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Who's your fav. non-founding member of the JLU??

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    Without a doubt Green Arrow or Supergirl
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    This is a rather difficult question to answer, due to the fact that there were so many other characters added when it became "unlimited", and because of the fact that with so many different ones, only a very small handful ever got used often enough in stories to judge. Still, I'll try my best: Green Arrow, Wildcat, Huntress, Supergirl, Dr. Fate, and Zatanna (though I wish they'd used her more updated costume, not the old one). I was also disappointed that the Red Tornado never got used very much, and was it my imagination or did the character lisp? That's kind of weird, if he did, considering he was supposedly an android.

    (an aside, if I may... How is it that Green Arrow's ex-sidekick was made a member of the JLA and Batgirl never was? I know, Barbara was never officially Batman's sidekick, but I think she deserved it far more than "speedy"... or whatever name he goes by now)

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    When the final two seasons for JLU was going on during the same time as The Batman series. The Batman had the rights to all the Batman characters and as a result JLU could not use major Batma characters on the series anymore except for Batman who was a regular. It was called the Batembargo and was the prime reason JLU stopped using major Batman characters. Teen Titans ended that freed up the rights fr Speedy, so they used Speedy in the episode that wasbased on the Sevn Soldiers or something.
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