Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 11

Panic in the Sky

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Too Much Revealed in too little time. Ultimen are Straw men. Galatea has a glass jaw.

    I didn\'t enjoy this episode as much as I could have. The fighting consumed most of the episode and (as others have remarked) was less convincing than usual. The Ultiman were laughable. They should have had fewer groups and have them give the non-primetime leaguers a tougher time. An opportunity missed I felt. (remembering how that last episode felt, where it ended in seeing dozens of groups of the Ultimen in a warehouse. Wow! That was very well done. This episode, sadly, didn\'t hold up its end of the cliff-hanger.

    I wish they had done more with Galatea. She was just too two-dimensional in her attack on the league and her fight with Supergirl.

    I thought their portrayal of Amanda Waller was a little too dumbed down for me to like her much, although, in the end, she didn\'t do too badly.

    The four highpoints of the episode for me:

    1. Wallers \"I knew Luthor was a snake and I STILL let him bite me\" (or words to that effect) comment.

    2. The Question and the Bedpan.

    3. Captain Atom from the Hospital bed.

    4. The Flash and that old Batman doggerel \"Jingle Bells, Batman smells...\"