Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 9

Grudge Match

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 11, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • I was impressed!

    In ascending order of importance?

    First, there was the introduction of Bludhaven to the DCWB Universe. A city that, in the comic books, is supposedly more corrupt than even Gotham! A truly frightening thought.

    Then, there was the subtley used by the animators for Nightwing's cameo. I didn't even recognize him! I thought he and the gargoyles were actually costumed mercs working for Roulette. You know; to make sure it was the Huntress--and not the Dark Knight--coming to snoop around.

    I also liked the slices of humor. From Sonar's perplexity over the rejection of "Chica-palooza." To the Question's discovery of Baskin and Robbins' mathematical boo-boo. And, his taking too literally the game of Telephonic Wardrobe Inquiry.

    And, of course, I LOVED THE CATFIGHTS! Especially, that one part where Vixen uses the power of the python to put the squeeze on Hawkgirl.

    The only reason I deduct two-tenths of a point from a perfect ten? Passing off the mind-control technology as Grodd's. He's telepathic! He doesn't need technology! Unless, perhaps, he modified some of the Mad Hatter's brain-chips!

    Yet, even if he had, there's no way he could have planted them in the JLA signal devices. So, my guess would be: Luthor had Sonar transmit subsonic waves over the female Justice Leaguers' signal devices. Using frequencies he had looked up and memorized while in the Flash's body.

    After all; Luthor is second only to the Batman in long-range contingency planning!
  • This has got to be the worst episode of the series. It doesn't make any sense. Lex Luther has the power to take control of all the most powerful female(Why only females?) in the justice league and he puts them in cage matches

    Lex (the billionaire criminal genius) needs money because apparently "the government" found a way to take all of his. His only income now is from cage fights that no one in the Justice League (Batman, Question) or government(The guys who took all his other income) knows about but thousands of normal wealthy people do.

    Not only is it insulting to think how easily all of the female cast were captured it is also insulting to think Lex Luther would use them in this way. If the Deus Ex Machina brain washing was so easily disrupted why did he put them in cage matches where they are beating each other up with all kinds of powers?

    The writers seemed to just want a way to get all of the female cast to fight each other and forgot entirely about the storyline and dignity of the girls(and Lex). You would never see something like this in the first few seasons of Justice League.

    That said the only good point of this episode was seeing the fights.
  • The best thing about this episode besides the huntress is Nightwing on the roof top for like 2 seconds instant pawnage

    First i would like to start by saying nightwings camo could have been better but it least we got to see him in one episode. It my not have been the best episode but it was cool how the girls got to go at it no holding back not to mention wonder woman being like the superman of the group. i wish the show wasnt so short lived it had so much more potiental. I would have loved a story with the whole bat family or even like a teen titans reunion episode with Slade being the enemy and finally getting unmasked. They had speedy but what about everyone else.
  • Just like the classification states: Just a filler episode. One: Roulette. I don't think this was her best episode of the series. Mind you. But It was decent....

    From the start of the episode, I just wasn't feeling it. Maybe it had character who I can care less for, but still meh. Who cares. I want episodes revolving around people who actually matter within the series.

    As the characters, I liked Wildcat, but not for him to get an whole episode to himself. I'd rather see omeone with a lower status be in the spotlight for an more upfront and personal view of what's he's capable of doing. Although i loved the connection with Green Arrow, that was there to distract the lack of action within the episode, save the last parts of the episode.

    That's my review.
  • The Girls Get to Kick Butt!!!

    Wow!!! what an amazing episode! This episode is awesome because the girls of the justice league are placed in a arena to the death. the directing of this episode is perfect; the pacing is a easy 10 hit on the mark.Much like star trek's: voyager's "tsunkatse" which has seven of nine in a arena to the death but in "Grudge Match" the girls are under mind control.Huntress is back!! Yes!!! Boy does she kick butt!!! Huntress,Fire,Hawk Girl,Vixen,Wonder woman and Black Canary are all to the death.But whats so great is the fight scenes are perfectlly constructed to feel just like a real fight.this isnt a lame cat fight.the girls kick,punch and use their super powers.only sad part is that Huntress didnt rejoin the justice league after this episode.Huntress Rocks!! enough said.
  • Roulette returns and this time with a whole new idea.

    Wow, I have never seen an episode this good since "Question Authority". Some may say that this was a cheap episode because Wonder Woman was practically owning every person. But really, to enjoy this episode, you have to let go of what you think are your concerns and qualms, and just sit back, relax, and enjoy this episode.

    This was kind of a filler episode with this season. It really had nothing to do with the Legion of Doom, which is basically the center of this whole entire season. Although they did appear and help Roulette, this had nothing to do with them, it was only helping Roulette making money. This episode is so easy to think of, but once you get 5 minutes into the episode, you can't stop watching.

    Now the characters, I am glad they brought back Huntress and Black Canary. I mean, what's not to like about them? There fighting is well choreographed throughout their appearances. Although, "The Cat and the Canary" wasn't a good appearance for Black Canary, but still enjoyable. I liked how they were chosen for the episode because since this is the last season, they had to work out their differences. I basically have like a few disappointments for the character selection, I mean I like Vixen, Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman, but they should've brought different characters in. Like perhaps, Dr. Light, Zatanna, or even better Ice, we haven't seen any appearances from her at all. I mean if there was another season to this show, I would understand the use of Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman, but since this is the last season, it could've been a great debut for Ice.

    Overall, this episode defintely goes to the top of my favorite Justice League list. This episode had character developments, action, great animation, and some suprises like an small appearance of Nightwing. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy because this is probably one of three episodes with more action than any other episode you'll see.
  • The girls get a chance to fight it out without any male interference.

    This episode was definately worth watching. You get to see some of the amazing girl frights. Especially without any male interference, you know when they come to the rescue sort of thing.

    My only issue was with Wonder Woman kicking ALL of their buts. Don't get me wrong. I know she is powerful, but is she really THAT powerful? I am bad with my wonder woman knowledge.

    Though I did love Canary and Huntress' talk about superheros being better than muscle stereotypes and then fighting ^^.

    Watch if you got time, but not much story development.
  • While it\'s great for the ladies to (FINALLY) have their turn, this episode has more than its share of holes...

    Before I begin dissecting the latest episode of the S-E-C-O-N-D G-R-E-A-T-E-S-T DC T-E-L-E-V-I-S-I-O-N S-E-R-I-E-S E-V-E-R (Batman: The Animated Series holding the hallowed 1st place, of course), allow me to say that it was wonderfully fast-paced, chock-full of action, and overall an excellent example of why this is probably the only show I catch in its entirety every week (for as long as it lasts, *sniff sniff*). That being said, I do have some major gripes with the writers for not enhancing this episode to its full potential.

    1--Once again we see Wonder Woman/Princess Diana being deprived of further characterization. I realize she provided the climax for the show (\"Oh my gosh, it\'s W-O-N-D-E-R W-O-M-A-N! She\'s gonna K-I-L-L U-S!!\"), yet she was only given 2 (count \'em, T-W-O) lines of dialogue, which were considerably glib, trite, and utterly lacking in personality. While this ep demonstrated she is D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y the toughest of the babe bunch, she still was depicted as a post-op Superman. I realize it\'s probably too late in the series to develop her personality, but I always would have liked to have seen her extol a dignified inner beauty that her fellow female teammates could idolize, rather than simply being awed by her muscles and *ahem* feminine endowments.

    2--I enjoy reading the posts for every episode, as I appreciate insight from differing perspectives. However, no one has commented on the remarkable restraint instilled in the heroines featured in this ep. When Wonder Woman/Hawkgirl/Vixen were tussling, Hawkgirl was about to bring her mace down with a vengeance on Diana. The Amazon champion deftly slipped out of Vixen\'s grasp, however, leaving Hawkgirl with the imminent destruction of a helpless colleague. Hawkgirl halted her mace barely inches from Vixen\'s face, after realizing her intended opponent had escaped. This honorable \"reining in\" of power was again displayed when Diana was on the verge of completing her victory over Hawkgirl and Vixen. With a brutal savagery akin to Superman gone berserk, she was about to slam their skulls together in a horrifying (i.e., fatally gruesome) collision. Thanks to the determined efforts of Black Canary and Huntress, the tranmsitter controlling all these shapely powerhouses was disabled just in time (*whew!*). Diana snapped out of her \"trance\" barely in time for situational confusion to ensue, and immediately ceased her actions, which, IMHO, should have at least resulted in major whiplash for her teammates. Nevertheless, the instantaneous reactions of the heroines upon their release is a brilliant example of the fantastic control every superheroine/hero has to constantly exercise.

    3--Finally, I was disappointed with the lackluster aggressiveness of Lex Luthor in this tale. First, he pithely attributes the Society\'s cash flow problems to \"his accounts being frozen by the government\" and \"funding the Society.\" Lex, surely a computer genius such as yourself can hack into ANY account (I\'d start with Bill Gates) and complete an extensive, electronic embezzlement! Furthermore, the import of the events of this episode went completely unnoticed by DC\'s most notorious criminal. If the writers were exploiting every possible storyline (or if the show was still in its hour-long format, I\'m not sure which), Luthor would have been highly interested in witnessing the product of his machinations, not just presumably enjoying Tala\'s \"company\" while awaiting the chance to skim from Roulette\'s profits. Villains have long drooled at the thought of viewing their hated foes pounding on each other! Had Luthor followed a more stereotypical form, he would have witnessed the unleashed force of his enemies once stripped of their inhibitions. The raw fury of Hawkgirl, Vixen, and (ultimately) Wonder Woman unrestrained would have given the bald baddie much to ponder. What if he could somehow influence the Justice League to accomplish his aims while destroying their own reputations in the process? This would have been a very somber epilogue for this ep, and would fit in with this season\'s established \"unfolding conspiracy\" theme.

    OK, I\'ll get off my soapbox now and count down the days until the next guaranteed awesome show!!
  • An episode that shows why this show is one of the best. Focusing on the female characters, what could be considered a "filler" episode is made much more by great dialogue and "character" moments. More for established fans than new viewers, "Grudge Match

    A well-written episode that shows why this show is one of the best. Focusing on the female characters, what could be considered more of a "filler" episode is made much more by great dialogue and "character" moments. More for established fans than for new viewers, "Grudge Match" is a lot of fun. The softening of tensions between Hawkgirl and Vixen will only make sense to the regular viewer although the similar rapproachment between Huntress and Black Canary is given a little more immediate context. But it's the dialogue that makes this episode, whether another brilliant underplayed Jeffrey Combs moment as the Question in discovering a hidden 32nd flavour at Baskin-Robbins, or Maria Canals' hysterical confusion as Shayera/Hawkgirl waking up to find herself in the middle of a cagematch. Just plain fun. Another example of why the end of this series is going to be a big loss.
  • This episode was great and fab that it showed the female side more then the males which normally happends in my opinion. The dialogue between the characters were great and it shows that girls are just as good as the guys are and strong too. great f

    This episode was fab and had the greatest aspect i was waiting for loads of fighting.
    I really liked the contrast between huntress and black canbary and that reminded me of hawkgirl and wounder woman in the balance thae way there was tension at the begging and it driffted at the end.
  • What this one lacked in plot it more than made up for in action - especially if you like non-stop female brawling action!

    As far as action and adventure is concerned, this one really hit the mark. From the beginning, the plot line was obvious - we were going to watch the ladies of the Justice League go at each other in an ultimate fighting environment. You had to accept that this episode was forced to fit into this season's story arc and that Luthor would simply lend Roulette this mind control ability through the League's communicators without coming up with a better idea than making money from gambling (i.e. they could have simply stole money and valuables for him). However, this story had such good flow and action sequences that I didn't even contemplate these questions until the episode was over! The involvement of Huntress seems to have become an ingredient for success in this series. When you think about it, the reason for this is obvious - she's not actually part of the League and therefore is not relegated to spending her spare time up in the Watchtower waiting to be dispatched. Instead, she is free to follow her instincts which gives the script writer's a chance to do something fresh and different outside the normal story lines. In this episode we actually got to see Huntress in her alter ego which was a nice touch. In some ways, this episode was a sequel to both the "Cat and the Canary" and "Double Date" yet it still had its own original story line.

    At the end of Season 4, I actually thought they were going to abandon the orbiting Watchtower thing and let the heroes become more independent. This may allow for more creative situations and less predictable episodes. Now I hear JLU is going to end while it is still at the height of its popularity. Maybe the creative team should consider another idea for a series - one where we get something new each episode based on the universe of DC comics. All of the old favorites could still be in play while opening the whole thing up to an almost infinite supply of heroes, villians and other characters. I think an animated series like this would stay fresh and entertaining for quite some time - just like JLU is now!
  • female justice leaguers show what damage they can do.

    beautiful episode. who doesnt love seeing female super heroes in action?
    did anyone catch NIGHTWING?? Right before Black Canary enters the metabrawl, did u notice the first two gargoyles?? well, if you did then im betting u saw the 3rd one. I believe it was NIGHTWING, u can clearly see the mask and hair. The next thing i noticed was the spot he was looking at. Across the street was that PIZZA place from THE TEEN TITANS. You know, where the patio looks like a pizza slice. Definately very clever.
  • Girlfight!

    Great fun action episode focusing on the two Birds of Prey, Black Canary and Huntress. They continue their antagonistic relationship that's become a grudging respect and is about to turn into a friendship as begun in the previous BoP episode by the self-same comic book's writer, Gail Simone. This eschews character development in lieu of just watching several hot chicks wail on each other, but it's well animated, the one-liners are sharp, and the voice casting--especially guest voice Virginia Madsen as Roulette--is top-notch. Plus, it's nice to see an episode which is completely about the women of the League...with one memorable cameo from the series' most amusing creation, The Question.
  • Although handicapped by a simple plot and countless loopholes, this episode was chock full of wonderfully-staged fighting and action, which is exactly what most people watching Justice League want.

    Let’s begin with the flaws. The plot in this episode seemed to have been written by a young child. Roulette using mind control to turn allies against each other is such an over-used plot device. It was mainly an excuse to get some of the Justice League women to fight each other. The ending was too brief (Wonder Woman pummeled her teammates and apologizes with "I know how you feel"), no doubt a result of the half-hour time constraint of Justice League Unlimited. Once you overlook these shortcomings, however, you get to see some great action. Fighting sequences are difficult to make because one must choreograph every move, making it accurate as well as true to character, so I give credit to the creators for pulling off an episode with so many fights. Yes, this episode was rather brainless, but it's not meant to be a pinnacle of intellectualism. Many watch Justice League because of the entertaining action. The episode was also not completely clueless. It was clever that the writers recognized people's obsession with cat fights, found in both the spectators at the Metabrawl and in viewers of the show. Nightwing made a cameo, albeit brief and insignificant, and we had some interesting plot development for Huntress in her relationship with "Q" and Black Canary. Wonder Woman proved herself to be one of the strongest in the League. I could go on about the roles the other women had in the episode, but I'll avoid spoiling too much. If you haven't watched this episode, you should. "Grudge Match" is exciting, action-filled entertainment.
  • when there are catfights I SHALL REVIEW IT!!

    catfight baby!!Overshadowing the skin and sin aspects, though, is the best female fights of the year. Because of its redemption value and the punches, sexy holds and kicks that result from the unleashing of the built-up animosity between the lesser members and the female lead character Wonder Woman kicking all of their asses
    I liked when Vixen got the first hit and her dialogue about Shayera and seeing Roulette beg for mercy made my day as billy said
    Billy: punish her!!! i just love a good catfight!!
  • Powerful and fun

    I love this episode. To see the JLU women going at it was great. Huntress was just great in this one. You got to see just which one is stronger than the next. Wonder Woman really kick butt on this one. Then you have both of Green Lantern's girls going at it, yes this is a must see Episode.
  • This episode is really the best episodes of season.

    Actually I been expected see the women of Justice League in action working together like in this episode.
    Tis shows that is possible to have cool and exciting action with the ladies of the group.

    When Wonder Woman fights against the others you really feels that is posible to hers to die.

    the only two doubts that I have is why Black Canary can´t with the common thief guy.

    And second the doubt is that I don´t understund why Black Canary don´t used her power against Wonder Woman.

    I think that could was useful to stop the amazon.

    You must see this episode!
  • one of the best action episodes i've seen.

    I agree with Zaphod69 about the ep having so many loopholes and unanswered questions but I don't think it deserves the 4/10 score.

    If you like action then this is one of the best episodes I've seen. There doesn't seem to be any connection with the overall theme of the series (Secret Society et al) except that they are running out of money and they use the heroes to get it through their 'Glammer Slam'.

    Black Canary has got some impressive moves, but 4 heroes from the league (Black Canary, Vixen, Hawkgirl and Empress... alright 3 leaguers and 1 ex-leaguer) are no match for the "One Woman Army" that is... Wonder Woman. They get "creamed" by WW, and Vixen and Hawkgirl got it the worst.

    I hope they reveal who the mystery character was that was watching the BC and Emp riding into Bludhaven (although I suspect that it might obviously be Nightwing!!).

    If not for the loopholes and unansered questions I would give a rating above a 9. But just for action alone it deserves at least an 8 by anyone.
  • There's not many disappointing episodes of this great show...but this was probably the worst episode to date

    There's not many disappointing episodes of this great show...but this was probably the worst episode to date.The only point of this episode seemed to be that they wanted all the DC girls having a giant cat fight...i'm surprised they didn't just put them in pajama's and have them pillow fighting.It's great to see all the female characters headlining the show but the completely unexplained plot holes like how they're being controlled and why they just don't get them to rob a bank or something as they have no memory of events afterwards and why they can only control the women,just leaves you scratching your head.
  • This episode was awesome! About time the girls got involved in the action.

    I loved this episode. Finally, another episode with Black Canary in. She's one of my favourites. It was good that they continued the plot from 'Double Date' in the last season. I thought at first that Huntress was a lttle out of character when she worried about Black Canary, but it was good that she showed a more caring side. The storyline was good when Hawkgirl, Vixen and Wonder Woman got involved. It was unexpected. The action scenes were brilliant. Those girls can kick ass!
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