Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 4

Hawk and Dove

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Aug 21, 2004 on Cartoon Network



  • Allusions

    • The Annihilator:
      The Annihilator bears a strong resemblence to Marvel Comics' Destroyer, another suit of living armor with vast destructive capabilities, which first appeared battling the mighty Thor, Norse god of Thunder, in Journey Into Mystery #118. The Destroyer was created at the order of Odin, All-Father and ruler of the gods of Norse mythology as a defense against immensely powerful foes. Despite its intent as a defensive measure, the Destroyer has often been used as a weapon against both the Norse Gods and humanity. The Annihilator bears a striking resemblance to a streamlined, "modern" version of the Destroyer armor, especially the "grille" on the faceplate. The primary difference between the two is that the Destroyer requires the soul of a sentient being to animate it, as opposed to Ares simply bestowing life upon the Annihilator.

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