Justice League Unlimited

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)





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  • Best art and design of any super-heroes i've ever seen in an animation is found in this show. Great Storyline and awesome soundtracks and voices. Cheers!

    Found out about this show quite a few years ago while i was watching Cartoon Network. Soon after i had all Seasons on DVD and started devouring those seasons like there was no tomorrow. And i was so soo impressed with everything in this show, how easily everything connects perfectly. This show should be awarded or something, it's just bloody brilliant. Congratulations to the producers and writers and of course the ones that have lent their voices and bring to life the awesome heroes, super-heroes and meta-humans present throughout this whole show. This show keeps you seated, and i speak for myself when i say this, i always waited for the nest episode, never dull a moment. Can't see a reason why anybody wouldn't watch this, unless truly doesn't like this world, but someone somewhere likes at least one hero or villain, and trust me when i say this this show's got them all (well 95% of them for sure). A great show i recommend, and hoping there will be another as good as this one. Cheers!
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