Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 8

Paradise Lost (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jan 21, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • Wonder Woman goes home

    A nice episode where Wonder Woman is feeling homesick. after helping Superman save Metropolis from Hurricane Gardner (nice inside joke) she flies back to Paradise Island to find everyone trapped in stone including her mum.

    Felix Faust is responsible and offers WW a deal she can't refuse - find some missing ancient relics and he will free the stoned people (yeah...right)

    with the help of Flash, Martian Manhunter and Supes, WW attempts to find the relics - which possess incredible power and trickery. i enjoyed this episode - seeing Paradise Island again was great and Felix Faust - voiced by Robert Enguld (Nightmare in Elm Street Fame) was a treat. Part two is better...
  • The sorcerer Felix Faust has transformed the Amazons of Themyscyira into stone and forces Wonder Woman to recover three ancient artifacts.

    The sorcerer Felix Faust has transformed the Amazons of Themyscyira into stone and forces Wonder Woman to recover three ancient artifacts. “Paradise Lost” never made my top five favorite episodes of the first season of the series but certainly has its moments. The episode effectively spotlights Wonder Woman and offers a plenty of emotion and action. Susan Eisenberg really showed off her voice talents here. I was impressed. Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm’s Street) and John Rhys Davies (The Lord of the Rings Trilogy) provide the voices for Felix Faust and the god Hades. There are some funny parts including Wonder Woman thinking of an excuse to tell her mother for her absence. Flash is still the comedian of the group. His wise-cracks and light-hearted attitude never seizes to amuse me. The dialogue was good but too many “Hera Help Us” lines grew tiresome. Overall, the animation was good but there are a few flaws. My only disappointment was seeing Superman turned into a king-sized punching bag.
  • After a big storm, Wonder Woman realizes that she must go back to Themyscira and see her mother to explain why she's been gone for half a year.

    After a big storm, Wonder Woman realizes that she must go back to Themyscira and see her mother to explain why she's been gone for half a year. When she arrives, she finds all of her Amazon sisters "frozen" in stone. After some searching, she finds Felix Faust, a magician of sorts, behind it. With her sisters--and mothers--lives on the line, Wonder Woman agrees to help Faust in his search for pieces of a key that will release Hades from his fiery entrapment.

    This was a really good episode, with lots of emotion, action and of course, some really really good fight scenes. If the description above isn't enough of a tip-off, this is mainly a "girl power" episode--which, I didn't mind one bit... cause heck, it even grabbed itself a WIN award (Women's Image Network), which just goes to show you how powerful this episode really is. With all the emotion they packed into this ep, along with the heroic-ness of Wonder Woman, it's easy to see why many like this episode. The dialogue was good, but I still can't get passed the "Hera help us", "Here help her", "Here help him" lines that spout from Wonder Woman. Granted, it's true to the character, but they still sound odd. However, Susan Eisenberg did a killer job on Wonder Woman in this episode that'll end anyone's doubts about her voice talents to rest. The rest of the League all had fairly good lines, and of course, Flash with his wise-cracks bring this episodes voices bar to a respectable four stars.

    As with most episodes, the animation was good. It flows well, and there are very few jumpy parts at all--if any, however there was the one sequence that bothered me--the rehashing of Flash's close-up from the "Speed Demons" episode in STAS. You can tell it's the exact same batch of animation by either quickly pausing the video, or by watching real closely; but why they couldn't just add a new bit or just leave it out all-together is beyond me. One the best parts though, was the battle with Hade's legion of the undead. Seeing the whole League work together to "kill" the skeletons was a really cool thing to see, whether it was J'onn's phasing or Batman's endless supply of exploding bat-a-rangs, it was a very very cool sight to behold. In the end, this was still a thoroughly enjoyable episode, despite the minor things mentioned above (After all, they accounted for less than 20 seconds of the total episode combined). From Faust's disintegration, to Diana pulling Hippolyta from Hade's grip, it was just a thoroughly enjoyable episode which I'd gladly watch again.
  • Wonder Woman decides to return to Themyscira, after an eight month absence. She returns to find that the Amazons have been turned to stone by Felix Faust. She must help him to recover three ancient artifacts.

    Superman and Wonder Woman are helping some locals who got caught in a bad storm. Wonder Woman saves a small girl, and safely returns her to her mother. The interaction between mother and daughter reminds Wonder Woman of her own mother.

    Wonder Woman decides to return to her home, Themyscira. It's funny how she tries to come up with excuses to tell her mother if she asks about her whereabouts. "Gone mother? I've been in my room...alone...for eight moths."

    To her surprise, the island looks like a disaster area. Not only that but her fellow Amazons and her mother have been turned to stone.

    Out of the shadows Wonder Woman finds an evil sorcerer named Felix Faust. He says that he will free her mother and the other Amazons if she finds three ancient relics for him.

    When Wonder Woman tears up a museum, to get one of the relics, Superman intervenes. She explains her predicament, and Superman calls in more League members to help find the other relics.

    What's wierd is that once they find one of the relics, a magical thing happens to prevent them from taking the artifact. Like a giant snake-like creature errupts out of the ground and attacks the Flash and Martian Manhunter. They defeat the creature and run off with the relic.

    That means there is one more artifact to be found. Wonder Woman and Superman find it buried under a mall. Suddenly, Wonder Woman finds herself fighting a winged gargoyle-like creature. Superman is nowhere in sight. Superman finds himself fighting a similar one. Wonder Woman is nowhere in sight.

    They later realize that they were undering a spell, and were really fighting each other. So, they leave with the last artifact.

    The episode ends when we see Faust talking through a portal to Hades. Faust says, something like,"Soon the world will be ours." and Hades replies with, "Indeed it will."