Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 20

Hereafter (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 29, 2003 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Trivia: Superman has Flash-endorsed energy bars in his trunk.

    • Trivia: We learn that Superman's user code is 02.

    • Superman has his "S" logo intact when he is first seen at the end of the first part, while lying partially under a slab. This logo now appears ripped at the start of the second half; presumably the missing part is the portion that Batman picks up in the first installment.

    • According to Savage, the reason why he couldn't go back in time to stop himself is that he can't go back to a time when he already exists. However, in "The Savage Time," the Martian Manhunter was able to travel to World War II, despite the fact that, at the time, he was still alive on Mars. (editor's note: there seems to be some misconception concerning Savage Time - the "present" Savage did not travel into the past. Rather, he sent technical knowledge back to his past self but never went there himself.)

    • Superman can shave whether he has super-powers or not. If he's got his invulnerability he shaves with a mirror and heat-vision. If he doesn't, he can use a blade, and he obviously has no trouble making blades - he crafts a katana! So if he doesn't like the beard so much, why doesn't he just make a knife or something in the future and shave it off? Heck, Savage looks like he keeps his goatee pretty trim - can't Superman borrow a razor from him?

  • Quotes

    • Superman: What happens to you?
      Vandal Savage: Redemption if I'm lucky...don't worry about me. Go back to your friends. Do what you do best. What you were born to do - save the world...

    • Vandal Savage: Your funeral was lovely. It was on all the networks...I used to have the DVD...

    • Wonder Woman: I love the beard. Keeping it?
      Superman: Not a chance.

    • Superman: Self-help books? You don't seem the type.
      Vandal Savage: I read whatever I can find. Anyway, I've got issues, what with my destroying the Earth and all.

    • Superman: You're insane.
      Vandal Savage: True, but that doesn't mean I'm not good company. Say, you wanna come over to my house? (Superman stares) Like you've got something better to do.

    • Superman: How'd you get here?
      Vandal Savage: The old-fashioned way – I'm immortal.

    • Lobo: Ain't this great! The whole team together again. All eight of us.
      Superman: Count again! You're fired!
      Lobo: What!
      Superman: You're not Justice League material Lobo. Go chase a bail jumper. I don't care what you do, just clear out.
      Lobo: This is the thanks I get? What a stinkin' rip. Next time you lollipops need help, don't bother asking the Main Man! (Lobo flies off)
      J'onn: We didn't ask you this time!!

    • J'onn: You were greatly missed, my friend. By all of us.
      (everyone stares at a stoic Batman)
      Wonder Woman: Don't let him fool you - your death hit him as hard as it did any of us.
      Superman: Really?
      Batman: No. I never believed you were dead in the first place.
      Superman: I guess that's sort of a compliment.

  • Notes

    • Phil Morris reprises his role as Vandal Savage.

    • The second half of "Hereafter" is based upon the classic Superman story "Under a Red Son". Episode writer Dwayne McDuffie wanted to adapt it to Superman: The Animated Series, but the opportunity never presented itself.

    • The entire League appear in this episode.

    • Just like in the comics, Lobo is rejected for membership by the Justice League because of his attitude.

    • The scientist Vandal Savage steals the White Dwarf device from is Ray Palmer - in the comics Ray Palmer is the Atom, and the device is the source of his shrinking power. In Season 3 the Atom becomes a Justice League member.

  • Allusions

    • Visual: A book by Plato among Savage's collection
      In Savage's bookshelf, we can see one book by Plato, one of the most influential classical Greek philosophers, which supports the idea of Savage's redemption -- he is now an intellectual, rather than a megalomaniac.

    • Bugs:
      The big bugs/hive motif is pretty common in sci/fi, but these bugs strongly resemble the "infantry" Bug aliens of Starship Trooper (especially in the legs and gait). One might also draw comparisons between this ep and the anime Blue Gender where a cryo-tube guy wakes up to a giant bug infested earth.

    • Superman with a Hammer
      Superman wielding a hammer, wearing a beard, and having a red cape gives him more then a passing resemblance to Thor, the Norse god of Thunder and superhero over at Marvel Comics. Coincidentally or not, Avengers/JLA #3 came out the week before this episode aired, and the cover of Avengers/JLA #4 also has Superman wielding Thor's hammer.

    • Superman: On your feet, Mr. Wizard.
      Referencing the popular cult TV show, first aired in 1951 and run on various U.S. and Canadian channels in various incarnations.

    • Spaceship:
      Savage's spaceship project looks suspiciously like the spaceship and the launching pad as seen in the 1951 movie When Worlds Collide.

    • Story
      This episode seems to pay homage to Planet of the Apes with several similarities to that sci-fi classic: 1) The protagonist making his way across a desert to a jungle; 2) The protagonist follows a tracking signal to a downed spacecraft (more the remake); 3) the aspect of the protagonist time-travelling to the future without realizing right away that it is Earth until he sees a "ruin" from his time; 4) the evolution of lower creatures to the dominant species as a result of a nuclear cataclysm and 5) Superman resembling Charlton Heston as his hair grows, the injuries he sustains throughout his ordeal, and the makeshift clothing made from his tattered uniform.