Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 19

Injustice For All (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Villains vs. Batman...guess who wins?

    In the conclusion of this two part story, the tale is told mostly from the villain's perspective as they focus on the next stage of their plan to destroy the Justice League. Lex Luthor orders some of the hired villains to watch the bound and immobilized Batman while the rest of the villains set out to blow up the league's headquarters with a bomb ( you'd think someone would have suggested that they use more than one bomb to make sure the job gets gone but I digress...).

    Batman, who is left free to talk to whoever comes near me, starts to plant seeds of doubt in the villains that come within earshot. In no time at all, the villains are fighting among themselves and quickly set themselves up for an inevitable defeat at the hands of the League.

    All in all, a pretty good episode for one to watch. The dialogue between Luthor and Ultra Humanite really sparkles at times and the Joker's machinations ( which mainly involve his arch nemesis Batman) prove to be a nice sub story as well.

    Recommended for those who like to see big fights...and Batman at his finest....
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