Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 7

Maid of Honor (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • Setting up the plot

    More then most episodes, this one pretty much sets up part 2 without much of its own to lay claim to. There's a couple of obligatory "Hero beats up the goon" fights but there's really not much excitement here if you're looking for superheroic activities. Colonel Vox is kinda lame (which is why they probably didn't bring him back after that one issue of Metal Men) and it seems odd he can use a jetpack to outfly Wonder Woman.

    (That reminds me - can all the Amazons fly? We've never seen Hippolyta fly, have we, despite the 4 or so episodes she appeared in last year.)

    The main focus here is Wonder Woman, and we see a lot of her here (not like that, you pervs!). She bonds with the princess, runs around Paris, and gets a little more intro to "man's world."

    Batman plays a secondary role - we don't really get quite as much of the Batman/Diana dynamic (first seen in "Brave and the Bold). But it's nice to see Justice Leaguers with social lives, and the first appearance of Bruce Wayne in the series.

    Vandal Savage is back...or is he? The writers managed to keep up the mystery surrounding the character, at least until part 2. He's clearly being set up as a James Bond-style villain (we'll see more of this in part 2) although his scheme seems a little overly complicated here. The idea of Wonder Woman knowing him from WW2 is interesting, although it makes for some confusing time-travel paradoxes (see Goofs & Nitpicks).

    And of course we don't get any other Leaguers here. This makes for an interesting change from last year - instead of just getting X number of Leaguers in both parts, we get a few in the early part and then the rest come in later (we'll see this again in Eclipsed). It does help to break up the pattern a bit, although it's not clear if they're doing it for storytelling purposes or because they just can't afford to pay all 5-6 voice actors for both parts of the episode.

    Overall I'd consider this a decent episode - nothing monumental really occurs but it sets things up for Part 2 and the calamity to come.
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