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  • Bruce Timm's climax!

    I love Bruce Timm's work with the DC animation universe. Batmas TAS and Superman TAS were fantastic in capturing what both those heroes were about, with Gotham being dark and sinister while Metropolis was bright and colorful. They still remain as the most as the most faithful adaptations to the mythology of these characters and show a great understanding into who they are and how they would interact with the world around them. Having said that, when viewed in this day and age, they seem to be leading up to this show, like how the individual Marvel superhero movies led up to The Avengers. The dynamic and relationship between the characters are masterfully done and their personalities are captured so well that this has to be the best way to be introduced to the DC universe ever. While there ARE a few elements that I could have done without, such as liberties taken for the obvious reason of increasing the diversity in the group, such as John Stewart as the Green Lantern and the replacement of Aquaman with Hawkgirl. I don't have a problem with diversifying a group but it has to be an improvement on what it was replacing and in this aspect, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who don't think of Hal Jordan as the best Lantern. As for Aquaman, there still is no extensive work on one of the founders of the Justice League who often gets sidelined, probably due to the perception that he would be as popular with audiences as other characters. Personally, I find him to be far more interesting than Shayera, who seemed to be shoehorned in here to appease the more feminist viewers. Regardless, this is great show, even with its limited shortcomings, and should be viewed by people who not only love comic books but are fans of action cartoons in general.
  • Awesome.

    This show was awesome, I loved the badass theme song, which made this cartoon epic. Not only that, but the maturity, sophistication and class of the characters. The plot was great and the characters bonded well. If only Batman was shown in more episodes, it would have been epicer but hey, he's only a part-timer. Anyways, a great cartoon, I loved watching this as a kid.
  • Top 10 Best Show By Cartoon Network

    Wow this show really amazed me i loved almost every episode of the show this was great Batman and Super really tied together in this show who ever made this Thank you so much I miss watching action super hero shows on Cartoon Network I know they have Young Justice but that only comes on 2 times every weekend at the same time Saturday And Sunday 10 am very early i wish that show had the time this had but yep overall Justice League Unlimited was great I loved it and I still watch the episodes to this Day.
  • Best show ever

    It has more superheroes than u can imagine with very cool superpowers

    it unites all the all time favorite superheroes.

    Stories are pretty cool

    animation is also great n nice work on costumes
  • Started for years, ended in the right time.

    One of the great superhero action shows, Justice League, is a legend. All of DC's villains and heroes are in here. This is somewhat dark in it's plot, that's what I like in this show, most of the times, unpredictable. A must for superhero lovers.
  • As you can tell by my TV.com name I love the Justice League. It is one of the best shows out there and I watch it all the time. It Rocks!!!

    This show's mastery of the superhero world, brought to you by DC, is completely amazing because of its use of mixing in all the the beloved heroes we all know. Truley amazing in every sense of the word. The show has such a good use of using the perfect choice of who we want to see saving the day.
  • This show DEFINES the animated superhero genre.

    The title says it all people. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this show whatsoever, save for the fact that am extremely and inconsolably upset that it had to end. The beginning was one that I dare say no other animated superhero show will be able to duplicate or come close to the awesomeness of for a very long time. Over the course of the series, the appeal never dimmed and, even when the universe was expanded into Justice League Unlimited, the character development of the founding members was never sacrificed. On the contrary, it was enhanced to its fullest potential while other characters (such as Huntress, Question, Green Arrow, and Black Canary) were given just as much attention and development time. This is a great show that I'm sad to say will probably be replicated and stretched thin by others who seek to piggy back off of its excellence for the benefit of other animated television media.
  • Justice League Unlimited one of the most ambitious American cartoons ever produced.

    Justice League Unlimited one of the most ambitious American cartoons ever produced. JLU is really the culmination of 15 years of the Timmverse.

    The Timmverse is the DC Comics animated universe created by Bruce Timm and his partners. It started in the early 90s with Batman: The Animated Series, added Superman: The Animated Series, and ended with JLU.

    Batman: TAS started out very self-contained and viewers saw little of the larger DC universe. Superman: TAS opened it up somewhat. But JLU just exploded onto the screen. Dozens and dozens of DC heroes and villains were sharing the screen and sharing adventures. Some of these heroes were amazingly obscure for a mainstream animated project.

    It's really amazing what was accomplished here. Many of these heroes and villains had never before been animated or on TV. And many might never be again. It was possibly a once in a lifetime event for fans of the DC Universe. Thanks you Mr. Timm!
  • The Best Episode of Justice League

    The second part of the episode Hereafter is completely different from the first. This episode reveals that Superman is not really dead, but in fact transported away to a future, desolate world that he later realizes is Earth. It focuses on Superman surviving in the wilderness for perhaps months as he journeys toward a Justice League com-link signal. Superman's resourcefulness leads us to believe that he may actually have been a boy scout.

    Superman meets a very different Randal Savage, who as we know is immortal. Having survived for the past 30,000 years, Savage has learned to cope with the fact that he was responsible for killing everyone on Earth. His character is remarkable, having become a philosopher in his countless millenniums of life. He has realized that his quest to rule the world was pointless, and instead tries to rebuild what is left.

    Savage had, at one point, tried to make a time machine, but what he could build with his limited resources only allowed a limited type. He could only travel to a point in the past where he did not already exist. However, Superman was already dead in his present, so he would happily make the journey. He and Savage work together to build the machine. Superman goes back and prevents Savage of the past from destroying Earth. Savage sees the Earth from 30,000 years in the future as it would have been if he had not destroyed it, and thanks Superman just before disappearing from existence. (It's pretty optimistic, if you ask me, assuming that humans will still be alive so far in the future.)

    This is a superb episode, the finest example of the kind of creativity and genius I have come to expect from Timm and the other guys who continually make exceptional work for the DCAU.

    I especially love science fiction-type shows, which are captured well in just about every episode of Batman Beyond. But my favorite superhero will always be Superman, and giving him this awesome time-travel storyline resulted in an epic, classic story. My favorite of the whole Justice League Series, which deserves much more praise than it has received.
  • Awsome show!! Ties up the end of the DCAU really well!

    OK, love it, love it, love it!! This show was really awsome! I was sad to see it end, but I really liked how they in the first episodes, talked about the origins of the characters such as Wonder Woman's decision to help out against the Impirium. In the last few episodes, tied up some loose story ends, such as Supergirl's departure, and the second end of Solomon Grundy. In select episodes, they also made the characters have a lighter side especially if they are normally stern characters, (ie Batman's last quote of the series, and him finally falling asleep after a hard night of detective work.) Very well done, and I give it a Big 10!!
  • justice league unlimited a classic cartoon about the justice league

    justice league unlimited was a really good cartoon that was obiously about the justice league and it has batman superman and ohthers but in this one its one just the orgianls heroes it features all difrent kinds that help out the justice league and that are apart ofthe justice league it makes a good action packed cartoon. that has stories about the comic book and they face there main villans. its really cool seeing some of the toher heroes that helpe them out. some had never really heard of . but it was a good show and that is why i gave it a 8
  • Earth's seven greatest heroes have joined forces to tackle the onslaught of a new age of villains.As a team they have to overcome the clashes of personalities and their own at times oversized egos which was at times a easier said than done.

    When i heard of this show i tried to fight my urge to groan and say oh no another super nice super friends team but its far from.Continuing from BTAS and STAS this show adds to the story of the icons superman and batman and tells of their adventures with the flash ,wonderwoman,green laturn and the others and incorperates them quite well.At times it feels so one diminsional with superman and the green lanturn who are imo the most flat characters on the show.However overall the show is pretty good ,its fast and has alot of action to keep the newbs intrested while satisfying the die hard fans.
  • Best art and design of any super-heroes i've ever seen in an animation is found in this show. Great Storyline and awesome soundtracks and voices. Cheers!

    Found out about this show quite a few years ago while i was watching Cartoon Network. Soon after i had all Seasons on DVD and started devouring those seasons like there was no tomorrow. And i was so soo impressed with everything in this show, how easily everything connects perfectly. This show should be awarded or something, it's just bloody brilliant. Congratulations to the producers and writers and of course the ones that have lent their voices and bring to life the awesome heroes, super-heroes and meta-humans present throughout this whole show. This show keeps you seated, and i speak for myself when i say this, i always waited for the nest episode, never dull a moment. Can't see a reason why anybody wouldn't watch this, unless truly doesn't like this world, but someone somewhere likes at least one hero or villain, and trust me when i say this this show's got them all (well 95% of them for sure). A great show i recommend, and hoping there will be another as good as this one. Cheers!
  • Spectacular!

    Justice League is fantastic! so many heroes and villains all rolled into one show. and there is so much characterization. i especially love when an episode is devoted to one character or to a pair of characters. you get the feel that you really know every character that you see on the show. the episodes are unique with a kind of plot that you rarely see anywhere else. the only real complaint i have for this show is that you dont get to see enough of alot of the characters. almost everybody in the league has had about one or two episodes devoted entirely to them and that is a great aproach most of the time but it also leaves you wanting more. its often frustrating...
  • I really liked this show for many reasons. One of the reasons was because of the great variety of characters in it.

    There were alot of superheros in this show. There are alot of characters that I saw in this show that I never heard of before. It was interesting to see who these characters were and what type of powers they had. And of corse it had the major characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and The Flash. But it was fun to see characters like Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatana, and other lesser known characters get a chance to shine in this series. I really enjoyed it. And the best part of all was that there were no annoying characters like in the old superfriends cartoons. Characters like Wendy and Marvin or Zan and Jayna. I couldn't stand those characters. The stories were much better in this version also. The old superfriends series was silly sometimes. Justice League Unlimited was more serious and the characters were alot better.
  • Aargh! I still need to get the DVDs for this.

    I have fond memories of the SuperFriends but JLU makes me go "Super who" sometimes. Well worth the wait just because they got it right. This series is EPIC to the extreme! I am not sure if they used all the characters from the JLA comics but it sure as spit seems like it. I love how they use so many characters in so many episodes and not just the core cast. Watching this show with friends is a lots of fun just to see who can ID which characters first. I would go a little further and say what team they are from like "He's from the JSA! He's from the Seven Soldiers of Victory! He's from the Freedom Fighters!" Ah good times, good times.
  • seven heroes unite to stop an alien invasion and end up creating a league together to stop major crimes, for the third season they expand their roster. the senior memebers and others dont just bring justice to Earth but all over the tangeable galaxy

    this show is really amazing and i wish it came back for another season or more. i unfortunately didnt know about it until in was over but i love watching it still. i cannot remember a single day that i've gone without watching, googling, or doing anything related or involving the league! OMGsh I LOVE this show like crazy!!! its not just the missions but the characters that are great... no good show is successful with out good character development and character interactions! right? definately! and it is so so funny, i think that the Flash is the funniest characters on the show and brings most of the comedy... but not all, of course
  • Greatest super hero cartoon ever made.

    The first season of this show is a bit erratic, but once it hits its stride, it grows into the greatest superhero show ever made. Great character development, even in the confines of a half hour long cartoon, with a gigantic cast. First rate animation, and consistent, great writing. The only flaw in the entire series, was that it eventually had to end. Dramatic, action packed, with multiple story lines that never leave you hanging. If you get a chance, watch entire seasons, instead of just catching the occasional episode. It really is that good, and you don't want to miss anything.
  • After the end of Batman Beyond, there was nothing really in the DC Animated Universe, then comes this gem of a series.

    I watched some of the first few episodes of this series back when it aired way back in November of 2001, the world needed Heroes back then and this show was the perfect response during that period. I watched most of the first season, stopped watching after that, only until I bought the dvd's and rewatched the series, and I must admit it's a gem. I loved all the characters including the Heroic and sometimes reckless Superman, the intelligent loner Batman, the fast but not as intelligent Flash, the Cool by the books Green Lantern, the beautiful but powerful Wonder Woman, the ferociously strong Hawk Girl and of course the gentle but intelligent Martian Manhunter Jon Jonezz. The show was equipped with an action-packed storyline, great wonderful characters and a great script. It was never disappointing and always gave the viewers what they wanted, kind of shame it's no longer on the air, still a great series.
  • Prepare For Awesomeness!!

    All right lets separate:
    Justice League: An awsome Season 1 with the "Savage Time" end excelent season from start to end like a 10 perfect forever with some Wonder Woman episodes (example Paradise Lost, Fury), Green Lantern (In Blackest Night) and Martian Manhunter (A Knight Of Shadows) really awsome season indeed
    Justice League: Another Season 2 with a 10 and season final Hawkgirl betrayal!!! WT...?!?! Poor GL when love start to fall out it ended but another awsome season final
    Season 3 & 4 awsome seasons two with a new Justice League Watchtower and new heroes like Green Arrow, Supergirl, Black Canary and a lot more
    Season 5: The end "Alive!" & "Destroyer" awsome really a good "the adventure continues..." for the end...
    An awsome TV Show indeed!!!
  • This show its awsome!!

    Justice League its an awsome show with excelent super-heroes the first two seasons (Justice League) are ok maybe the thing of part I, part II all over again its a little bit too much but its awsome anyway and it wont matter because at least the histories are awsome
    Then when it turns into Justice League: UNLIMITED new heroes and all that pretty well too like a reboot of the league after Hawkgirl's betrayal but anyway its good Hawkgirl its the best and when she start wearing no helmet better its totally awsome
    The show its excelent all heroes gather in only one show excelent!!!
  • I cant stop watching!!!!

    This show its awsome the combination of superheroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Green Lantern, Flash etc are awsome
    I watch this show as a really "flash" i cant stop watching and i found a site where the chapters divided in parts like "secrets origins I, II & III" are all put together as "Secret Origins" as the rest of the other chapters all the ones that are divided in Part I, II etc are all in one single episode excelent show i personallyu like The Flash, Grfeen Latern and Super-Girl really a good show i cant stop watching guys Awsome!!
  • Found a short clip of an episode on you tube and then watched the whole show.

    I found this by complete accident but I'm glad I did.

    I used to watch the X-men cartoon when I was younger and watching this took me back to those days. Except now I'm running back from work instead of school. I enjoyed the first two series but I feel the last three are where this show really took off. The storys where great as was the action but I think what really made this show stand out was the character interaction. I only wish they had done little more with Batman and Wonder Womans relationship. This show really was a guilty pleasure but I don't care because I loved it and I wish they would bring it back.
  • justice league was a decent remake of the classic super friends.now justice league unlimited thats a real cartoon upgrade!.

    overall the show was an improvement of the original justice league which only showd us a few of the leaguers.the best part off the show was how the majority of the episodes were two part episodes.aside form the much needed action boost,the show did have alot of great character development and some memorible qoutes and story telling.as well as introductions to dc characters that not everyone may know or remember(the question,vigilante,deadman and hawk&dove)

    if it were'nt for the show being short lived i would've ranked it higher,which is not to say that the shows ending or it's epiloge episode was'nt enough but to be honest i would've loved to see new episodes based on more of the other characters.
  • This show is pretty good when it comes to it in general.

    Each story gets better, and I also like how they bring in different heroes (including my favorite, Static). Sexual content can get bad as femal characters tend to have revealing clothing, but unlike Teen Titans, it is commonly not looked at positively, except for the Flash likes the one who wears the most revealing, and Batman has somewhat of an emotion towards Wonder Woman. Violence is tame and not encouraged often, only once does a character loose his tempor, and that is Superman when he battles Darkseid. Other than that, it is good by not showing what other shows of its kind show as positive, but you do have insults and name calling. They do teach not to gossip (when a character gets angry at Supergirl, her father says "It isn't good to talk behind the back of someone with superhearing." He says it in a way as not to gossip period). At times characters fight just to fight, but it is rare. In the end, I would say you should be at least thirteen to watch this show, but I really wouldn't recommend it for the most part (only certain episodes are good).
  • O melhor dos melhores

    Uma otima serie que infelizmente acabou, parece incrivel que quando acertam o desenho eles cancelam a serie. Coisas da Dc :(, espero que volte algum dia e espero que fique do mesmo nivel do que esta serie. Começõu com a Liga normal, e ao passar apara a liga ilimitada fique meio ressabiado, se seria de mesmo nivel que a temporada passada, no final das contas descobri varios herois novos e todos show de bola, alem dos tradicionais acabei gostando do capitão atomo, se esta serie se seguir era uma otima oportunidade da DC de colocar seus personagens para a rua ,tirando da gaveta e colocando ao gosto do publico, vamos torcer para que vejam isso e não deixe esta oportunidade passar.
    Justice League Unlimited , como o nome diz deveria ser para sempre "Ilimitada"
  • One of the greatest, if not the greatest, animated series ever

    Justice League (or Justice League Unlimited) kept with the traditions of the other prior series by Bruce Timm and his team. Even though this seemed to be a "Saturday Morning Cartoon", it was definitely very adult and is just fabulous. The best thing about the series is that the worst was at the beginning and it only got better as it progressed. So many other TV series start off good and get horrible, but this team just got it more right as time progressed. The writing is sharp and the acting is top notch. The list of guest actors is a testament to what this series had achieved. Some of the fun of watching this series, especially when it became JLU, was to see the new super hero of that episode. There was usually always a new hero episode, so it had a rare chance of ever being boring. Another thing I enjoyed was that it incorporates all of the DC animated TV series from the 90s+ and tied it all in and together. It was also a nice continuation of these series as well as a great stand alone series. Overall, I have to say that you must believe the hype. This series is one of the greatest comic TV series that has been created, along with the other tie in series (Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond., etc.) If you loved any other those mentioned, you have to see this. What a great place to start if you have seen nothing else. This series was just handled with care and was always in the right hands.
  • A wonderful addition to the DC animated universe. This show is my absolute guilty pleasure!

    The first two seasons are full of good solid, very epic story lines – mostly spanning two episodes. This to me makes the show feel slightly more intelligent, much like the early X-Men series. Even though it's a cartoon it feels as if it's aimed not only at kids who will buy the action figures but an older audience as well who will appreciate the storylines. It disappointed me that the formula changed in seasons 3-5 (when it became Justice League Unlimited), but perhaps it was a ploy to gain higher audience figures. I guess doing more 20-minute (one episode) storylines helps reel new audience members in. At the same time it made the show seem less epic and end-of-worldy, and to be honest none of the other Justice League characters who are introduced matched up to the original seven characters.

    Focusing on the first two seasons, I loved the relationship between Hawk Girl and Green Lantern which ended fantastically well, yet so sadly in 'Starcrossed'. Superman was also portrayed fantastically; I think a lot of shows make him seem too much of a well-mannered farmboy rather than the most powerful superhero on earth. Flash also had his charm, and I absolutely loved the voice acting by Michael Rosenbaum who really brought his cheekiness to life. It also helps that the show's character designs are by Bruce Timm, who I think is an absolute genius. This is the guy who basically created the animated universe of DC, so when you watch the show you definitely feel like you are watching a show that's a part of a bigger picture. Even though the shows don't really intertwine, the animation style does. I love the way Wonder Woman is designed; I think they manage to just about please every side of the muscle and height versus beauty debate. I personally prefer my Wonder Woman feminine so I'm definitely happy!

    Justice League is a great animated show and even though I'm not a fan of the latter seasons, they are still very entertaining. If you are looking for a real Superhero show definitely watch the first two seasons, and perhaps cautiously watch the next three but be prepared to feel disappointed as they just don't live up to the greatness of the first two seasons. Justice League is a show which has everything you'd want in an animated series – great storylines, fantastic animation and good, solid voiceover work to back it up.
  • the mightiest heroes team up to fight the forces of evil in one hell of a show, starring all time favorites like the man of steel, the dark knight and the amazonian wonder, this show is great for kids and comix fans of all ages

    this show brings together, heroes from all over the dc universe under the justice league, led by original members superman, batman, wonder woman, flash, green lantern, martian manhunter, and hawk girl, also joining them the huntress, black canary, green arrow, booster gold, hawk and dove, and last but not least the maid of steel, supergirl

    together they will fight the evils of cadmus, faust, ares, apokolips and the badest of the bad lex luther and brainiac, this show is great for people of all ages, the story lines are racy and action packed so if you're a true fan this show will be as one of your all time favorites
  • All Heros join Forces to take down Villains into Justice League!

    All Heros join Forces to take down Villains into Justice League!

    All Heros join Forces to take down Villains into Justice League! I like Justice League it is fun to watch all heros team-up to together taking down evil forces.

    Superman is the Team Leader/Boss of the Justice League! Batman is 2nd,Wonder Woman 3rd Co-Leader of the League.

    Lex Luthor,The Joker Return into Justice League afher they're in Superman,Batman Cartoon Series!

    This was Cartoon Network thru the of 2001 & 2006 and it's now rerunning on Boomerang at night or so on.

    And Also, Smallville & Justice League are together because of this very only star appears in both series as other characters who is Michael Rosenbaum played as Lex Luthor in Smallville and did played as Wally West/The Flash in Justice League
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