Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 8

Hunter's Moon

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

On the Watchtower, Vixen pulls Green Lantern into a room for an assignation since they haven't had a date in a month. They set up a date but John is rather cold to her. J'onn takes an emergency transmission from aliens requesting help – he calls in Shayera for assistance when it turns out the aliens are stranded on a rock made of something similar to Nth metal. Over her objections, J'onn assigns a back-up team to her but when John volunteers, J'onn refuses and assigns Vixen instead. John isn't too happy about his girlfriend and ex, but J'onn doesn't care. And it becomes clear to the audience that the aliens are actually disguised Thanagarians. Vigilante has joined the team as the third member and is piloting the ship. They arrive but don't spot the mining ship. They follow tracks into the mine and Shayera spots a fake shadow – the mine is a hologram and then they're ambushed. A ship arrives and destroys their Javelin, then reveal themselves as Thanagarian and states they're here to get revenge for her betrayal. Paran Dol, their leader, reveals the Thanagarians lost the war, the Gordanians destroyed Thanagar, and Ro died in battle destroying the Gordanian flagship. Vixen and Vigilante refuse to turn her over and manage to escape. Paran Dol continues to insist on taking revenge over the objections of her men and the partial insanity of Kragger (from J'onn's telepathic interrogation in "Starcrossed"). Paran Dol searches and finds their trail, while Shayera tries to split the team to find Paran Dol's ship over Vigilante's objections. An injured Vigilante reveals he was a prisoner of the Thanagarians during their invasion and Shayera refuses to command them if they don't trust her. The three of them overcome their differences enough to stay together but are spotted by the Thanagarians. Kragger confronts Shayera but Vixen stops them and tells her companions to get free. The Thanagarians manage to stun Vixen and she offers Shayera for her freedom. Kragger accepts Vixen's story that she's betraying Shayera to eliminate a romantic rival, then asks them to take her to their ship to tend to her injuries. She's faking it, knocks out her guard, and contacts J'onn on the ship radio, but gets captured. Shayera plans to go back for her on her own and Vigilante reluctantly agrees. Once she goes, Vigilante is ambushed but manages to turn the tables and find out the ship's location. Shayera confronts Paran Dul who uses Vixen as a hostage. She relinquishes her mace but Kragger drops Vixen – Vigilante comes to the rescue in Dul's ship and catches her. Shayera breaks free and fights Kragger, while Parn Dul gets into the ship and her and Vixen fight it out. She knocks Paran Dul out of the ship while Shayera disables Kragger's flight pack and he drops to the Earth. Back at the Watchtower, Shayera and Vixen relax and discuss John Stewart and Vixen resolves to stay with him. ----- Vigilante The Golden Age Vigilante, Greg Saunders, first appeared in Action Comics #42 (Nov. 1941). Saunders was a country singer, "The Prairie Troubadour," but returned to Wyoming when his father, a sheriff, was killed. To fight crime, Saunders hid his face with a bandanna and took on the identity of "The Vigilante." Saunders later gained two aides, Stuff the Chinatown Kid and Billy Gunn. He joined the Seven Soldiers of Victory (aka Law's Legionnaires) but that group was lost in time for 40 years, and Saunders spent 20 years in the Old West where he fought beside many heroes of the period such as Bat Lash. He was returned to the present and has appeared sporadically, typically assisting the Justice Society of America. The Vigilante possesses no superhuman abilities but is an expert marksman, motorcyclist, horseman, hand-to-hand fighter, and tracker. This is his first significant appearance in the WB animated universe. The Vigilante was immortalized on the silver screen in The Vigilante - Fighting Hero of the Old West - a 15-chapter movie serial shown in 1947. The character never proved as popular as such "singing cowboy" heroes as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry, and this was his only theatrical appearance. (There have been several other Vigilantes in the DC universe since Greg Saunders, but none of them are any relation. Greg Saunders "died" recently in a new "Seven Soldiers of Victory" maxi-series, but it's not clear if that series is part of the official DC continuity.)