelligence is nothing without wit/wisdom/reflexes/skills/purpose, and batman couples all those up better than pretty much any other character you can think of.

    Being smart is about more than just raw intelligence and IQ.

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    Wow! This post really needs to get back to the real question and you people need to understand what everyone is saying. There is a HUGE difference between smarts and intelligence. The original question what "who is smarter?" but then he started talking about Luthor's intelligence.

    Luthor does have a Level 12 intellect. That means his brain is able to work on really complex things, that's it! Now before anyone starts getting pissing Luthor is also smart. He is also able to see things a couple of steps ahead of everyone. That has always been the appeal, Luthor's brain vs Superman's muscle.

    J'onn has been around for a while but that does not make his intelligent as some people think. The reason he coordinates everyone is because he is a telepath and knows how they will work together.

    Mr. Terrific is very intelligent. He does the crossword in pen. He is also very smart. That is why he is the only person J'onn will hand over the controls to because he is able to work everything out.

    Ray Palmer and John Irons are scientists and genius in their fields but that is it. They don't have the smarts to control the JL.

    Now to the touchy subject of Batman: Batman is very intelligent and smart. He is the world's greatest detective which means he sees what other people don't and is able to put everything together to make since. Batman does have other people make stuff for him because they are better in their specific fields than he is. On the whole though Batman is better at everything brainy because he doesn't have a specific field. I believe that Batman is smarter than everyone in the JL because he can see 12 steps ahead of everyone, and that is what makes him special. He is the only one out of the original 7 that has no superpowers and yet he could take them all down (please do not quote this point and start a whole new argument, it's not the main point of my thread.) I do not think Batman is the most intelligent. I think all of the previously mentioned people have a bigger IQ than Batman though.

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    I guess the issue seems to be more or less settled but allow me my two cents.The original question was for smart which is in itself varying book smarts or street smarts.Inteligence has purely to do with quantitative knowledge while smarts determine how you utilize such knowledge.So simply put Batman is the smartest of them all simply for how he well he uses what he knows.
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