Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 8

Hunter's Moon

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • In this episode Hawkgirl goes on a call to another planet with Vigilante. Then, all of a sudden Vixen decides that she wants to come as well. After tons of fighting and trickery, the team makes it back safely.

    This episode was awesome because we get to see Hawkgirl finally come to gribs with the past that she was hoping to forget. Also, we see that Hawkgirl knows how to gain people\'s trust. By this I mean that her and Vixen have the potential to become friends because of a common enemy John, if you know what I mean.
  • Hawkgirl, Vigilante, and Vixen respond to a call in space, only to find that it is a trap.

    The episode begins with Vigilante, Hawkgirl and Vixen responding to a call for help in outer space.

    I thought it was reaaly cool to get to know Vigilante. We haven't seen much of him in any of the other JLU episodes. We really get to see him in action, and see his personality. I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome of his character.

    The trap in space was for the Thanagarians to capture Shayera. We finally get some closure in this episode as to what happened to the Thanagarians after Starcrossed. Some of it was quite shocking.

    I also liked seeing some of characters from Starcrossed again. I can't believe what happened to Kragger, but at the same time it's actually kind-of funny.

    I was also surprised at how well Shayera and Vixen got along at the end of the episode. Obivously, Vixen is still going out with John, but it was cool how the two girls talked about it.

    I really liked this episode. The stoyline was great and we got to see some character development. This is definitely an episode not to miss.
  • Shayera, Vixen, and Vigilante are sent to a rock in the middle of nowhere. Shayera and Vixen both have feelings for Green Lantern and Vigilante hates Thanagarians. Oops. J'onn dropped the ball on this one.

    Wonderful episode. The creators played on the tension between Shayera and Vixen remarkably well. Vigilante is my favorite character in this episode. He ranges from competent to adorably clueless and gets some of the best lines. "Con-sarn ding-busted horse-thievin' alien control panel" indeed. XD All and all, a wonderful episode.
  • Quick episode about the aftermath of Starcrossed Series.

    Always wanted to know what happened to Shyera's Vanagarian race after they folied to take over earth. We also hear Vigilante speak some spanish. Shyera and Vixen both help out each other out when they are needed. Bottom line is that whatever is left of the Vanagarian race, they want to seek vengence on Shyera. Ok episode.
  • Another Weak Episode with a Hero Turning Annoying

    Hawkgirl is my favorite member of the Justice League, but this episode presents as a bit of surly brat. And she wasn't the only one given this treatment during the JLU seasons. The plot of Hawkgirl, Vixen, and Vigilante going on a Star Trek away mission, and having her status as team leader be used to examine how trustworthy anyone can find Shayera seems like it might be clever, but watching it just reminded me that they shouldn't be on Star Trek away missions, and that Shayera shouldn't whine about no one listening to her as team leader. They may be cartoon characters, but they can behave more like adults and less like a teenage shift supervisor at Taco Bell being given a hard time. Also we learn that the Thanagarians who tried to destroy the Earth immediately left to discover their home world was defeated. Meaning they almost destroyed the human race for no reason, in addition to seeing their own species nearly wiped out. But they were still angry at Hawkgirl over the failed plan. Hawk people can either be dumb as cavemen, or they can have space ships, but I still submit that they cannot do both.