Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 11

Panic in the Sky

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • While Superman, Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter,and Hawkgirl are under custody, it's up to the remaining heroes to stop the clones . Meanwhile Batman tells waller that Lex is behind the attack and was using her. The heroes stop the c

    I enjoyed the episode very much. The story, the action , the drama and the ending twist. What i loved about the episode was the big fight between the rest of the Justice League versus the army of Cadmus' cloned super heroes. It was great the see most of the heroes we see in DC comics in that episode in their big face-off.

    The fight between supergirl and Tea was okay. I wished that Supergirl fought back with more punches equal to Tea's.

    And the part where Lex was mutating was the best "What the Hell" moment of Justice League Unlimited.
  • The ending is better than Eastenders!

    Wow! Who'd a thunk it? Brainiac inside Lexy? But is it really Lexy? Is it really Brainiac? Find out next time on Justice League! DUM DUM DUMMMM!

    anyway a nice episode with lots and lots and lots of fighting. Supergirl's battle with Tea was brutal to say the least and poor old Steel got wailed on big time. The rest of the league surrending is a nice point too, especially Flash's comment about the Batmobile losing a wheel (Jingle Bell anyone). The conversation with Diana about being a part-timer was also well handled. Overall good stuff - like I said Brainiac? WTF?
  • without the core members, will the justice league be able to hold out on their own?

    this episode shows that batman, although quite arrogant and stubborn, will never surrender even to authority as long as he knows he's right.
    this episode also showcases the strength of the remaining members of the justice league. this episode is dedicated especially for them as they showcase their abilities in order to beat the odds and defeat the enemy. even the injured joins the fight, which proves that our heroes will never give up despite having their backs on the wall. i consider this episode an epic, since almost all the justice league members are shown fighting without the help of the originals.
  • In this episode, the core members (except for Batman), decide to turn themselves into the government leaving Kara in charge. But when Galatea and the Ultimen attack, the League must use all of their forces to save the day.

    I found this to be a very interesting episode. Not only did it show the seven original characters, but there was some actiob by other members who I wanted to see. I was slightly surprised how much skin was shown in the battle between Tea and Kara, but it was still awesome. And Braniac being inside Luthor was a shocker. Not to mention Batman was pretty cool when he took out the army general. It would have been a better as an hour long episode, but who\'s to complain. This was a great episode.
  • Great Episode

    I thought that this was an Excellent! episode My favorite part was Steels comments about the original 7 was an actually a defining moment in the series.I do not think Galetea is dead maybe in a Comatose state...I am eagerly awaiting the last 2 episodes andlets hope JLU gets picked up for another heart pounding season.
  • Many are asking the question, \"how long has Brainiac been in Lex?\", and when did it happen? My guess is it didn\'t even happen in THIS series. (Here\'s a hint. Check out \"Ghost in the Machine (episode #27) of Superman, the Animated Series.......

    Many are asking the question, \"how long has Brainiac been in Lex?\", and when did it happen?
    My guess is it didn\'t even happen in THIS series. (Here\'s a hint. Check out \"Ghost in the Machine (episode #27) of Superman, the Animated Series.
    There\'s no problem with having Brainiac be the fall guy, or as everyone says \"the final villain\". The real question is how will this group of writers bridge this current Brainiac with the future Brainiac.(In search of a perfect organic form.............?)

    ..............nuff said!!!!!
  • i just watched this show last night and it is the best yet. esp. when steel and supergirls clone galatala fought one sidedly.

    when cadimus attacks the tower and steel goes down two see what was going on whit the power and dosent return. supergirl goes down to check and finds atom ko'ed and a broken hammer with a fist imprint you knew he was in big trouble. when super girl finds steel he is mangled an bloody supergirl steps in. it was the best part of the episode till the end when batman fights luthor or brainiac hidding as lex.can not wait till next episode
  • Another great episode of the justice league!

    This episode is one of the best in this series. This episode contains a revealing familar character from Supermans' past, great fighting sequences, and an enemy of the justice league turning good...for the moment. The writers did a great job with this episode. I can't wait for the next episode!
  • Another top-quality JLU episode!!!

    This episode was superb from start to finish! Everything was perfect, from the Original Seven surrendering to the big brawl at the Watchtower to the big revelation with Lex Luthor at the end! Although everyone spoke more with their fists than in the previous episodes, the dialogue it did have was great, especially the scenes between Amanda Waller and Batman! Speaking of Batman, I also liked his reaction to the news of the founding members surrending to authorities. ("That has got to be the single dumbest idea I've ever heard!" Classic.)There is also a touching scene between Galatea and Professor Hamilton that was very well done. The animation was great, and whenever CGI was used, it wasn't glaring and bland (which is not the case in some past episodes.)Bottom line is, "Panic in the Sky" keeps up the winning streak of amazing JLU episodes, and the ending definitely leaves you speechless!
  • Just putting in my two cents about Cadmus

    Obviously the Ulteman didn\'t last long in the fight for two reasons

    1) The JLU new that they were a Cadmus project and they pretty much were keeping Tabbs on everything Cadmus was doing just like Cadmus was keeping tabs on them. Batman even said this. So obviously the league knew thier studied thier weaknesses anticipating that they would eventually have to fight them. They Probably expected multiples of them. Batman expects the unexpected he would of made that the JL would to.

    2) Gala only had one goal in mind, killing Supergirl.
    She was too focused on that so she didnt bother to bother with the Ultaman. Who even though they most likely were more powerful then before, they were mindless, there for couldn\'t think for them selfs
  • Something old and something new, and we can also say \"Who Knew\"?

    I liked this episode for at least 3 reasons: 1) It shows Batman doing what he does best -- bucking the system and getting things done as the great detective that he is, 2)other members of the league getting to flex their respective muscle, and 3)one of the \"Supers\" having to break a sweat in order to win a fight. I would guess that things will still NOT be \"kissy kissy\" between CADMUS and the League even though that startling revelation came out about Braniac, but maybe they will have to form an uneasy alliance in order to defeat a foe who is a threat to everyone. We shall see. Overall, a very good episode.
  • The Ultimen army is defeated, Galatea is dead, and the true villian is revealed.

    Now we know the truth. Cadmus was never pulling the strings, but in fact it was Brainiac causing all this, manipulating everything. Just when you think Brainiac is gone forever, he just keeps coming back.

    One of the best things about this episode was the action. It didn't matter who fought who, but the action was indeed spectacular, and Supergirl not only conquered her clone, Galatea, she conquered her own inner demons. Seeing Batman and Waller exchange words is never a letdown. The two seem to have a certain chemistry. Also, I was surprised that Waller actually had the founding members released. I guess even she can admit when she's wrong.

    Now we know the truth, and everything that's happened since "Initiation" has been leading up to the final episodes of this season. It will be a pleasure to find out how this story arc concludes, and I will be right there to find out.

    I hope you will too.
  • The founding members turned themselves in, with the exception of Batman, until it can be revealed who fired the Justice League\'s space gun. Batman confronted Amanda and told her that Lex played her. Batman then confronted Lex, as well as Amanda, and this

    Great episode. It was like Question Authority: you just couldn\'t wait until the next week to see how it all unfolded in the next episode (Flashpoint). Enter Divided We Fall. Amanda Waller had a great quote: \"You ain\'t got weeks baldy! You\'re under arrest for trying to use the Justice League\'s space gun to murder everyone at Cadmus!\".
  • A great episode.

    This was a Great episode, It had a great plot, I liked how they used the heroes in the episode, The fighting was awesome, This episode is another great episode put together by the writers, Directors, Producers, and all the people that put the episode together. This episode is one of the best I've seen, You don't want to miss this episode.
  • great episode.

    I felt it as a very different episode and very random.. who would imagine how that episode ends... i had fun.. for you that havent seen it: what are you waiting for?!?!?, i cant wait to watch the next episode and i hope os as good as this one is.
  • So CADMUS has been a puppet after all!The part when Braniac comes out of Lex's body explaines this.

    So CADMUS has been a puppet after all!The part when Braniac comes out of Lex's body explaines this.
    Actually it was kinda episode with its twist.The fight between Galatea and supergirl was ok.The fight between the Ultimen and the JLU (excluding the core members)was not much to the expectation though.CADMUS and its weapons was treated in par to the strength of the Justice league.But the scene in the watch tower shows the Ultimen defeated too easily.All the core members except Batman turn themselves in.Later he confronts Waller (which explaines how the rest of them get released at the end).It shows Batman has saved the justice league from a bad situation once more.The real twist comes at the end when Luthor 'evolves' into Braniac.Keep your finger's crossed for the next two episodes especially the Batman's darkest secret about the JLU.
  • We get a major surprise as to hold was behind it all and it wasn't who you expected it to be. This episode rocked the house.

    This continues where the last explosive episode of JLA left off. The Justice League have now turned themselves in until their innocence has been proven. This is excluding the Batman, who has a plan of hes own and tells the rest of the League that their plan was the dumbest idea they ever thought of (he truly is the best, haha).

    The rest of the League members are fighting Galatea and the Ultimen clones at the WatchTower. Lots of action happening there which was great.

    The conversation between Batman and Amanda Waller was nice. I really like it when both of them are together exchanging words.

    Who was pulling the strings the whole time? We were led to it being Luthor and them BAM!, Braianic emerges from Luthor's body. I'm as shock as the League are. I can't wait to see the next episode, Divided we Fall, in which our favorite 7 do battle.
  • Too Much Revealed in too little time. Ultimen are Straw men. Galatea has a glass jaw.

    I didn\'t enjoy this episode as much as I could have. The fighting consumed most of the episode and (as others have remarked) was less convincing than usual. The Ultiman were laughable. They should have had fewer groups and have them give the non-primetime leaguers a tougher time. An opportunity missed I felt. (remembering how that last episode felt, where it ended in seeing dozens of groups of the Ultimen in a warehouse. Wow! That was very well done. This episode, sadly, didn\'t hold up its end of the cliff-hanger.

    I wish they had done more with Galatea. She was just too two-dimensional in her attack on the league and her fight with Supergirl.

    I thought their portrayal of Amanda Waller was a little too dumbed down for me to like her much, although, in the end, she didn\'t do too badly.

    The four highpoints of the episode for me:

    1. Wallers \"I knew Luthor was a snake and I STILL let him bite me\" (or words to that effect) comment.

    2. The Question and the Bedpan.

    3. Captain Atom from the Hospital bed.

    4. The Flash and that old Batman doggerel \"Jingle Bells, Batman smells...\"

  • Superfriends homage in episode?

    Just wanted to note, did anyone else notice that the Ultimen were clones of the old Justice friends characters? Like the big guy was apache cheif, they had a wind powered man like Samurai, they even a pair of similar looking men and women, one of which turned into water products, ahile the other turned into animals, like the wonder twins? also, they had a black lightning character.

    It was a pretty cool way to pay homage to the classic cartoons, I think? Did anyone else notice?
  • Decent episode, even if the Ultimen were used as throw-away characters and Gallatea was a bit of a whimp. (I suppose she is still feeling the after-effects of the Fearful Symetry episode)

    Not my favorite entry in the series, even if one of the more revealing ones.

    Once again Cadmus figures prominently in this episode with a great scene between Amanda Waller and Batman. More on that later.

    This picks up where we left off with Cadmus about to launch an offensive against the Justice League while the founding members decide to surrender themselves to the authorities until an investigation can prove their innocence.

    Six of the original seven turn themselves in, you can guess who doesn't, my man Batman. Instead he confronts Waller in the scene mentioned above with news that they have been played by Lex Luthor.

    Meanwhile the Watchtower comes under attack by Gallatea and the Ultimen clones, but after what seemed to me to be a very short battle, the league second stringers triumph.

    Back on earth we find that Luthor has used Cadmus technology to create and android body for himself not unlike that of Ivo's creation Amazo. Batman tries to stop him but is flung from a window as Amanda Waller shows up and destroys the android body. Lex attacks Waller and low and behold she has sided with the Justice League and the calvary arrives. Only to see Lex, change from inside out and reveal that all this time he has actually been Brainiac.

    If you are as confused as me join the club. Good episode but once again I will wait with anticipation to see what happens next...but I guess thats the whole point.
  • I think that this was the filler to get us to the next episode.

    Other than the Batman line when the Justice League turned themselves in and Flash's little quip for humor all this episode was for was a fight scene. No dialogue really.
    Yes we learned Brainiac is behind the Luthor bit but not why or how that come next week. I vote this as "all filler no Killer" (Thanks Sum 41)
  • Continuing the Cadmus storyline, but letting the quality of the story slip compared to the last couple of episodes.

    This episode was a bit of a letdown for me. After building up a great storyline over the last few shows, this was one cliche after another. Cadmus attacks the JLU only to eventually realize their mistake and end up joining forces with them against a common threat. Saw that coming. Galatea disobeys her orders to stand down so she can get her revenge on Supergirl. Big shock. The big seven go away, but return just in time to try to save the day at the end. No way.

    I was kind of hoping to see the Long Shadow that joined the JLU come out and fight against the attacking Ultimen. He could have tried to reason with them, not realizing they were mindless shells, only to have them swarm him and take him out. It would have been a better end for the character than just never talking about him again so you assume he died of degenerative clone disease or whatever it was.

    The biggest letdown of all for me was having Brainiac be behind Luthor's schemes the entire time. I noticed the clue on Luthor's lab equipment in the Flashpoint episode, but I was hoping it was just a coincidence. If Lex had been working *with* Brainiac I don't think I would have had as much of a problem with it, but being controlled by him just sucked. This was such a great opportunity to show what a manipulative evil genius Lex Luthor is and it was ruined. It seemed reasonable to me that Lex would try to create an immortal, all-powerful shell for himself. I don't think the Brainiac twist was necessary.

    I have loved the Cadmus storyline up to this point, but this episode just didn't do it for me. Hopefully this storyline can recover and finish on a high note.
  • This was good story telling with patience. It was a very good challenge for the Justice League who had no idea that a bigger threat to them was unexpected. For anyone who really likes the the Ju

    It seems like this may be the final year for

    the Justice League in the animated world, but

    who knows? There was certainly a lot of action

    drama, suspense, a well developed plot from

    this episode. This was like the best storylines

    I have seen in the show so far. I especially like

    the ending which a big surprise to me. You would

    need patience to look this storyline to understand

    why the League is a difficult with Cadmas, their

    army, and the U.S government. No matter what

    they face, nobody really gives up. The story

    was original and quite interesting so far. I

    hope the writers and producers of this show

    keep up the good work.
  • This is a quick one

    Ok basically The founding members decided to turn themselves in except batman. Cadmus sent An Ultimen army lead by Galitea. They loose. Then Bat man goes to Waller and tells her luthor played her. Bats goes after lex who is building a new amazo suit for him but then he gets thrown out a window but supes grabs him. Waller then comes and destroys the amazo suit and lex smashes her but the league is behind him. then he screams and reviels that he is brainiac. Supes will have to F him up again

  • A good show with allusions to the history of the characters. But still just killing time until the next episode.

    This episode was good. But I found myself more jazzed about allusions to other things from the comics than the actual goings-on of the show. The Luthor-Brainiac connection is straight out of Alan Moore's Pre-Crisis Superman "Finale" "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tommorrow," where Luthor and Brainiac fuse to defeat Superman.

    Another connection, Luthor's initial plan to fuse with an Amazo substitute. This echoes the ending of the first arch from Alan Moore's Supreme series, which is a farewell and rebuilding of the Superhero genre. Towards the end the Luthor-type character fuses with an Amazo-type villian to have all the powers of the main heroes. I thought this might be a coincedence but later read an interview with one of the show's writers that said they were in part inspired by Supreme.

    All in all a decent episode on it's own, but much better when watched along with the following one.
  • We finaly find out who has been pulling the strings the entire time...and it isn't cadmus after all.

    This was a very exciting episode that finaly answeres the question of who is pulling the strings. Turns out it wasn't cadmus after all but Luthor or is actualy Brainiac in disgise! Now Im going to figure that Luthor didn't know he was brainiac to start with because he had no idea why he was getting so strong and when Brainiac fianly rips out of him at the end, Luthor seems pretty terrified.

    The battle between the JLU members and the Ultamen is...well, kinda weak. I counted somewhere between 24-26 pods all filled with 5 members each and one having Galitia. So thats around 125 ultamen. But the JLU still seems to kick their butts pretty well and this is all with out the original seven. If I was cadmus and training a clone army, dont you think I would train them on every single hero up there and how to take down every single one of them? Also, you'd figure Cadmuus with all their information on every hero up there and the ability to clone as many clones as they wanted to, would have just cloned hundereds and hundereds of them. Also, the show seemed to infasize on the radio-mind control device that Galitia had. But it never came into play like I thought it would. I thought that maybe super girl would grab it, put it on, and start to control the Ultamen, that would have been cool.

    Questions still remain though. How long has Lex been Brainiac? Where is the real Lex Luthor? What is Batmans darkest secret going to be in the final episode? How many times can Bruce Timm use Brainiac to be the fianl bad guy? Stay tuned my friends.

  • After Luthor hacked the watchtower computer to use its gun to shoot the old Cadmus headquarters last episode, Cadmus fight back the League by shooting the watchtower with a bunch of clones.

    This was the third part off the second season finale of JLU and the end of the Cadmus saga as well. And Amanda Waller’s whole plan was to create a bunch of clones to hit the watchtower with. Then of course, the leader of the clones, the hot Supergirl clone, Galatea, would find her way through the tower to the main reactor in order to blow the whole thing. This way humanity would get rid of the menace of their watchers the meta-humans… mmm… wait a minute. Wouldn’t be easer to blow them with some good old-fashioned nuclear missiles? Even some third world countries can do that. Cadmus even had professor Milo, he was an expert on chemical and biological weapons.
    The whole Alan Moore-esque concept of ‘who watches the watchmen’; the government conspiracy theory against super heroes actually true; the feeling that even the apparent leaders of this movement are, like Maxwell Lord said, ‘small fish’… That was good stuff. Too bad that for example, by seating General Eeling on the Cadmus board and making Luthor the only sponsor of the project, the feeling of small fish was all gone. I hated when it became so clear Waller was the big bitchy leader, Luthor was the machiavellian sponsor and economic interest; and Eeling was the government interest. I miss the sensation of an X-files or Bond-like organization with no clear boss against vigilantes. In good terror flick you don’t get too many shots at the monster; it’s the unknown that frightens.
    Although, to me, part of the small fish feeling sort of came back when it turned out Brainiac had been pulling strings through Luthor, it wasn’t enough. The case was solved when Waller discovered that Luthor shoot hacking the watchtower computer and the writers pull the Brainiac thing just to have a surprising ending. But, since Brainiac is the only one who can fully benefits from Cadmus resources - such as the amazo and the dark heart technology, it makes sense for the plot. The problem was Cadmus being over so easy after such a poor tactic.
    The episode was about Luthor’s true intentions and the big Cadmus attack on the Justice League, which was a second chance for Galatea and the Ultimen and got most of the attention. Since a bunch of mindless clones of the ultimen are not very interesting as opponents to the JLU and makes Cadmus look cheap and short, the episode could have been more interesting. The actual ultimen were interesting characters, but after all this time, all those head of divisions of Cadmus were only working on making a lot of mindless clones of the ultimen as the ultimate weapon… That’s sad.
    There are a whole lot more resources Cadmus could have had: notes on Milo’s werewolf, his viruses, man-bat, Clay-face (Milo worked for Dagget); Dr. Dorian notes; or Cadmus, Hamilton and Lexcorp’s files on all lab related meta-humans Superman and the League have fought. What about using the Prometheus giant? Or a whole bunch of them.
    Galatea could have also been a lot more interesting. Because she is around 2 years old and immature, I buy the fact that she has something obsessive against Supergirl, but it would have been nice to see more of her relationship with Hamilton, her beliefs, deeper motives and more important, to see her and Hamilton evolve to the heroes they are in comics. That evolution that was expected since her first apparition, but the only character that became good this episode was Amanda Waller.
    The whole episode was all about a ridiculous attack that may have caused Fighting in the sky, but not panic in the sky. At least not the way a smarter weapon could have caused.
    Also, maybe the saga should have been a season longer. The season is over and Dr. Hugo Strange, Tala and Dr. Moon didn’t get their breaks. Tala actually got one, but it was sort of disappointing and I would have kind of hoped an opportunity for the character to show what she is capable of. In the case of Strange it was worst, all of the sudden, before he even gets his name mentioned (he didn’t say a word and nobody talked to him or about him, he was just drawn) he was substituted with Dr. Moon who, all of the sudden, appeared doing all that is usually his work.. Even worst, we also don’t get to know much about this character, which in the comics is the resident brain surgeon/washer/torturer and, more interesting, an associate of Ra’s Al Ghul. Who by the way, would have made an interesting underwater big fish for a sub-plot that could have been Dr. Moons perfect break.
    Dr. Hugo Strange in the silver age comics was also an expert on transforming people into monsters and on chemical weapons.
    We got to see almost enough of Eeling. And there is a lot more to his relationship with Captain Atom in comics, since they are nemesis.
    Professor Dabney Donovan did not appear. Big disappointment. He is the heart and soul of Cadmus in the comics; and the most likely man to be the creator of such an abomination as Doomsday, since Hamilton is not that unethical and Milo was working on another division. I mean, Doomsday is way too monstrous and unethical for Hamilton. Cadmus, Eeling, Hamilton and Galatea could have been a lot more true to their origins.