Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 19

Hereafter (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • After Superman makes the ultimate sacrifice, the entire world mourns his death.

    This episode is one of the best adaptations of "The Death of Superman" story from the comics ever made.

    With Superman believed dead, the entire world mourns his death. The episode is superb, featuring a lot of character development: Batman is the only one who doesn't want to believe Superman's dead and tries to do everything he can to find out the truth. Flash admits he always acts the way he does because he knows Superman is behind him, protecting him. Shayera flies to the mountains where she cries because of his death. Even Lex Luthor admits he never wanted this to happen this way.

    A sad episode, but overall an enjoyable one. Be sure not to miss the second part for more answers about Superman's "death".
  • One of the best episodes of season 2....

    It has been done in the comics and now it has been done in the show- The Death of Superman. Five of superman's enemies, Metallo, Live wire, Kalibak, Weather Wizard, and the toyman come together to take down superman. Toyman succeds. They all have a big funeral. I like the fact that they did an episode like this. We get to see Lobo again as he wants to join the league after superman died, I really like lobo it would have been cool for them to write him into more justice league episodes. This is one of the best episodes throughout the entire series. later...
  • Aw... Batman was being so sincere in this episode that it was adorable!

    Aw... Batman was being so sincere in this episode that it was adorable! He actually thinks of Clark as a friend. How cute. \"Despite all our differences, I always respected you.\" \"What did you call it again, Clark? The never-ending battle?\" That was so adorable.

    And Wonder Woman cares about Batman. That\'s also adorable. BMWW forever!

    Everyone was sooo sad that Superman was gone. That\'s sweet. Even Tim, Barbara, and Alfred went to the funeral. But didn\'t anyone wonder why Clark was gone at the same time Superman was dead? Especially Lois. She gets saved by Superman all the time, and she works with Clark Kent.
  • Metallo's team of villains fight JL. Superman flies between Toyman's disintegrator ray and his friends. He is obliterated sending the JL into mourning. While Batman investigates Lobo crashes the wake. Without Superman around, villains run rampant so JL an

    This is the single most profound episode of the show in my opinion. Superman was given his fit place as the heart of the league. The episode appears to be an attempt to capture the emotion of the \"Death of Superman\" story in the comic and does it with real feeling. Lobo wanting to join the JL in Superman\'s place is a nice touch because he brings some humorous contrast to proceedings.
    I agree that the scene where the JL are all laughing as GL recalls an account of Superman and a hand grenade is really well done and moving- certainly profound enough for a more \'grown up\' program. Bats\' words at the \'graveside\' are cool too. Wonder Woman\'s comment about Batman not being able to deal with loss was insightful.I love when she is in tears and rage as she goes close to snuffing Toyman\'s life with her bare hands.
    I\'m one of Superman\'s multitude of fans and this episode did us all proud. Good on you, producers!
  • The Death and Funeral for a Friend in a single Half Hour!

    Some of Superman's greatest enemies join forces to draw out and possibly kill the Man of Steel.

    So sets up a great episode of Justice League where it actually depicts a "World without a Superman".Superman is hit by a blast from Toyman's Mecha.He's completely vaporized,leaving the other Members in shock.Wonder Woman takes the machine down and is about to "punch a hole in his head",when Flash reminds her thats something Superman wouldn't do.

    The remainer of the episode plays alittle like the "Death of Superman" storyline featured in the Comics.We have the League and other supporting Heroes mourn his passing.Watch for a powerful moment where Lex Luthor(!) shows up for the services and Lois Lane slaps him and tells him she hates him for "wanting this" all this time.

    The only person who doesn't believe Superman is dead is Batman.He actually thinks he's still alive somewhere.Is he right,or is Superman really gone?...Come on!You know he isn't,but the reason for is disappearance is actually pretty interesting and is soley the main feature of Part Two.

    The episode isn't just high drama,there some(not alot) of lighter moments(Lobo's cameo later in the Watchtower comes to mind).One of better entries this Season.Highly Recommanded!
  • One of the best episodes ever!

    This is, in my opinion, one of the best episodes of JLU. It was one of those episodes where the entire team was shown in a more human light; dealing with the "death" of superman.
    Although it was emotional at points, it was also packed with intense emotional action.
    With everyone coming to grips with the loss, it really showed how superman was the backbone of the league.
    One of my favorite parts of this episode was when hawkgirl and the others talked about how every time there was a fight, they had the upper hand just by knowing superman was there.
    This, I believe, was the defining moment for the entire league.
  • It happened in Superman TAS, but they did it better here.

    This episode was much better that part two. We have a referance to Batman Beyond: The Call (2). We also see many camoes. We see Tim Drake, so this season of JL happened before BB: Return of the Joker. Superman had such an affect on the world... It was nice to see some villans from the past there and it was nice to see Batman react to trajety again. Batman remained strong, but then we relised that Superman had an effect on Batman. Lana and Kara returned and it was nice to know that even Lex Luthor missed the man of Steel. Not as good as Epilague, but I thought it was very good.