Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 15

Fury (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 14, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

While "Man's world" collapses from the plague targeting males, Aresia offers Star Sapphire and Tsukuri power in the new world she's creating. Batman is aiding rescue operations with Hawkgirl when he begins to collapse. Wonder Woman arrives and they avert another accident but Batman collapses from the plague. On the Watchtower J'onn is working toward a cure while Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl go looking for Aresia and the others. Aresia is breaking into an Air Force base to steal a bomber when Hippolyta confronts her and Tsukuri knocks her out.

Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are finishing rescue operations but the rescue team helicopter crashes into power liens and the heroines come to the rescue. Wonder Woman is hit with a live wire and the helicopter goes down, and Hawkgirl and a recovered Wonder Woman get them out just before the gasoline explodes. The helicopter goes over the side of the skyscraper but…Star Sapphire comes to the rescue, grabbing it. She claims that Aresia is crazy and Sapphire doesn't agree with her plan, and will lead them to Aresia and Tsukuri. Star Sapphire steps in to reveal it's a deception – Aresia wants to offer them a chance to join them. When the Leaguers refuse, Tsukuri and Star Sapphire attack and Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl are defeated.

With Hippolyta held hostage, the female Leaguers attack anyone but Sapphire knocks them out and they leave in the bomber. They find the allergen and Hawkgirl takes it to J'onn to create a cure while Wonder Woman goes after Aresia. Aresia plans to use cruise missiles to distribute the allergen across the world. J'onn is suffering from the plague as well and collapses before Hawkgirl can get to him. Wonder Woman attacks the bomber and Aresia prepares to launch from the new coordinates. Star Sapphire goes out to attack Wonder Woman and initially has the upper hand until Hawkgirl arrives and fires on her from the Javelin. Star Sapphire is knocked into the ocean but Hawkgirl is shot down by anti-aircraft fire and just rescued by Wonder Woman. They enter the bomber and defeat Tsukuri. Hippolyta reveals that a man rescued Aresia during the shipwreck, when the ship's captain rescued her before dying himself. Aresia is unconvinced and knocks Hippolyta out of the ocean – Hawkgirl goes to rescue her while Wonder Woman and Aresia fight. Hawkgirl disables the missile bays and Tsukuri bails out with a jetpack. Wonder Woman makes her escape as the bomber explodes with Aresia on board.

On the Watchtower, they've created an antidote and spread it throughout the world. Wonder Woman is left to regret Aresia's loss.
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