Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 7

Patriot Act

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 25, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • General Eiling from Cadmus becomes sick of the Justice League and injects himself with serum to turn him into a monster. During a parade, he attacks 5 JL members, and two reinforcments. Only a group of civilians are able to stop his rampage.

    Well, another UK aired episode...need I say more?

    Anyway, so we finally have an idea of what exactly happened to Cadmus and its two top members. Waller basically is let off the hook while Eiling gets a desk job. Cadmus seems to be operational still, being that they still have guards and scientists at its main base.

    So how about that Eiling, eh? He wanted to beat the meta-human so he became a meta-human himself. Ironic, ain't it? Its sort of pathetic how he was stopped so peacefully. Brings us back to several Season 3 episodes where they kept ending it with words instead of beating the crap out of the villain. That's NOT the reason why I watch JLU. But then again, Season 3 was God AWFUL! So, that should be expected.

    The heroes! What could be better then Green Arrow, Stargirl, STRIPE, Shininig Knight, Vigilante, Speedy and Crimson Avenger all in one episode? Well, a lot of things. But anyway, these guys really pulled their weight against a giant brute, whom is clearly stronger then ol Solomon Grundy. Shining Knight really got some coverage here. Quite unexpected from a plot synopsis that says Green Arrow leads a team. Oh well. No complaints. Vigilante got some characterization. Established that he befriends Shining Knight, should have gone into advertising and seems to like kids, if that means anything (it doesn't). They make look so easy.

    So anyway, previews! Who doesn't love the previews. Shayera and Vixen. Cat fight. Nice to see. But I fail to see where Hawkman would fit into all that with the meta-brawlers. Huntress and Black Canary. Cool...Looking forward to Wednesday...or Thursday I can tell you that. *shifty eyes*