Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 8

Hunter's Moon

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 18, 2005 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • Just before they land on the planet, Shayera is clearly seatbelted in but she gets up and stands to speak to Vigilante.

    • When Vigilante considers shooting the "stalking horse," you can see his right hip and the holster there is simply floating on his hip. The hip straps that we see before and later are gone, as is the strip going from the belt to the holster.

    • When the Thanagarian with the red beard confronts Paran Dul about going back to join the Thanagarian resistance, instead of trying to kill Shayera he says that Shayera is better trained than the five of them put together, but in prior scenes seven Thanagarians are shown.

    • Shayera drops her mace into the jungle during a confrontation. However, despite the desperate escape, she has it at the end of the episode.

  • Quotes

    • Green Lantern: Mari, are you crazy? Do you know what I could do to you with this ring?
      Vixen: Promises, promises.

    • Green Lantern: Sending my girlfriend and my ex on the same mission?
      J'onn: Difficult as it may be for you to believe, I don't take your love life into consideration when I make command decisions.

    • Shayera: No, no, no! Reset your hyper-drive vectors!
      Vigilante: Nobody likes a backseat driver, ma'am.
      Shayera:You need another 20 hours of flight time before you're certified.
      Vigilante: Some of us are already right certifiable.

    • Vixen: Men have fragile egos. To get what you want, you have to know how to talk to them.
      Shayera: I don't do that.
      Vixen: So I've heard. But maybe you ought to learn.

    • Shayera: Can you even see what you're shooting at?
      Vigilante: Nope - just keepin' them honest.

    • Paran-Dul: Shayera Hol!
      Shayera: Paran-Dul?
      Vixen: Friend of yours?
      Vigilante: Birds of a feather...

    • Paran-Dul: Did you really think you could get away with betraying the entire Thanagarian empire?
      Vigilante: Hold up. I thought we were the ones she betrayed?
      Vixen: Sounds like she betrayed everyone, cowboy.

    • Shayera: Maybe I should let them take me.
      Vigilante: Like horse hockey! Pardon my French...

    • Kragger: We're here to kill Shayera!
      Paran-Dul: Calm down, Kragger. Calm down.
      Kragger: We're killing her though, right?

    • Vigilante: Hey, Vix, ain't this supposed to be your territory? Use some of your animal tricks to give us a leg up.
      Vixen: What makes you think I know anything about the jungle? I live in a loft in Chelsea.

    • Shayera: We'll do it my way.
      Vixen: You're still loyal to (the Thanagarians), aren't you?
      Vigilante: She ain't loyal to nobody.

    • Kragger: I'm supposed to believe you would give me your teammate? I'm brain-damaged, not stupid.

    • Vigilante: Con-sarn ding-busted horse-thievin' alien control panel which can't nobody work proper!

    • Vigilante: You folks mind? Doomed driver up here!

    • Vigilante: You okay?
      Vixen: I will be if you let me drive.

    • Vixen: And (John's) such a marine. You should see his underwear drawer. He folds his socks!
      Shayera: I have seen his underwear drawer.

  • Notes

    • Character bios: Vigilante, Vixen, Hawkgirl

    • This episode aired after "Question Authority" in the UK. On the American DVD release, it is on the menu after "Question Authority," even though the internal liner lists it as before "Question Authority."

    • Hector Elizondo and Elizabeth Peña reprise their roles as Kragger and Paran Dul from "Starcrossed." Gina Torres reprises her role as Vixen from "Wake the Dead."

    • Other heroes that appear without dialogue: Crimson Fox, Blue Devil, Nemesis, Ice, Waverider, Obsidian, Zatanna, Dove, Hourman, Vibe, Gypsy, the Question, Rocket Red, and Red Tornado.

    • On first airing, clips at the end are from "Question Authority."

    • First aired on YTV April 29th, 2005. On that airing it contained several errors in commercial breaks (interrupting in the opening credits and in the middle of dialogue). The errors were fixed in the repeat airings.

    • Working title: "Mystery in Space". The title was changed because the producers wished to avoid confusion with the comic book title Mystery in Space. They didn't want people to think the main character of those comics, Adam Strange, was going to appear. According to Bruce Timm, the character rights were off-limits.

    • Hawkgirl switches to a yellow tanktop and pants for this, her first field assignment that we've seen, as opposed to the white outfit she has worn since returning to the League.

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