Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 7

Patriot Act

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • A great concept and well exacuted episode.

    This is one of my favorite episodes of the series and here's why. This episodes stablishes several lesser known heroes like Shinning Knight, Vigalante, and STRIPE. I love the idea of having a bunch of non-powered heroes fighting against a super powered foe they can't possibly beat. It's a gauntlet, and I love it. This aspect of the show is great, but the underlying meaning it holds is even better. The last conversation between Knight and the General is very emotional. I think it is one of the best back and forths in the series and has the best line, when Knight is asked why he doesn't just give up and replys, "Why don't you."
  • Green Arrow, Shining Knight, Vigilante, Stargirl, STRIPES, Speedy, and the Crimson Avenger get their butts handed to them by a hulkesque monster. But they did so valiantely, so nobody really cares that they lost.

    Sarcasm in my summary aside, I really love this episode. It's my favorite episode in the entire series. The heroes without powers face an unstoppable evil, and while they lose badly, they still tried and that is what is important. Superpowers, who needs 'em? Then again, Sir Justin could have used some when Eiling was pummeling him...

    And I've decided that aside from the Flash, Sir Justin in the most adorable person in the League when he smiles. All the other times you see him he's frowning. And once again Vigilante pwns all with his awesome lines. "You hit 'em high, I'll hit 'em low!"
  • Having the episode being devoted to powerless heroes really showed the episodes realistic side and made it seem exciting, and making the episode a nod to the original Golden Age Seven Soldiers of Victory...

    The story was excellent and the used the Background heroes as the main part of the episode to show a realistic side to the show and episode. Making the episode also as a nod to the Original Seven Soldiers of Victory was great, showing the coolest non-superpowered heroes fight a Superpowered Super soldier was great as well. The writers really did good in this episode, although they could have gave S.T.R.I.P.E.S. and Crimson Avenger speaking roles and let loose on the Seven Soldiers background in the episode, but that aside, the epsiode is the third best episode of JL/JLU, If you haven't seen it, I suggest you do.
  • With the league stretched thin, a bunch of non-powered superheroes have to "fill in" for Superman. With unexpected results...

    This episode truly gives character to the secondary characters that would otherwise have been left undeveloped. I loved the banter between Shining Knight and Vigilante at the beginning about Clint Eastwood. Initially I didn't think I'd like it without the big names, Superman, Green Lantern, etc., but it was certainly entertaining. So much of this episode is in the details such as the parade announcers, etc. So often in this series an entire episode can be dominated by several huge fight scenes. While that is entertaining, it doesn't give you much of a human side of the heroes the way this episode does. I really enjoyed it.
  • I can see what they were trying to do, but plot-wise this is thin on the ground.

    This is an episode that could have been great. There is nothing better in Justice League, than being able to see some of your favourite (and often obscure) characters make it to the small screen. I'll admit to having a bit of a moment when I saw Speedy, and being a Geoff Johns fan any appearance from Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. is okay by me. Unfortunately though, what this episode was lacking, was a plot. Perhaps it suffered from being a filler episode within the overall story arc, but it really isn't anything more than 'Man becomes monster, monster terrorises some people for a bit, monster get's it's ass kicked, end of story.'
    The sentiment for this episode is great, and I feel that the message is aimed at the audience as a whole, rather than just the TV characters. Unfortunately, trying to convince an audience that the Non-Superpowered heroes are cool too, when they've been watching Batman for years is a bit of a no brainer.
  • Superpowers do not a hero make.

    This episode has everything that makes JLU great. I had never heard of the Crimson Avenger before this episode, and you know what? I didn't care one bit. The writing is solid enough so that you don't need to know these heroes' backstories to appreciate their struggle in this episode. Shining Knight's defiance in fighting the superpowered general is just as emotionally powerful as the Flash's final confrontation with Braninac/Luthor in the episode "Divided we Fall."

    What is the motivation of the hero? Watch this episode to find out.
  • The not so super superheros rescue the day... so to speak.

    Good in developing the more minor characters of the justice league. Especially those who don\'t actually have \"superpower\" but get it from a weapon or the like. Not much actual plotline development but definately amusing to watch.

    Not something you would watch if you are seeing the story, but it does make the characters more understandable. Though I did have an issue with the fact that they could not beat the monster/enemy/general. I mean it would be cool if it showed they are just as powerful. However, that would not have been very fitting considering the episode title.

    One side note... it did make me get annoyed with the military opinion of sacrifice and all that... Never going into that field.
  • An enjoyable episode that reunited the golden age team the "Seven Soldiers of Victory" aka The Laws Legionnaires.

    The original golden age 1940's SSOV were Green Arrow, Speedy, Vigilante, Star Spangled Kid, Stripesy, Shining Knight and the Crimson Avenger. This episode is an homage to DC comics second super-team (after the JSA).

    In pre-crisis continuity the SSOV were an Earth-2 team lost in time after battling the Nebula Man. In one of the 1970's annual JLA/JSA Earth1/Earth2 cross overs, the SSoV were rescued (JLA 100 IIRC).

    Grant Morrison has recently written a maxi-series reviving the name and concept.
  • a kick ass episode where it shows you dont need powers to be a hero and kick some ass

    a kick ass episode where it shows you dont need powers to be a hero and kick some ass... although the heros dont have super powers they still put up quite the fight and in the end earn the respect of the citizens they protect after being taunted by them in the begining.
  • This episode was great on a number of different fronts and chock-full of interesting comic book fan trivia.

    This episode was great on a number of different fronts.

    First we have a flashback to WWII which showcases not only an obscure WWII era superhero Spysmasher (I believe he was a Fawcett character, later acquired by DC), but the whole super-soldier thing looked to me like a sort of riff on Captain America, which may be some sort of subtle meta-text thing identifying DC's competitors with the Nazis, but anyway...

    Eiling assuming the form of a gigantic, nigh indestructible engine of doom interestingly enough was actually from the comics, when his mind was implanted into a mindless artificial creature known as the Shaggyman (whose claim to fame, aside from looking like a buff Chewbaka, was that it was immensely strong and could adapt to anything thrown at it, basically it couldn't be beaten the same way twice). Eiling's look after injecting the super-soldier formula into himself is dead on for his appearance in the shaved Shaggyman body. The irony of having to become meta-human to defeat the meta-humans is rather obvious.

    Finally, as an interesting bit for an old-school comic book fan such as myself, the composition of the group that took on Eiling, is in fact that of a WWII era superteam known variously as the Seven Soldiers of Victory, or Law's Legionaires. Star-spangled Kid (Stargirl), Stripesy (STRIPE), Crimson Avenger (who still hasn't had any lines), Shining Knight, Vigilante, Green Arrow and Speedy (who looks and sounds like his Teen Titans Go self, so this might be an indication of the two shows being in the same continuity).

    The only thing that kept this ep from a perfect score in my mind was the rather pathetic way in which Eiling was stopped. Granted, I can see what they were aiming at, but I really wanted to see the non-metahuman superheroes manage to take him down.
  • Awesome episode! The first JLA comic I ever read, as a kid, was their centennial team-up with the JSA. The one that served to (re)introduce the Seven Soldiers of Victory to Silver Age readers.

    And, if I'm not mistaken, this past year was like the thirty-fifth anniversary of that classic three-part adventure! A gigantic claw-like hand, made of some unknown energy, was threatening to crush the Earth from outer space. And, a cosmic entity named Oracle (no relation to Barbara Gordon) was magically summoned by the Golden Age Dr. Fate, Johnny Thunder's pink Thunderbolt, and fishnet-era Zatanna, to provide answers for its destruction.

    Turns out the 7SV had faced a similar menace, whose destruction sent them to different points in time. The Star-spangled Kid ended up in the Stone Age; his adult sidekick, Stripesy, in ancient Egypt; the Crimson Avenger, in pre-Columbian Mexico; the Golden Age Vigilante, in the Old West (apparently before Lewis and Clark); the Shining Knight, in Mongolia with Genghis Khan; the Golden Age Green Arrow, in Sherwood Forest; and Speedy, on Circe's ancient Greek island (as a centaur)!

    Of course, that classic adventure has been considerably revised since then. But, it was nice of Warner Brothers and Cartoon Network to do this episode as a tribute to them.

    Btw: in the 1940's, Captain Nazi was the green-and-yellow-clad nemesis of the Golden Age Capt. Marvel. And, General Eiling's mutated form? The animated version looks more like a buck-toothed clone of the early Silver Age Hulk, from Marvel Comics (rather than a bald Shaggy Man).

  • Lots of good elements in a less than perfect episode.

    This episode managed to do something that JLU hasn't done much of lately: let the good guys lose. Well, of course they had to have a cliche ending anyway, but it helps to underscore just how high the stakes are.

    Bonus points for featuring Green Arrow; he should get his own series. Double bonus points for tossing in Speedy. Not only do they break the no-sidekicks ("partner") rule, but they use a Teen Titans character and have him drawn and voiced as a crossover. (So? Is Teen Titans in the DCAU? Probably not... but it's an excellent homage, if nothing else.)

    Still, this episode barely seems part of this season. If anything, it's another epilogue to the previous one, which didn't need another epilogue.
  • Green Arrow leads a group of non superpowered heroes against a strong villian

    This was a great episode. It had a very deep hidden message, you don't have to be a superhuman to be a hero. I think this episode really described what a hero is and should be. I think that is an episode for kids to watch. It really shows what people can do against all odds.
    I am glad that this show really spotlights other heroes other than just the regulars. I am really disappointed that Cartoon Network is not picking this show up for more seasons, I think that this is a great show. I remember growing up watching superfriends and this show really reminds me of that show but in a different way. This show is a lot more grown up than the old superfiends and I think that is why I like this show.
  • This one had so many good things going on at the same time it's a wonder they were able to ruin it with an ending like that. My wife described this one appropriately: "It was just too deep".

    With the way this show opened I thought we were in for a real special episode. It had all the ingredients: A Nazi super soldier experiment, some revealing dialogue between Amanda Woller and General Eiling, a JLU squad without support from the super powered members making a desperate stand, the first time appearance of Speedy in JLU with GA. Maybe what we had here was a simple case of too many good things to manage in a half hour time slot - I think not! First of all, there was a golden opportunity here to have some quality dialogue between Speedy and GA. The short length of the episode may have precluded that but it would have been nice to see these two go at verbally. Where this episode really fell short was in its absurd ending. With all those great action sequences with the JLU getting its butt kicked by the General, it all ends when some kindly old lady gives the General (and us) a really nice sermon! COME ON! This villian was vengefully enraged! During the episode he almost kills a kid who has to be saved by Vigilante and now you want us to believe he'd actually stop dead in his tracks to listen to a speech and say to himself, "Yes, I see your point of view. I shall immediatly end the violence and seek solitude so I may consider a differnt course of action." That is just not believable and it is certainly not the ending this episode deserved. Why not end this with the General being subdued or at least run off by the same army he used to command? Or even have Amanda reappear with Cadmus in a position to save the JLU. An ironic surprise twist like this would have made sense. Now we are left with the General bounding around the countryside looking for Superman or maybe Professor Hamilton, his Cadmus cohort who has not been heard from.

    Preaching to a TV audience tuned in for action and adventure is a mistake. Yet, I continue to see it done over and over again. If you're going to do it, then you'd better be very subtle about it. "Hawk and Dove" was a Season 3 episode that had a very similar problem and the fans did voice their disapproval. When will the writers ever learn?
  • Another example of Non-Meta-humans having an edge over meta-humans. Good action too, the Heroes are SO "The Underdogs" throughout the entire episode.

    My favorite thing about this episode, it expands the characters alot more. Especially Vigilante and Shining Knight... and Speedy?

    The entire time i was expecting someone to die in order to knock some sense into General Eiling.
    Something I've noticed throughout the entire series, if Superman, Wonder Woman or Green Lantern can't do it... Batman can.

    You don't need Super-powers to kick butt!
    You do need them to make kicking butt look cool.
  • General Eiling goes super, and Shinig Knight gets his moment to shine.

    A fun episode. Some of the others you usually see but never hear get a shot on the screen. We finally see Shining Knight do some damage (whom we need to see more often) and we see the return of a Teen Titan favorite, Speedy (even if it was for a short time). They could have put Batman in, but he gets enough props already. A nice little filler episode to see, and had a nice lesson to learn.
  • Heartwarming.

    It was good episode, yeah. But what I really liked was the non-powered superhero's finally get their own episode. Completely. No metas. The bit at the end was sweet too. I don't want this to be a spoiler, so I'll just add this one last piece. Vigilante and Shining Knight were AWESOME in this.
  • General Eiling from Cadmus becomes sick of the Justice League and injects himself with serum to turn him into a monster. During a parade, he attacks 5 JL members, and two reinforcments. Only a group of civilians are able to stop his rampage.

    Well, another UK aired episode...need I say more?

    Anyway, so we finally have an idea of what exactly happened to Cadmus and its two top members. Waller basically is let off the hook while Eiling gets a desk job. Cadmus seems to be operational still, being that they still have guards and scientists at its main base.

    So how about that Eiling, eh? He wanted to beat the meta-human so he became a meta-human himself. Ironic, ain't it? Its sort of pathetic how he was stopped so peacefully. Brings us back to several Season 3 episodes where they kept ending it with words instead of beating the crap out of the villain. That's NOT the reason why I watch JLU. But then again, Season 3 was God AWFUL! So, that should be expected.

    The heroes! What could be better then Green Arrow, Stargirl, STRIPE, Shininig Knight, Vigilante, Speedy and Crimson Avenger all in one episode? Well, a lot of things. But anyway, these guys really pulled their weight against a giant brute, whom is clearly stronger then ol Solomon Grundy. Shining Knight really got some coverage here. Quite unexpected from a plot synopsis that says Green Arrow leads a team. Oh well. No complaints. Vigilante got some characterization. Established that he befriends Shining Knight, should have gone into advertising and seems to like kids, if that means anything (it doesn't). They make look so easy.

    So anyway, previews! Who doesn't love the previews. Shayera and Vixen. Cat fight. Nice to see. But I fail to see where Hawkman would fit into all that with the meta-brawlers. Huntress and Black Canary. Cool...Looking forward to Wednesday...or Thursday I can tell you that. *shifty eyes*