Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 20

Hereafter (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • i though i was good.

  • The team responsible for Justice League work their magic once again.

    I'm writing this review in response to JLUmember1's review. Obviously this episode of JL failed to connect with this reviewer in some way. SpikeTbear gives a great recap in his review, so I'll review another aspect.

    Superman may be the most famous superhero in the world, but he get's a lot of flak from some people. They say "He has every superpower" and "He's invulnerable so he's not really risking anything" compared to superheroes like Flash or Batman. This is true. Superman's doesn't risk his life every time he fights, although kryptonite has the potential to kill him. Superman is a hero for a different reason: He does the right thing. He makes the right choices at the right times, even when thousands or millions of lives are on the line. That includes using his powers for good rather than evil, even though it would be easy for him to succumb to the temptation (as shown in the episode A Better World). Superman stands for justice, even when it's not the easy way out and doesn't result in personal gain.

    Knowing all this, the writers adapted a well-known Superman storyline for this show. Now we see Superman without his powers, struggling to survive in a hostile environment. Guess what? He's still a hero. He battles the elements, carnivorous wildlife, grief, hopelessness, and terrible odds to get back to his friends. It would have been easy for him to give up along the way or even die if he hadn't fought well enough. But he didn't. He triumphed in the end. With his powers he's a superhero. Without them, he's still a hero. To the core.

    That's what this episode is about. If you watch it and still don't get it, don't fret. I can recommend some excellent television shows that are light on actual storytelling and heavy on mindless action and dimensionless characters. But that's not what Justice League is about.
  • The Best Episode of Justice League

    The Bottom Line: "Classic"

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    The second part of the episode Hereafter is completely different from the first. This episode reveals that Superman is not really dead, but in fact transported away to a future, desolate world that he later realizes is Earth. It focuses on Superman surviving in the wilderness for perhaps months as he journeys toward a Justice League com-link signal. Superman's resourcefulness leads us to believe that he may actually have been a boy scout.

    Superman meets a very different Vandal Savage, who as we know is immortal. Having survived for the past 30,000 years, Savage has learned to cope with the fact that he was responsible for killing everyone on Earth. His character is remarkable, having become a philosopher in his countless millenniums of life. He has realized that his quest to rule the world was pointless, and instead tries to rebuild what is left.

    Savage had, at one point, tried to make a time machine, but what he could build with his limited resources only allowed a limited type. He could only travel to a point in the past where he did not already exist. However, Superman was already dead in his present, so he would happily make the journey. He and Savage work together to build the machine. Superman goes back and prevents Savage of the past from destroying Earth. Savage sees the Earth from 30,000 years in the future as it would have been if he had not destroyed it, and thanks Superman just before disappearing from existence. (It's pretty optimistic, if you ask me, assuming that humans will still be alive so far in the future.)

    This is a superb episode, the finest example of the kind of creativity and genius I have come to expect from Timm and the other guys who continually make exceptional work for the DCAU.

    I especially love science fiction-type shows, which are captured well in just about every episode of Batman Beyond. But my favorite superhero will always be Superman, and giving him this awesome time-travel storyline resulted in an epic, classic story. My favorite of the whole Justice League Series, which deserves much more praise than it has received.
  • This was the worst episode ever!

    I thought that this epside was terible. I can't beleive I watchted the entire episode! The episode focused way to much on Superman. What happened in the battle. This episode was painful to watch and I will never watch this episode agin. I enjoied part one but I think this episode was the worst thing I ever saw! And, what happened to Vandel at the end, since he is imortle, the League couldn't have defeated them. Also, why didn't Supergirl help the League. or a side kick I'm sure that they would call in help if Savage started killing the heroes. It had a lot of loose ends that weren't tied up.