Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 19

Injustice For All (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 13, 2002 on Cartoon Network



  • Trivia

    • In one shot of Batman tied up in the stasis field you can see him with his utility belt on, even though Lex took it from him earlier.

    • It's very considerate of Lex not to gag Batman, but just tells Cheetah to gag him "if he causes any more trouble." He already caused trouble once - why give him a second chance? In fact, Batman gets to later negotiate with the traitor because Lex doesn't gag him - whoops.

    • Why do they let Copperhead wear his costume in prison, particularly when we saw Lex and Ultra-Humanite in prison uniforms last week?

    • Why on Earth do the Leaguers let "the boy scout" interrogate Copperhead - wouldn't Hawkgirl or Green Lantern have had better luck?

    • When Superman interrogates Copperhead, you can see his reflection in the one-way mirror behind him. Superman thrusts his head into Copperhead's face, but his image in the mirror doesn't move.

    • It takes five Justice Leaguers to go to the prison interrogate Copperhead? Only Flash and Superman actually talk to him. They only have one shuttle, but Green Lantern can fly and Batman must have got off the satellite earlier somehow. And even if they only have one shuttle, why not leave two people on the station? Or three?

    • After failing to destroy the Watchtower, Lex throws his chair into the TV screen; but later, when he's reviewing the security tape, the screen is fixed.

    • Why doesn't J'onn stay intangible aboard the satellite when he goes to investigate? Instead he stays solid and sure enough gets punched out by Grundy.

    • So what was the plan Luthor had for when the Justice League was lured to his headquarters? He says, "If we can lure them here, I have a plan", and Batman brings the JL there, but basically it's just another slugfest which ends up with the Gang defeated. After his treatment Luthor says he has a plan to handle the League but again he never displays any such plan.

    • At the end of the episode, we see both Copperhead and Cheetah in the paddywagon with the other members of the Injustice Gang, even though Copperhead was already arrested and in jail while Cheetah was presumed dead.

    • At the end, Ultra-Humanite is watching what is definitely Madame Butterfly. The implication is definitely that he's watching the last scene where the female singer finishes her song and just...stands there. But in the opera, Cio-Cio-San (Butterfly) kills herself and dies in Lt. Pinkerton's arms as he cries her name.

  • Quotes

  • Notes

    • All members of the League appear in this episode.

    • We get a clearer shot of the Zan and Jayna statues this episode, right before Hawkgirl gets knocked out.

    • Note the scene where Grundy interrupts the Joker and they have a brief conversation. In this scene basically Mark Hamill is talking to himself: he voices both characters.

    • Originally the part where Grundy captured and took Cheetah offscreen was supposed to be her last appearance (implying that she died). Due to her appearance at the end, the fact that she died has changed.

    • Further echoes of the Rock of Ages storyline from JLA #10-15 (and released in trade paperback), with Batman bribing someone within the Gang to betray them.

  • Allusions

    • Lex Luthor: Et tu, Humanite?
      Lex is paraphrasing one of the most famous lines in history, "et tu, Brute?" which means "You too, Brutus?" which were the words spoken by Julius Caesar when he realized one of the assassins about to kill him was his best friend Brutus.

    • The Joker: You're despiccable!
      'You're despiccable' is Daffy Duck's famous quote - DD is also a Warner Brothers' production.

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