Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 9

Grudge Match

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Roulette returns with a new version of Metabrawl...and plans to use the Justice League to boost her ratings.

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  • I was impressed!

    In ascending order of importance?

    First, there was the introduction of Bludhaven to the DCWB Universe. A city that, in the comic books, is supposedly more corrupt than even Gotham! A truly frightening thought.

    Then, there was the subtley used by the animators for Nightwing's cameo. I didn't even recognize him! I thought he and the gargoyles were actually costumed mercs working for Roulette. You know; to make sure it was the Huntress--and not the Dark Knight--coming to snoop around.

    I also liked the slices of humor. From Sonar's perplexity over the rejection of "Chica-palooza." To the Question's discovery of Baskin and Robbins' mathematical boo-boo. And, his taking too literally the game of Telephonic Wardrobe Inquiry.

    And, of course, I LOVED THE CATFIGHTS! Especially, that one part where Vixen uses the power of the python to put the squeeze on Hawkgirl.

    The only reason I deduct two-tenths of a point from a perfect ten? Passing off the mind-control technology as Grodd's. He's telepathic! He doesn't need technology! Unless, perhaps, he modified some of the Mad Hatter's brain-chips!

    Yet, even if he had, there's no way he could have planted them in the JLA signal devices. So, my guess would be: Luthor had Sonar transmit subsonic waves over the female Justice Leaguers' signal devices. Using frequencies he had looked up and memorized while in the Flash's body.

    After all; Luthor is second only to the Batman in long-range contingency planning!moreless
  • This has got to be the worst episode of the series. It doesn't make any sense. Lex Luther has the power to take control of all the most powerful female(Why only females?) in the justice league and he puts them in cage matchesmoreless

    Lex (the billionaire criminal genius) needs money because apparently "the government" found a way to take all of his. His only income now is from cage fights that no one in the Justice League (Batman, Question) or government(The guys who took all his other income) knows about but thousands of normal wealthy people do.

    Not only is it insulting to think how easily all of the female cast were captured it is also insulting to think Lex Luther would use them in this way. If the Deus Ex Machina brain washing was so easily disrupted why did he put them in cage matches where they are beating each other up with all kinds of powers?

    The writers seemed to just want a way to get all of the female cast to fight each other and forgot entirely about the storyline and dignity of the girls(and Lex). You would never see something like this in the first few seasons of Justice League.

    That said the only good point of this episode was seeing the fights.moreless
  • The best thing about this episode besides the huntress is Nightwing on the roof top for like 2 seconds instant pawnage

    First i would like to start by saying nightwings camo could have been better but it least we got to see him in one episode. It my not have been the best episode but it was cool how the girls got to go at it no holding back not to mention wonder woman being like the superman of the group. i wish the show wasnt so short lived it had so much more potiental. I would have loved a story with the whole bat family or even like a teen titans reunion episode with Slade being the enemy and finally getting unmasked. They had speedy but what about everyone else.moreless
  • Just like the classification states: Just a filler episode. One: Roulette. I don't think this was her best episode of the series. Mind you. But It was decent....

    From the start of the episode, I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it had character who I can care less for, but still meh. Who cares. I want episodes revolving around people who actually matter within the series.

    As the characters, I liked Wildcat, but not for him to get an whole episode to himself. I'd rather see omeone with a lower status be in the spotlight for an more upfront and personal view of what's he's capable of doing. Although i loved the connection with Green Arrow, that was there to distract the lack of action within the episode, save the last parts of the episode.

    That's my review.moreless
  • The Girls Get to Kick Butt!!!

    Wow!!! what an amazing episode! This episode is awesome because the girls of the justice league are placed in a arena to the death. the directing of this episode is perfect; the pacing is a easy 10 hit on the mark.Much like star trek's: voyager's "tsunkatse" which has seven of nine in a arena to the death but in "Grudge Match" the girls are under mind control.Huntress is back!! Yes!!! Boy does she kick butt!!! Huntress,Fire,Hawk Girl,Vixen,Wonder woman and Black Canary are all to the death.But whats so great is the fight scenes are perfectlly constructed to feel just like a real fight.this isnt a lame cat fight.the girls kick,punch and use their super powers.only sad part is that Huntress didnt rejoin the justice league after this episode.Huntress Rocks!! enough said.moreless
Amy Acker

Amy Acker


Guest Star

Virginia Madsen

Virginia Madsen


Guest Star

Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau


Guest Star

Gina Torres

Gina Torres


Recurring Role

Jeffrey Combs

Jeffrey Combs

The Question

Recurring Role

Clancy Brown (I)

Clancy Brown (I)

Lex Luthor

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Huntress tried to break into the elevator that led to the Metabrawl ring, she tried to use a lockpick on a magnetic card reader. An MCR doesn't have any mechanisms that a lockpick could affect.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Huntress: You sure you're okay?
      Black Canary: Worried?
      Huntress: Curious.

    • Black Canary: I didn't need your help!
      Huntress: Of course not. You were doing a fabulous job of getting your butt handed to you.

    • Vixen: I don't want to hurt you, Shayera.
      Shayera: But I wanna hurt you!
      Vixen: Just when we were starting to get along.

    • Huntress: You know, I was totally whipping your butt when they caught us.
      Black Canary: In your dreams.
      Huntress: Like I'd waste my dreams on you.
      Black Canary: We can settle this right now.
      Huntress: After all the mindless brutality we've seen tonight? No thanks.
      Black Canary: Yeah, I hear you. Bad enough most people think superheroes settle their problems with their fists.
      Huntress: Like we're all a bunch of muscle-headed stereotypes.
      Black Canary: We're better than that.
      Huntress: Way!
      Black Canary: Two falls out of three?
      Huntress: You're on.

    • Roulette: You didn't think I was that good, did you? Breaking news – I'm even better!

    • Huntress: Looks like we're in this together.
      Black Canary: If you call me "girlfriend," I'm going to dropkick you into the next county.
      Huntress: Don't get all sentimental on me.

    • Sonar: In another thirty seconds your brains will be so scrambled I'll be able to serve them up with bacon.

    • Roulette: The new Metabrawl! All-girl fights, all the time! We can call it The Glamour Slam! Or the Belles of the Brawl!
      Sonar: Chickapalooza!

    • Shayera: (coming out of mind control) I don't think I wanna know.
      Vixen: We're all in a cage match fighting to the death.
      Shayera: Yeah! See!

    • Huntress: (to Black Canary) They've had you up in the arena every night this week. No wonder you've been fighting like a girl. (pause) You know what I mean.

    • Question: (about Black Canary) The deeper mystery here is "why do you even care?" Isn't this the woman who beat the snot out of you a few months back?
      Huntress: She got a lucky shot in! Okay, five or six lucky shots.

    • Huntress: (over a cellphone) So, what are you wearing?
      Question: Blue overcoat, fedora...
      Huntress: You really stink at this.
      Question: ...orange socks.

    • Roulette: You're playing with fire, witch!
      Tala: Who's playing?

    • Vixen: Anybody got a plan?
      Shayera: Yeah, try to stay alive.
      Huntress: Anybody got a good plan?

  • NOTES (8)


    • The Question Aha! As I suspected - 32 flavors.
      Referring to Baskin Robbins Ice Cream, which claims to offer 31 flavors (one for every day of the month) in all its stores.