Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 1

Secret Origins (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 17, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Justice League Secret Origins Part 1

    The story starts off with two American astronauts on Mars Carter and Ed, Surveying the ground to find foreign objects. They find A organic looking object and Carter removes it from the ground, The ground caves in inside Carter turns on his flash light and sees ancient glyphs finds a door opens it unknowingly releasing an ancient evil left buried for thousands of years.

    Flash forward two years later the aliens have infiltrated Wayne Tech they plant a bomb on the communication dish, Here is where we get to see the first introduction of a Justice League member in Batman shortly followed by Superman who has A traumatic psychic vision rendering him unconscious, the satellite blows up and Superman wakes up not knowing what has transpired batman confides in Superman telling him "over the past few months I have detected several security breaches in our global deep space monitoring network" Superman gives him a signal watch and says "call me if you need any help".

    Later Superman is presented to the court by J. Allan Carter the astronaut that was on mars two years earlier as a viable solution to peace Superman vows "I solemnly swear to all of you, That I will continue to uphold the ideals of truth and justice not just for America but for all the world"

    We also get the introduction of Wonder Woman and The Martian Manhunter aka J'onn J'onnz he was being held captive by the American government we find out superman's psychic vision were a result of J'onn J'onnz trying to telepathically reach out to him.
  • Batman rocks!

    Justice League rocks! I think the writers did a great job introducing all the super heroes and i think they did a wonderful job showing BATMAN as the first super hero shown on the episode! Hehehe! Sorry but i'm a bit partial to batman. Secret Origins has a great plot and the distribution of featured heroes are fair even though i don't like it when they show Batman being knocked out by aliens. Nevertheless batman still stole the show. he was the one who discovered the alien problem anyway and he was the one who solved it as well. Batman rocks!
  • Very nice. Totally entertaining.

    First of all it was a very cool way to start off with the Bat and Superman in the first scenes. And then there was this trill in there cause the bad creatures was just too good for both Batman and Superman. They knocked them both out. Then there was J'onn J'onzz he was a great installment to Justice League. It was so cool when Superman went off flying somewhere, i thought he was somehow mad or something, even Batman had a feeling like that when he saw Superman breaking some high military base. But then we come to know of J'onn J'onzz and then the episode continues when J'onn J'onzz tell that he telepathically summoned Superman for help and that he came to earth to warn Humans and that the military captured him...
  • War of the Worlds

    A fairly impressive opener, it has to be said. And although we're only introduced to Batman and Superman - DC's biggest icons - and Martian Manhunter at the episode's end, there's a lot of fun to be had seeing such heavyweights align with one another to battle those pesky bad guys.

    The animation is relatively smooth, my only niggle being the oftentimes distracting mouth movement which sometimes doesn't sync up with the stellar voice-work on offer. Like with the Superman TAS and Batman TAS, the animation stays true to both series. Metropolis is given the ring-round while Batman's scenes are sprinkled with the classic style that made that particularly series so cool looking.

    The bad guys - gelatinous villains, with strong whiff's of War of the World's thrown in - really highlight just how ambitious these foes in a show that will play host to some of the best superheroes around will be. The animation with regards to these things looked awesome, in a sense of scale and just downright coolness. Even to this day, it manages to look as good, if not better, than some of the current shows on TV at the moment. ~~~~~

    I actually enjoyed the politics in this episode. With Superman flying around saving the day, why do we need bio-weapons? Of course, this kind of thinking comes back to bite them in the gahonys minutes after its approved. I like Flash's little cameo, too. It's a nice set-up and reason for the league to join together later on - Superman can't be everywhere at once.

    My favoutie part had to be the opening attack on Waynes Corp. There's nothing really exceptional about it, but when the bad guys get up from the explosion and click their disjointed bones back into place, it gives you the first glimpse a show that's not simply for children. There's plenty of that humour throughout the rest of the series, it's part of its appeal.


    The ending sees Superman and Batman helping out captured Martian, J'onn J'onnz only to be greeted by an army of Aliens. While it's not exactly the best cliff-hanger imaginable, it works, and will certainly keep you interested until the next episode. Overall, a fine mix between action, character and spectacle. While it's by no means a series best, it's a competent start to the show.
  • Aliens attack and various superheroes--Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Hawkgirl, and Martian Manhunter, namely--must band together to defeat them.

    Not bad for a beginning, but it would have been annoying had the show continued at this level. The beginning focuses on Superman and Batman, whose personalities and lives seem to be a continuation of their recent shows, and then the focus spreads out to include the other characters. Flash is the teenage sidekick, GL is the former military man, Wonder Woman is the naive rookie, Hawkgirl the hot-headed warrior, and J'onn the alien poster boy for emoness. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile episode to watch. The action is good, and it is interesting to watch the interactions between the characters.
  • A great TV series with an average starting episode

    Not really the best episode but I guess it is alright for a new show. I really like justice league and I am glad that this episode wasn't the first episode I watched as I might not have gotten as into the show as I have. Everything after this episode gets better so if this show is new to you keep watching because it gets better
  • The first part of the story when the aliens started attacking it came a tad bit like War of the Worlds.

    Plot / Story: The first part of the story when the aliens started attacking it came a tad bit like War of the Worlds. The whole Batman being dead thing was kinda funny. Oh yeah, Batman is going to die in the very first episode, riiiiiiight! Snapper Carr got annoying. Was he the ONLY reporter covering the story? He never said, "Back to you, ____," or anything of that nature. I hope they work on this in future episodes. I guess they just added Snapper to move the story along faster, and I can understand that. When I read that Hawkgirl was going to be in the show, I'll admit, I scrunched my nose but, she was very good in this story. Her tough attitude about everything is very well done. It's too bad she hardly ever talked. She sure does grunt a lot!

    Dialogue: This was a very strongpoint. Originally, I gave this rating ****3/4 stars because of Wonder Woman saying, Hera this and Hera that too often. But I got to thinking, hey it's Wonder Woman she's gunna say that! Flash's dialogue was great. The way he and Green Lantern interacted was done beautifully. The friction between Green Lantern and Wonder Woman was also a nice touch.

    Voices: George Newbern as Superman did much better then I thought he would. He's not as good as Tim Daily but he's sure not horrible either. Kevin Conroy was perfect, as always Michael Rosenbaum as Flash really lit up the character. Maria Canals as Hawkgirl was a perfect choice for this hard charging character. Carl Lumby as Martian Manhunter was GREAT! My hats off to him and Andrea Romano and Leslie Lamers for casting him. Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman was greatas well. Phil Lamar was pretty good but there is still something missing. It's almost as if he is trying too hard. Jason Marsden as Snapper Carr was good; too bad the character he is playing is a tad on the annoying side.

    Animation: For the most part, it was excellent. They sure weren't afraid to get violent with it at times. We all know that Kid's WB! would have never let them get away with half that stuff, THANK YOU Cartoon Network! The glare from light being shone directly at the viewer looked really good. In spots the characters movements were really jerky, kind of like The Zeta Project. A few times when Wonder Woman would grunt or yell her mouth would either not match with what she was saying, or it wouldn't move at all. Looked sorta screwy. The way the aliens were drawn was cool; no black lines around them. They looked like the way Samurai Jack is drawn except with much more detail. The way Superman flies now is a big improvement over the way he flew on Superman : The Animated Series. I like how the speed of it was very increased. The way Flash runs is a massive improvement over the STAS episode: Speed Demons. Especially on water! On the STAS episode it always looked like he was running in slow motion. Plus, those blur lines sure look cool. Batman's head was inconsistently drawn. It tended to vary in size and shape. As mentioned before, in other people's reviews Superman's chest symbol was very inconsistent, and was one of the main reasons why I gave it four stars instead of five. I really wanted to give it 5 because for the most part it was great, but these little things just about forced me to take a star off.

    Music: This I was disappointed with.90% of the time it was just fine, but for the other 10% it came off slightly cheesy. It's not horrible but does need some work. Of course, I know nothing about writing music. I just criticize it.

    Too sum it all up: It sure is nice to finally have a Justice League show done by Bruce Timm and staff. Very solid story and great character interaction were it's high points. The animation was very good except for the things mentioned above. The music needs some work but it is a very good start to a great series.
  • The Birth of the league

    I know im a bit late but i was happy with the episode not the first justice league ive seen but the first justice league ive really watched (DONT HAVE CARTOON NETWORK)but good enough to make me download the whole series/season 1 ive got a long wait before i can watch DESTOYER.
    Superman seems a bit weak as a superman fan im a bit disappointed. But Bruce and the Martian Manhunter, J\'onn did a job in this one well in Bruce you show them Supers
  • This series begins with Superman the greatest hero of all time taking on the responsibility of patrolling the world until some stuff is a miss and he must team up in order to save the world.

    As this story begins Superman really takes on the challenge of being the Earths heroe. I was surprised at how the series started off seeing as how this is justice league and only few of the members appear in this episode. Like always the two major Heroes appear in this episode which are Superman and Batman. The animation of this series takes a different turn seeing as how this is the very first animated series produced by Bruce Timm that was done fully digitally. Superman has aged quite a bit and some of the continuity is shaky or you can even say thrown out the window because Batman and Superman work together with no problems. This episode introduces the Martian Manhunter which in my opinion is a plain character during this episode but has a sad backstory. Overall this episode was a good almost great but lacking a few things here and there.
  • Supeman glue to the show!

    I really love Superman as not just he has brains
    And brawns but also has heart and soul as the
    Leader of the Justice League. Also the Flash is the Comic
    Relief as it is good not just to have one but two women
    Wonder Woman and the new Hawkgirl, who reminds me
    Of the younger version of Wonder Woman. Nice to have some
    Ethincity in Green Latern!
  • Good, but could have been better.

    It could be because I saw many of the later episodes before I saw this one but I really think they could have done this episode a lot better.
    Although it was believable, it seemed like everyone was just going with the flow in terms of teaming up together.
    Maybe if they broke this initial teaming up over more than 2 episodes, it would've worked out a lot better.
    Like I said- I watched many of the later episodes before watching this one. This worked against the suspense because it was very obvious batman didn't die.
    Even if I didn't see the later episodes- It's still pretty obvious that batman would not likely die in the first episode.
  • Not bad at all, for a series' debut episode.

    Nice opening, with the expedition on Mars. Interresting how Batman is the first hero to appear on the series, since Superman is considered to be the main character of the series. Superman appears next, then Flash and Princess Diana, aka Wonder Woman. Notice that Batman keeps making fun on Superman, as he did too in their previous encounters. This version of the Flash is Wally West, the super speed tenager, who wants to be considered a man.
    P.S.: Don't those scientists that Batman fought look like the scients from the Batman Forever movie?
  • This pilot movie(3-episode) plot basically introduces the world to lesser known heroes such as GL and Jonn Jonz and tries to revive the old "Super Friends" idea, just not as crap.

    It just seems rushed that's all; although i realize that TV has time constraints that comics writers dont necessarily have to deal. We were treated to characters that we hadnt seen in animated form from the comics and that's always a treat, but more importantly was how they were handled. Hawkgirl was given a believable origin and personality and Wonder Woman was "toughened up" so to speak. Yes the alien invasion thing has been done to death and back but when you think of it, what other reason would these heroes have for teaming up or as one fan put it "getting in each other's way. There were many plot holes here(since the plot was somewhat taken from the 1996 revival of the comic series of the same name) but unless your a fan of the comic and a regular reader, you wouldnt know and wouldnt care. All in all, this was easily a coup for everyone involved and set the stage for things to come.
  • This show isn't perfect, but it has potential to become a good show for anyone who likes science fiction and comic books. If there's anyone who is tire of the plague concept, you won't like

    After seeing both Batman and Superman in the

    animated world from 1992 to 1998. Finally, the

    Justice League is ravamped that isn't so campy

    like the previous shows in the eighties when I

    was a child. Unfortunely, the first storyline

    didn't impress because of what I recall seeing

    prior to this show. Here's why, the concept of

    using a plague has been done to death. It's not

    worth the time and effort to keep using even if

    it's being reinvented for something else. The

    alien invansion causing chaos had already also.

    That's why I wasn't impress with it because of

    it's lack of originality. Another problem was the

    hero's origins were done right, and it was

    happening too fast. I thought this story was

    messy. What impress about this show was Batman's

    new costume with longer ears and he wasn't so

    dark. Martian manhunter was very interesting,

    clever, original, and offered something for fans

    to enjoy. The Flash was funny. The Watchtower was

    good reinvention of the Hall of Justice and maybe

    it well introduced in the comic book version as

    well. I liked the Javalin. Hawkgirl was brave,

    smart, clever, and original. It was cool to

    see a Green Lantern that would be shown longer

    in this animated world. IF the storyline was more

    original and more organized, it would have been