Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 2

Secret Origins (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Nov 17, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • Uh-oh, Bats in trouble.

    Hmm. They missed a real opportunity here. Unlike the first part, which catered for some interesting character introductions to Batman and Superman, this one basically glosses over the remaining characters. They were simply called on. For an episode arc entitled "Origins" we get little here of any origin, other than a few throwaway one-offs. Pity, that.

    That's not to say there's *no* development. J'onn gets a nice flashback, although it has more to do with the enemy than his own civilisation. And we do learn quite a bit about each personality within the not-yet-to-be-formed league: Flash is the cocky one, Lantern is the sergeant type, Batman being the old-school know-it-all, J'onn the outsider, Wonder Woman the rookie, and Hawkgirl the abrasive soldier. Superman, as I'm sure everyone knows, though most dislike it, is the unofficial ring-leader.

    The action is amplified from the first episode and it's actually pretty neat - who says neat anymore? - to watch seven superheroes battle against the big bads. Little things like Flash trying to show off only for Lantern to chastise him, or Batman being genuinely impressed by Wonder Woman's skills make the fight scenes even more enjoyable to watch.

    The ending was much more satisfactory than the first part. Not only are Superman and Hawkgirl trapped, but Batman is announced to be deceased. That's a fairly edge-of-your-seat cliff-hanger, if ever there was one. And once again, the acting is superb. Bravo.
  • Kept me very interested and it joined well with episode one.

    As part one of this episode ends we come to know that the creepy Aliens can change from one form to another, this was while J'onn J'onzz was being taken out of the military base.
    This is a very nice episode. For the first thing in this episode all the Superheros come together. As Batman,Superman and J'onn get's out of the military base and then runs away the aliens follow them, they become some kind of airplanes. As they were being attacked by the Aliens the all the Superheros arrive. Diana, Hawkgirl, Flash and Green Lantern comes and save Superman,Batman and J'ohn. Then J'ohn tells about how this same aliens have destroyed there life forms in Mars and that he was the sole survivor when at last they were defeated. Actually they were frozen with some nerve gas and then he sealed it till it was open by some Astronauts who when to Mars. One of the Astronauts who went then back now is the.
    As the heros try to fight the Aliens by spreading to different places. Batman is caught in Egypt and then Superman and Hawkgirl are captured. And the story continues...
  • when all your favorite superheroes form a team.

    THE JUSTICE LEAGUE..................
    this episode was the 1st and one of the best.
    all 3 parts were the best episodes of season 1.

    we'll the featured character was jon jonzz who almost appeared in every episode of justice league an justice league unlimited.

    the flash was and alway's is the funniest.
    batman as serious as he is.
    green lantern alway's put's his mind on the job.
    hawkgirl is aggressive.
    wonderwoman the strongest woman alive
    jonn jonz the martian who's planet was destroyed.

    and last but not least
    The man of steel superman.
  • just read what i wrote in episode 1

    It just seems rushed that\'s all; although i realize that TV has time constraints that comics writers dont necessarily have to deal. We were treated to characters that we hadnt seen in animated form from the comics and that\'s always a treat, but more importantly was how they were handled. Hawkgirl was given a believable origin and personality and Wonder Woman was \"toughened up\" so to speak. Yes the alien invasion thing has been done to death and back but when you think of it, what other reason would these heroes have for teaming up or as one fan put it \"getting in each other\'s way. There were many plot holes here(since the plot was somewhat taken from the 1996 revival of the comic series of the same name) but unless your a fan of the comic and a regular reader, you wouldnt know and wouldnt care. All in all, this was easily a coup for everyone involved and set the stage for things to come.