Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 1

I Am Legion

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Luthor escapes from prison and gets away with the help of Grodd. Still under the influence of Brainiac, Grodd hold the final piece of Brainiac, and knows Luthor desires it. Grodd makes him a deal, join his newly created Legion of Doom, or he's a dead man.

    This episode started out with promise, but kinda lacked in an entertaining story. The writing was very well done, but it just lacked that first episode of the new season necessities. It starts out with Grodd rescuing Luthor from half of the Metropolis police force. He is then taken to Grodd's newly created legion of doom. A humongous super structure, definetely reminicient of the super friends cartoons. Anyways, Grodd's deal is that he's sick of being unable to make a "dishonest buck," as he so elequently put it, and has basically created his own justice league of villians. However, the villians pay him to join his group, and that is how they make their money, by pulling heists in teams, and Grodd reaps the benefits. We also learn that Luthor is still under the control of Brainiac, and that Grodd posseses the only known piece left of Braniac. Luthor wants it bad, and Grodd knows it. He offers Luthor a place in his Legion, and while Luthor at first resists, he knows he must put up with Grodd's demands, at least for now. And so is then put to the test. Meanwhile, Shayera, Superman, and Aztek examine the last place Luthor was seen, and their they meet the mysterious new governmentliasion to the Justice League. Nothing is really know of him now, but I'm sure he'll show up later in the season. Out of nowhere, were taken to an elderly couples home, where we learn that the old man is really a Blackhawk, one of the special pilots from World War 2 that the team met when they traveled back in time to stop Vandal Savage. His communicator is beeping like crazy, and this can only mean one thing, trouble on Blackhawk island. He contacts Shayera, and her along with Flash and Fire, who Flash is completely obsessed with in this episode, travel with the Blackhawk pilot to Blackhawk island, to investigate the signal. As it turns out, Luthor, along with the Key, and Dr. Polaris, are on the island and are trying to acquire something important. After a lengthy battle, the three villians get away with an artifact, and Flash Fire, and Shayera save the island from destruction. Afterwards, Luthor brings Grodd the object that they had stolen, an old spear to which belonged to Hitler, claiming it gave him ultimate power. Grodd, explains that the spear was merely a test, and that the spear is useless. Luthor, enraged, warns Grodd, that he will kill him eventually, but for now they will work together. END-J