Justice League Unlimited - Season 0

Cartoon Network (ended 2006)




Episode Guide

  • A League of Their Own (2)

    Richie is under Brainiac's control, while the League discovers a massive download and sends the Flash to track down Richie but he gets captured and "converted". The superspeed Flash slaps control units on the Leaguers but Static's powers short-circuit his thought-control disc, leaving him free. Static ends up fighting the League and slowly freeing them from the control discs, but giving Brainiac enough time to have a controlled Richie manufacture an attack vessel and host body (containing Richie), digitizing everything in Static's city. The League tell Static to go behind as they go after Richie – as the League battle Brainiac clones, Static gets hold of a remote controller for Gear's Backpack and he and Batman get close enough to use it to shut down Brainiac for good.

  • A League of Their Own (1)

    A cosmic super-string strikes the JLA Watchtower and Batman calls on Static to charge the damaged power core. The League helps Static against Puff and her new gang and then bring him and Gear up to the Watchtower. When the League are called away on an emergency, Gear and Static are left behind as a freed Brainiac unleashes havoc and plans to assimilate Earth. Gear gets off a signal to the Leaguers and they create a distraction while Static redrains the energy from the core. Gear fills up Brainiac's memory with a soundtrack, giving Static time to complete the plan. They succeed, unaware Brainiac downloaded himself into Gear's backpack. Brainiac launches an attack on Gear ... (to be continued ...)