Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 8

Maid of Honor (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 18, 2003 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Name is Man - Bat Man.

    The James Bond homages are flying thick and heavy here. Debonair villain, ugly powerful henchman, damsel in distress and the villain's romance who turns competent suddenly ("Never Say Never Again", anyone?), half-assed evil scheme to use an orbital weapon to take over the world (could Savage really keep the whole thing up and blackmail the world ad infinitum?), even a 60's kinda superspy score rolling at a few points. And Savage has got one of those nifty Wild Wild West-style sleeve guns.

    The story grows logically from the ground-building of part 1. Batman and Wonder Woman go after the bad guys, get taken down, and call in reinforcements - the Leaguers who happen to be sitting around.

    I'm still not entirely sure what they were trying to do with overlap of the wedding vows and the battle scene - cool for coolness sake as it didn't seem to have any great meaning unless there was some implication Batman and Wonder Woman were a fightin' kinda married couple too...

    So Batman is free, Wonder Woman is captured, and the League go off after the satellite. Another facet of the Bond films - lets blow things up! The Batplane gets destroyed, the Javelin-7 gets blown up, and at the end Green Lantern (rather pointlessly) not only blows up the rail cannon but the International Space Station as well. Hate to see the League's insurance premiums.

    We finally get Savage's origin, which remains pretty much unchanged from the comic books. It's a nice touch holding out until his second appearance to reveal things.

    So the League in space takes out Savage's men and the Flash (after a mildly implausible survival to the rigors of space) begins to show some of his super-speed stuff that we'll get more of in subsequent episodes. With the Princess' help Batman and Diana take out Savage and in another Bond-style move Batman hoists Savage upon his own petard. They even play up his apparent death, followed by his rather grotesque Highlander-style resurrection - Savage kinda comes across as a mix of Hugo Drax and Connor MacLeod throughout this one. And we get the last hint at the end that Wonder Woman knows who Bruce is.

    Overall this didn't seem to be a major epic-style episode - Savage's scheme here seems a little less than powerful enough to warrant the intervention of the League. I suppose they can't all be save-the-universe type plans.