Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 1

I Am Legion

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The police are in hot pursuit as Lex Luthor makes his escape in a police van, talking to an invisible passenger. He goes off into a ditch and stumbles away with a broken arm as the police pursue on foot. Fleeing down an alleyway, Lex comes up against a brick wall but a figure reaches through the wall and pulls him through. In a dismal swamp, Lex is escorted on a jet cycle by a villain, the Key and greeted by…Gorilla Grodd. Luthor is uninterested in working with him until Grodd reveals a huge invisible fortress and a horde of villains within. Hawkgirl, Superman, and Aztek are investigating Luthor's disappearance and Aztek scans the wall that Luthor passed through. King Faraday, the new liaison to the League arrives and assists them. Grodd givens Lex the grand tour and reveals the villains are paying Grodd 25% of the gross to work with him as the League is too organized and they need a co-op to oppose them. Lex remains uninterested but Grodd insists Lex is still interested and has a piece of Brainiac to convince him to join. Lex has been visualizing Brainiac and after chatting with "him," agrees. An old man's wife gets a signal and opens a chest to reveal he's a member of the Blackhawks, the World War II pilots. The signal means there's trouble on Blackhawk Island. Flash is watching Fire and Hawkgirl is teasing him when they get a signal from Faraday. The Blackhawk contacts them and tells them the Blackhawks hid a stash of weapons on Blackhawk Island but now the warning signal shows someone is coming. Hawkgirl takes Fire and Flash with her while the Blackhawk, Chuck, takes his plane out of storage and heads there as well. Lex, the Key, and Dr. Polaris are on the island already and open a vault only to reveal a giant robot. The Leaguers are en route in the Javelin when giant robot birds attack them. One of them rips open the Javelin which goes into a crash dive toward Blackhawk Island. Fire and Hawkgirl fly out with the Flash in tow and dispose of the robot-bird with some help from Chuck. They unite on the ground and approach the vault, and find the demolished robot. The villains have tapped into the security system and Lex activates robots and a War Wheel to attack them. Fire is pulled underwater but Flash creates a vortex to free her and then directs the funnel into the War Wheel and the robots. The heroes get into the vault and Dr. Polaris takes control of Hawkgirl's mace. The two sides fight it out and Hawkgirl is knocked out. The Key and Dr. Polaris hold the others off while Lex gains entrance to the main vault and Chuck follows him in. Fire superheats Dr. Polaris, negating his magnetic charge, and Hawkgirl delivers the final blow. Flash takes out the Key, but Lex takes Chuck hostage and sets the self-destruct. As they're crossing over a bridge, Chuck activates a trap and distracts them long enough to escape. He gets back to the vault and stops the self-destruct, and realizes what the villains stole. Lex and his team return to Grodd and give him the weapon – the Spear of Longinus. Lex demands the Brainiac piece but Grodd warns that this was only a test and the real mission is yet to come. On Blackhawk Island, Chuck salutes his fallen comrades. ----- The Key The Key first appeared in Justice League of America #41 (Dec. 1965). His background is a mystery but he used hallucinogenic drugs to strike at the Justice League. Later it was revealed that his use of drugs had caused his physical body to deteriorate while his head remained normal sized (yuck). He has struck back against the League repeatedly. In the post-Crisis universe, the Key has become a younger man, apparently a LexCorp employee who uses psychoactive drugs. He took out the entire League by trapping them in a dreamscape and using their powers to open the "Ultimate Doorway." This is the Keys' first appearance in the WB animated universe. Dr. Polaris Dr. Polaris first appeared in Green Lantern Vol. 2 #21 (June 1962). Dr. Neal Emerson had a bitter childhood under an abusive father and became a doctor fascinated with the use of magnets for medical research and treatment. He advertised his medical treatments as "Doctor Polaris" but soon believed his dark side was unleashed by the magnetic powers he utilized. He turned to crime in the hope that Green Lantern would suppress his evil and has gone back and forth ever since. Emerson initially had no superhuman abilities but used a magnetic gun. He later integrated the weapon directly into his costume and then acquired magnetic powers directly into his body. This is Dr. Polaris' first appearance in the WB animated universe. Fire Beatriz 'Bea' Bonilla Da Costa was created by E. Nelson Bridwell & Ramona Fradon, and first appeared in Super Friends #25. A Brazilian model, she was hired into her country's espionage agency and became a competent spy. During one mission she was caught in a burst of green pyroplasm and gained the ability to first breathe fire, and later cover her entire body in it after exposure to a gene bomb. Taking the names first "Green Fury" and later "Green Flame," Beatriz joined the Global Guardians. She later became a member of the Justice League, taking the name "Fire." She has the power to cover herself in flame, project flame bolts, and to briefly become discorporeal by making her body actual flames. This is her first significant appearance in the WB animated universe. The Spear of Longinus In the DC universe, the Spear of Longinus is the spear that was used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Jesus Christ during his crucifixion. This gave it vast mystical powers and Hitler acquired it early in World War II. Hitler used the Spear to summon a host of Valkyries which he sent to kill President Roosevelt. Later, Hitler combined the power of the Spear with the Holy Grail to create a mystic barrier around Nazi-occupied Europe. Any hero vulnerable to magic who entered the area became controlled by Hitler and served the Nazi cause. Later he used the Spear to set off Ragnorak in the last days of the War. The JSA (temporarily) gave their lives to prevent Ragnorak. Since then the Spear has passed through many hands and been used as a mystical weapon. When last seen it was placed into the Sun by Earth's greatest mystics. Assembled Villains Villains who appear without dialogue throughout the episode: (Opening Scene, l. to r. on ground) Dr. Destiny, Evil Star, Cheetah, Atomic Skull, "Devil Ray," Parasite, Kobra, the Shark, Blockbuster, Grodd, Dr. Polaris, unidentified metal suit wearing guy, Killer Frost, KGBeast, Gentleman Ghost, Copperhead, Black Mass, Toyman, Metallo, Rampage; (Opening Scene, l. to r. in air) Bizarro, Giganta, Silver Banshee, Queen Bee, Sinestro, Star Sapphire; (as Lex and Grodd walk by) Volcana (w/Copperhead); (in meeting room) Major Disaster, Weather Wizard, Heatwave, Sonar, Thinker