Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 11

Panic in the Sky

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • We finaly find out who has been pulling the strings the entire time...and it isn't cadmus after all.

    This was a very exciting episode that finaly answeres the question of who is pulling the strings. Turns out it wasn't cadmus after all but Luthor or is actualy Brainiac in disgise! Now Im going to figure that Luthor didn't know he was brainiac to start with because he had no idea why he was getting so strong and when Brainiac fianly rips out of him at the end, Luthor seems pretty terrified.

    The battle between the JLU members and the Ultamen is...well, kinda weak. I counted somewhere between 24-26 pods all filled with 5 members each and one having Galitia. So thats around 125 ultamen. But the JLU still seems to kick their butts pretty well and this is all with out the original seven. If I was cadmus and training a clone army, dont you think I would train them on every single hero up there and how to take down every single one of them? Also, you'd figure Cadmuus with all their information on every hero up there and the ability to clone as many clones as they wanted to, would have just cloned hundereds and hundereds of them. Also, the show seemed to infasize on the radio-mind control device that Galitia had. But it never came into play like I thought it would. I thought that maybe super girl would grab it, put it on, and start to control the Ultamen, that would have been cool.

    Questions still remain though. How long has Lex been Brainiac? Where is the real Lex Luthor? What is Batmans darkest secret going to be in the final episode? How many times can Bruce Timm use Brainiac to be the fianl bad guy? Stay tuned my friends.