Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 11

Panic in the Sky

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 09, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • After Luthor hacked the watchtower computer to use its gun to shoot the old Cadmus headquarters last episode, Cadmus fight back the League by shooting the watchtower with a bunch of clones.

    This was the third part off the second season finale of JLU and the end of the Cadmus saga as well. And Amanda Waller’s whole plan was to create a bunch of clones to hit the watchtower with. Then of course, the leader of the clones, the hot Supergirl clone, Galatea, would find her way through the tower to the main reactor in order to blow the whole thing. This way humanity would get rid of the menace of their watchers the meta-humans… mmm… wait a minute. Wouldn’t be easer to blow them with some good old-fashioned nuclear missiles? Even some third world countries can do that. Cadmus even had professor Milo, he was an expert on chemical and biological weapons.
    The whole Alan Moore-esque concept of ‘who watches the watchmen’; the government conspiracy theory against super heroes actually true; the feeling that even the apparent leaders of this movement are, like Maxwell Lord said, ‘small fish’… That was good stuff. Too bad that for example, by seating General Eeling on the Cadmus board and making Luthor the only sponsor of the project, the feeling of small fish was all gone. I hated when it became so clear Waller was the big bitchy leader, Luthor was the machiavellian sponsor and economic interest; and Eeling was the government interest. I miss the sensation of an X-files or Bond-like organization with no clear boss against vigilantes. In good terror flick you don’t get too many shots at the monster; it’s the unknown that frightens.
    Although, to me, part of the small fish feeling sort of came back when it turned out Brainiac had been pulling strings through Luthor, it wasn’t enough. The case was solved when Waller discovered that Luthor shoot hacking the watchtower computer and the writers pull the Brainiac thing just to have a surprising ending. But, since Brainiac is the only one who can fully benefits from Cadmus resources - such as the amazo and the dark heart technology, it makes sense for the plot. The problem was Cadmus being over so easy after such a poor tactic.
    The episode was about Luthor’s true intentions and the big Cadmus attack on the Justice League, which was a second chance for Galatea and the Ultimen and got most of the attention. Since a bunch of mindless clones of the ultimen are not very interesting as opponents to the JLU and makes Cadmus look cheap and short, the episode could have been more interesting. The actual ultimen were interesting characters, but after all this time, all those head of divisions of Cadmus were only working on making a lot of mindless clones of the ultimen as the ultimate weapon… That’s sad.
    There are a whole lot more resources Cadmus could have had: notes on Milo’s werewolf, his viruses, man-bat, Clay-face (Milo worked for Dagget); Dr. Dorian notes; or Cadmus, Hamilton and Lexcorp’s files on all lab related meta-humans Superman and the League have fought. What about using the Prometheus giant? Or a whole bunch of them.
    Galatea could have also been a lot more interesting. Because she is around 2 years old and immature, I buy the fact that she has something obsessive against Supergirl, but it would have been nice to see more of her relationship with Hamilton, her beliefs, deeper motives and more important, to see her and Hamilton evolve to the heroes they are in comics. That evolution that was expected since her first apparition, but the only character that became good this episode was Amanda Waller.
    The whole episode was all about a ridiculous attack that may have caused Fighting in the sky, but not panic in the sky. At least not the way a smarter weapon could have caused.
    Also, maybe the saga should have been a season longer. The season is over and Dr. Hugo Strange, Tala and Dr. Moon didn’t get their breaks. Tala actually got one, but it was sort of disappointing and I would have kind of hoped an opportunity for the character to show what she is capable of. In the case of Strange it was worst, all of the sudden, before he even gets his name mentioned (he didn’t say a word and nobody talked to him or about him, he was just drawn) he was substituted with Dr. Moon who, all of the sudden, appeared doing all that is usually his work.. Even worst, we also don’t get to know much about this character, which in the comics is the resident brain surgeon/washer/torturer and, more interesting, an associate of Ra’s Al Ghul. Who by the way, would have made an interesting underwater big fish for a sub-plot that could have been Dr. Moons perfect break.
    Dr. Hugo Strange in the silver age comics was also an expert on transforming people into monsters and on chemical weapons.
    We got to see almost enough of Eeling. And there is a lot more to his relationship with Captain Atom in comics, since they are nemesis.
    Professor Dabney Donovan did not appear. Big disappointment. He is the heart and soul of Cadmus in the comics; and the most likely man to be the creator of such an abomination as Doomsday, since Hamilton is not that unethical and Milo was working on another division. I mean, Doomsday is way too monstrous and unethical for Hamilton. Cadmus, Eeling, Hamilton and Galatea could have been a lot more true to their origins.