Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 23

Metamorphosis (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Oct 11, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Better then part 1, but still...

    ...this is still basically a giant-monster slugout. The opening fight is kinda interesting, although you gotta kinda wonder that 5 JLers can't take on one relative novice. The final synthoid creature is kinda interesting (and gross) but again the feature guest-star gets to "win" while the JLers get tossed aside. This one is...well, average, really. Wouldn't mind seeing Metamorpho show back up, but we probably won't see him again until the second season and there really isn't much wrap-up to the story - what happens to Rex from here on out? Hopefully we'll find out.
  • The League is still after Metamorpho, when another monster attacks.

    The episode starts off with the League continuing to fight Metamorpho. He escapes and goes to find Sapphire. He had been under the impression that the League was responsible for his transformation.

    After he realizes the mistake, he goes to find the real culprit, Simon Stagg. Somehow, by stepping into a certian chemical, combined with Simon Stagg's brainwaves, a new monster is born.

    The episode is then focused on destroying this new monster. Metamorpho is forgiven by the League and together they fight the monster, which has captured Sapphire.

    The fight scenes are okay, but Metamorpho turns out to be the true hero in the end.

    I personally thought it was cool how Batman was able to come up with the solution to stop the monster. There is a scene showing him drawing all of these science equations on a chalk board. It shows how much of a genius Batman is.

    I also thought that Metamorpho was a cool character, even if the storyline wasn't as good. I hope we can see more of him in future episodes. He would be a good ally to the League.

  • This should have been better.

    This episode concludes the two part of this story arc as Metamorpho battles the League in a mistaken belief that they are responsible for his condition. After handling the League's attacks, Metamorpho escapes via an underground stream and quickly makes his way to his girlfriend Sapphire. Quickly realizing his mistake, the transformed man makes his way over to a factory where Simon Stagg, his employer and the man responsible for his bizarre transformation. In an accident that seems, well, too simplistic for what it results in, Simon's thought patterns are imprinted upon the chemical with the substance forming a gigantic, somewhat sentient monster composed of every type of chemical possible.

    This isn't a bad episode but tends to skip a bit in order to get to the big fight at the end. The League members seem to have too fast an about face when it comes to Metamorpho and the dialogue seems off at times. I didn't really buy the idea that Metamorpho and the Chemo monster both had a handle on what they could do in such short times.

    For a character with a lot of promise like Metamorpho, it was a disappointing way to end this arc.
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