Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 19

Injustice For All (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Batman is thoroughly secured and Joker wakes him up as the other villains look on. Lex prefers to keep him alive, even though the Joker advises him to kill the hero. He's shielded against telepathy and Lex has Grundy go through the utility belt to find a passkey to the Watchtower. That doesn't work out very well – Grundy gets electrocuted – and Lex prepares to go through it, leaving Ultra-Humanite and Grundy to watch him. Batman plays the two of them off against each other and in the lab, Lex scans the utility belt but is interrupted by the sound of their fighting and goes in to break up their fight, then leave Cheetah to watch him. Lex has another attack on the way out and the Ultra-Humanite advises him to take it easy why he works on a cure.

At the prison, the League interrogates Copperhead without much luck. Batman gets Cheetah to tell him about her background and starts vamping her. Lex sends Ultra-Humanite to check up on her while he gets the belt open and finds what he needs. Later Star Sapphire, Shade, and Grundy enter the Watchtower using the passkey, and they've got a bomb. J'onn spots them and goes to investigate but is blindsided by Grundy concealed within Shade's darkness field. The rest of the League are at the prison and get the alarm. The Joker wheels a TV in for Batman and runs a transmission of the Watchtower. The League arrives and finds J'onn, unaware the bomb is set to go off.

Lex and the other villains look on while the League tends to J'onn. They get a call from someone warning there's a bomb and the League spread out to find it. Green Lantern picks up a thermal pattern, locates the bomb, and has Flash toss it out the air lock where it explodes nearby but the Watchtower is intact. Lex is not pleased and the villains take off when he insults them. Lex pleads with them and triples their pay to get them to stay. J'onn wakes up and identifies the villains and figure they've capture Batman and used his transmitter.

The Joker prepares to cut up Batman, who sends him flying with a head butt, but Grundy arrives to stop him and send him away. Batman asks for some water and then spits it into the stasis field, shorting it out. He makes mental contact with J'onn and sends him his location, while Ultra-Humanite prepares Lex for a special treatment which involves strapping a metal chest plate on him. It's a containment that will stabilize his condition, but his triumph is interrupted when Grundy arrives to warn them what happened. Lex announces that there's a traitor and he knows who it is – he activates the surveillance cameras and reveals Cheetah's little scene with Batman. Grundy prepares to "eliminate" her but she runs into the Joker who stuns her with an electro-joy buzzer and Grundy takes her off.

The League arrives and J'onn goes in to rescue Batman. Ultra-Humanite stuns the Martian and the other Leaguers come crashing in. The Leaguers get the upper hand but Lex steps forward, wearing a battle-suit that lets him blast Superman with kryptonite rays. Ultra-Humanite comes up behind him and short circuits the armor, knocking him out. Joker prepares to run but goes after Batman but he's out of his bonds. He could have escaped any time, but decided to stick around to keep an eye on them. As the villains are led off, Batman confirms with Ultra-Humanite that he'll keep their bargain – twice what Lex was paying the Ultra-Humanite. Back in prison, Lex is deafened by Ultra-Humanite's opera broadcasts…paid for by a major donation.