Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 5

In Blackest Night (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 26, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Green Lantern is put on trial for committing a crime and it's up to Superman, Hawk Girl, Jon, and the Flash to save him from execution.

    This was a good episode and a nice introduction to the Green Lantern, seeing him on trial was pretty interesting and how he admits he was guilty for committing the crime which was just surprising to begin with. In the episode it is revealed the Manhunters framed John Stewart so that they could help demolish the Green Lantern Core and pretty much do all the things evil villains do. The action was great, and it's great seeing the chemistry of Flash and Green Lantern in this episode, and having Superman, Hawk Girl beating down aliens is awesome as well, and the quote the Lantern says at the end of the episode is pretty cool as well.
  • Oa under seige and a Lantern on trial

    Let me first start off by stating that I wasnt a huge fan of the show\'s creators/producers using John Stewart just to add some \"color\" and diversity to the story. Aside all that, I found this story to be one of the more entertaining ones. The thing about Green Lantern is that it\'s a thing that anyone and everyone can be.......it\'s all right place.right time. That\'s why I feel most fans connect with GL as opposed to some of the \"bigger\" guns in the league. The basic storyline has it\'s appeal, but you get a sense that the pacing isnt right early on (common problem with shows early in their run). I agree with another reviewer about not including all 7 members. It would have only helped flesh out each character while still concentrating on the central character/plot. Introducing the Manhunters (to most of us anyways), was a nice touch and it expanded upon the GL legacy, or the legacy of the Guardians I should say, who created them both. The action was good, but could have used better timing but again, it\'s an early episode so not too much downing on that aspect. I guess my fondness of the episode would have been better if not for my initial resistance to John Stewart, who has become one of my faves. These cliffhanger/2parters where a nice way to kick off the show and this story was no exception.
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