Justice League Unlimited

Season 3 Episode 1


Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 31, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • New League, New Beginnings... same old action heroes!

    After 2 strong seasons, the Justice League has opened its doors and welcomed what appears to be every other hero in the DC Universe. There are TONS of cameo appearances by classic characters in this episode, but 3 newcomers take center stage:

    Supergirl-Virtually unchanged from "Superman:TAS," she's treated as the League Rookie for this episode. Well-written character with a few decent lines to provide comic relief.

    Captain Atom: A newcomer to the Animated Universe, this stoic soldier is a welcome addition to the lineup. He's completely devoted to the life of a superhero, and is quite interesting.

    Green Arrow: Perhaps the most familiar of the 3, a great new hero. He's the classic "public crusader" from the comics we all know and love. A great touch by the writers was to have BATMAN be the one who convinces Green Arrow to stay, because Batman (more than anyone) knows the importance of someone like Green Arrow.

    My only complaint is with the episode's predictability. The ending and events leading up to it can all be seen coming a mile away!
  • This episode was a good beginning. Following the events of the privious episode, the Justice League get a new base in space gathering many different heros including Green Arrow. He must learn to work with the team when he is assigned a mission with Superg

    This episode was a great introduction. I liked how Green Arrow liked to fight solo instead of the team towards the beginning. He was always my favorite one. Green Lantern looks sweet in this episode. He seems like the leader of the Justice League. So Green Arrow has to work with the tough Green Lantern, Captain Atom, and Supergirl. They are sent to China to stop a monster from destroying everything. Then Captain Atom tries to obtain the giants energy but ends up almost dying at the end. Green Lantern was good as always. Supergirl kicked some but out there and Green Arrows bow had some awesome tricks.
  • This is a nice break from anime.

    The Green Arrow is liberating a local convenience store from pesky and average robbers. Green Latern appears and brings him to the Justice League headquarters, who have invited a large number of superheroes. The Justice League is going to be more organized now with their larger roster, though Green Arrow doesn't seem to be impressed. Then, a large radiation is detected in their radars. J'onn sends Latern, Supergirl, and Captain Atom to take care of the situation. Green Arrow joins them. When they get there, the government officials try swaying them away, but then a large creature appears, and starts burning up the entire forest. Green Latern, while trying to save several civilians, is knocked out. The Chinese military tell them that they the creature was meant to be their protector, and the only way to stop it is to stick Carbon rods within its chest. Green Arrow grabbed one, stuck one in the appropriate slot, and it was defeated. Captain Atom, who blew up as a result of the battle, was quickly collected and replenished. Green Arrow decides to stick with the League a little longer because of a hero that has caught his eye.

    For a person who's been watching anime just about the past year, watching something like Justice League Unlimited is a really nice change and pace. I'm not one to like the episodic type of shows, but how Justice League executes each episode is really well done. I really liked how this episode made use of every single second. It did a great job of introducing the Green Arrow's "lone" type of personality with him taking care of the robbers in the beginning of the episode. Overall, a good episode.
  • The new justice league...

    The justice league returns with a whole new and extended roster still with the original six and about 50 more heroes.
    They put one of my favorite superheroes in the episode, the green arrow. he teams up with green lantern, supergirl, and captain atom to take on a nuclear monster in china. They end up beating it and green arrow decides to become a member of the justice league. I really like the extended roster of heroes it makes for more interesting story lines. A bunch of different situations. They also said that the single episodes were better and some of them were. In Justice league every episode was a 2 parter. At least justice league had 22 episodes and justice league Unlimited has only 13 episodes a season, What's up with that? Later...
  • this was a good episode.

    this episode has the 7 original founders bringing all the other heroes to join the league, this was a good episode, I wouldn't miss it, this episode was well written and has good story plot to the episode, this episode began JLU and, and with every hero helping them on the way, and fighting a giant robot was a good way to start the JLU, this is a great episode.
  • The Justice League branches out.

    With the start of the third season, the Justice League finally expanded its ranks to become the Justice League Unlimited. In order to customize the skill sets and powers called for in each particular mission, the original seven recruited heroes from the entire DC universe to form a small army of meta-humans to deal with whatever threat may come to pass. In this first episode, the Green Arrow became an unwilling participant in a mission that held the lives of an entire nation in the balance. The story was a good one overall, but I have two small complaints: 1 - Why was Green Arrow still wearing his mask while he was coming out of the shower after the mission ended? He's strolling through the hallways with a towel around his waist....and his domino mask on his eyes.

    2 - Given all of the JSA characters they had included in the opening assembly, why was there no love for Black Adam? He was a member of the JSA at the time and...well...if you've ever looked at my profile page, you'd know that I would have to admit just a wee bit of bias. To anyone who had ever read "52" and "52 - World War III", you know why he's one of the baddest SOBs in DC today.
  • A fresh new start!

    As an example of what to expect from this new and improved series, it's a great start. On DVD the show glistens, and the use of 2D and 3D works like a dream.

    The peculiar alliance of Captain Atom, Green Arrow and Supergirl adds an edge and prepares us for the kind of combo to expect in future episodes. Those who only have time for the main seven will feel a bit disheartened by this new approach. Hopefully, though, the razor sharp dialogue and neat character touches should help ya ease into it all.

    The animation is crisp and the characters all have their moments to shine, especially Green Arrow. The action is nicely scattered throughout the episode and already we have some bruising and serious injury among the team - something JL very rarely captured.

    Overall, a predictable, but adventurous opening that sets the bar fairly high (at least from a writing standpoint) as to what to expect from the characters this season.
  • This is the first episode of JLU and it looks promising.

    This episode is just what the title implies, its an initiation. In this episode you get to see all the JLU members as a whole. There is also a great action element to the episode with Green Arrow, Supergirl, Capitan Atom, and Green Lantern. They all face a giant robot in a country similar to the Korea's. Great episode, and very promising.
  • cool episode and tho they never explicitly say what country it is, it's actually more likely north korea than china - on the map, u see near the north korean border, it's forbidden territory, and there seems to be a lot more hostility towards westerners.

    cool episode and tho they never explicitly say what country it is, it's actually more likely north korea than china - on the map, u see near the north korean border, it's forbidden territory, and there seems to be a lot more hostility towards westerners. other than that it's a pretty interesting episode. batman seems a bit cheerful.
  • Time to meet the JLU Green Arrow

    Having already admitted that most of what I know about DC comic characters is what I have seen on TV. The end result is that I was shocked by the amount of heroes that were present in this episode. I knew there were a lot of heroes, but when you see them all and realize that they are not all present ... WOW!

    Here we get to meet the Green Arrow. After a quick history lesson I find out that he started as a literal rip-off of Batman. Of course, little in the DC world (or Marvel) ever stays constant, so now he's less Batman clone and more the voice of Batman.

    What I mean by this is that like Batman he will be honest and brutal with his point of view. I read that he is the "conscience" of the Justice League, something that Batman was from time to time when there were only 6 members of the team (Batman was a part-timer).

    And at that the similarities end. The Green Arrow is also "just a man" like Batman, but he is much more out spoken about his views. And GA is blonde with facial hair. That's very different from Batman now. So, I look forward to more Green Arrow, and more Justice League Unlimited. We shall see what happens.
  • JLA invites Green Arrow to join on the merit of greater ideals and fails, only to realize later that all they needed to do was show Green Arrow some nice booty to persuade him

    The show with this ep tries to bring the focal point away from the star seven and shift it to the secondary characters mostly for setting them up for later story arcs. (Super Girl and Green Arrow, in this case)

    The story itself was fairly decent. Rather vanilla for a JL. However, it was solid.

    What made the episode for me was actually the fighting sequences, which were excellent. All character movements were dynamic but not excessive. And the fight itself had excellent pacing and suspense building.

    I just don't understand why Captain Atom didn't realize that Green Arrow probably had a better shot at hitting the monster with the carbon rod than he did.

    However, the problem with this is that it severely cuts into character development time, and it shows when Green Arrow makes peace with Captain Atom, which seemed forced at best.

    Personally, I think it would have been interesting to not let this resolve straight away but let it build so we can see how they interact in later eps.

    Over all though, a decent episode.
  • A world of change.

    For those who have been following the first two seasons closely, the new Watchtower will "shock and awe" you. Many many times larger, with two smaller substations, the newly expanded League is now equipped to handle any and every situation. With a nod to the Justice Lords seen in the episode "A Better World", the Watchtower is populated with non-superhero staff. One has to imagine the bills, though.

    Science fiction fans would instantly recognize the Transporter, right down to the circular pads.

    My nitpicks are only with the final half of the battle with Brimstone.

    First, half a carbon rod is not going to shut down a nuclear reactor. While it is the correct step to shutting a reactor down, half a rod is most definitely not going to do much.

    Second, the design is rather self-contradictary. On the one hand, it is a very small target compared to the rest of the behemoth, placed in the forward upper torso where you cannot reach without drawing attention. Very nicely guarded. On the other hand, it is not covered, exposed to carbon rod-wielding superhero.

    Thirdly, I'm somewhat disappointed with Supergirl and Captain Atom. They clearly need to have planned that fight better. It is already clear from the first encounter that Supergirl is not affected by the heat, while Captain Atom's draining had clearly weakened Brimstone. Yet they decided to let the Captain try inserting the rods while Supergirl distracts? I can only imagine what Green Lantern would say about that if he were conscious.

    Overall though, it gives the new League a spectacular kick-off.
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