Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 9

Hearts and Minds (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 25, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Green Lantern - The Series

    Perhaps oddly, perhaps not, this segment focuses rather more on John Stewart and the Green Lanterns then it does on the League. It starts with some familiar faces (from In Blackest Night), and a couple of them getting killed. Once again we're reminded this isn't your father's Super Friends (or even the first season). People _die_ in this series (and stay dead). We also get some well-done CGI effects.

    Kilowog gets to Earth - despite some gaping plot holes (why is he wounded? he has physiology like a Martian? how does John know where to go to find Katma), he's the most interesting character in the show and not the kind of character you'd associate with Dennis Haysbert from his roles in Now & Again and 24. He and Flash get some comic banter going back and forth, and we _finally_ get to see John's power battery. Now if he'd just use the darn thing...

    John has apparently been taking lessons from the Flash - he rockets off into trouble without a backup and his hot-headedness conveys his feelings for Katma - we also discover he's not very good at the whole undercover thing. He gets his butt handed to him as a result as we're introduced to yet another re-engineered comic book villain - Despero, recast here as a messianic cult leader. Bolstered by mystic flame (and Keith David's voice work), Despero makes short work of John but somewhat inexplicably kills him rather then enslaving him as he does Katma (as we find out shortly).

    The couple's reunion hints at their romantic relationship, which we'll get more of in part 2. There's a rather stereotypical rebellion (made up of only two people that we see here) and that's about it. We have no doubt that the Justice League are en route and ready to help out as Despero's army heads out into the stars.

    Katma Tui seems a little odd - she's whitened up a bit. Ironically, her more accurate-to-the-comics pink-skinned version had just appeared in Duck Dodgers a week or so previously. She doesn't really get a lot to do here and I'm not sure the actress has enough voice-power or subtlety to pull off the whole teacher-student thing.

    Overall this episode gave a good focus on John and the other Green Lanterns while setting up an interesting villain.