Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 2

Shadow of the Hawk

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Sep 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Finally...Hawkman!! Unfortunatly not quite the way many had hoped, although (Along with Ancient History) it does deliver somewhat of a conclusion to the love triangle between GL, Hawkgirl, and Vixen...the origin aspect of the masculine hero with wings has

    Hawkman, a hero in the comics with quite possibly more alternating versions than any other hero ever created. In fact his identity had become so convuluted and confusing that DC comics actually gave up on him for almost 10 years (1990's).

    In all his appearances (until post 2002) he never seemed to fit his personality; appearing to be a cool somewhat viking/egyptian-like, barbarian warrior with wings and a nice-guy, friendly neighborhood hero-type personality. Not exactly a a fitting match.

    Recently, and seen most prominantly in Batman/Superman, Identity Crisis, Rann-Thanagar War, and Infifnte Crisis we have a Hawkman who finally matches his appearance...Warrior-like, no-nonsense, hit first and ask questions later-type personality. That is the verson of Carter Hall most were expecting.

    It's respectable that the episode reflects an attempt to use his first origin story from the Flash comics (Reincarnation from Egypt), but that version has proven quite poignantly not too have worked.

    Arguably the favorite version of most fans has been the Warrior Alien from the militaristic world of Thanagar. That is one of the biggest reasons Starcrossed worked sooo well.

    Overall, while it is nice to have Hawkman in the animated continuity, it would have been much nicer to have had the version most fans have been truly waiting for.

    On a side note, it was good to get a little bit of a conclusion to the unresolved soap opera-like relationship between Hawgirl, GL, and Vixen. Plus (in Ancient History) we get a follow-up to the future son story Arc of the Thanagarian she-warrior and the soldier-like Lantern.
  • All Shayera all the time...

    This is what I like best about the JLU, the inclusion of never before seen in the 'toon-verse DC characters. Whether major or minor characters, it doesn't matter to me because of the writing staff I know they'll be portrayed well.

    This episode sums up the most convoluted back history for any character in the DCU (Hawkman) succinctly, establishes his relationship with Shayera and still manages to include some good action scenes.

    Now if only they would spin off Wally and Shayera into their own show I'd be a happy, happy fan.
  • Good but not great.

    Episode 502 - Shadow of the Hawk

    This was not as good as the opener in that to me it felt like more of a filler episode then one of the story arc episodes, BUT it did have Batman and welll BATMAN always rocks.

    This was about how a Thangarian couple crashed to earth back in egyptian times and helped the people but then when they passed away all they had helped come to pass was gone within a generation.

    The focus of this episode was Shayera meeting Carter Hall and going out with him, which seems to bug GL. Then against the warnings of Batman and GL she follows him to Egypt (followed by Batman) and we get to see the introduction of Hawkman. Carter believes that he and Shayera are the reincarnations of the dead Thanagarians and we are not sure what Shayera believes.

    The episode ends with the two going their own ways but Carter defiantly claming that he knows they are destined to be together and Shayera looking somehat unsettled.

    You are also left wondering, thanks to Batmans comment to GL just how much longer GL can stay with Vixen. We all know (last season) that GL and Shayera have a son, but thats not happening while hes with Vixen, so we shall see.

    Its a good back story and decent as a filer episodes. I would normally give it 2 out of 4 but having Batman (kevin Conroy kicks butt) always good for a little extra.

    2 3/4 out of 4
  • Summary: Freaky stalker shows up and brings Hawkgirl to Egypt, despite Batman/GL's urges to the contrary. Much calamity ensues, as with most TV shows.

    Whoa whoa whoa. I loved it.

    But then again, I\'m a huge GL/Shayera fan.

    I\'m gonna start with them. Couldn\\\'t help but love the elevator scene. I kept thinking \'Look how close they are, look how close they are!\' And it looked like something was about to happen. But Bruce steps in and screws it all. Another Batman moment is at the end, when Shayera asks if Carter was right, and Batman said, \"If you really think that...\" Makes you wonder what was going through his mind, after talking with GL just that day about how messed up his relationship with Shayera is.

    Which got me wondering. If GL thinks he and Shayera are \\\"destined\\\" to be together, then I\\\'m on the same plane of thought as Batman. Why doesn\\\'t he just dump Vixen? Which makes me wonder if GL only thinks they\\\'re destined to be together b/c of the events of \\\"The Once and Future Thing.\\\" I hope not, cuz I\\\'ve shipped GL/Hawkgirl since the beginning. That made me wonder if GL really likes Vixen enough to keep going out with her, even if he truly is in love with Shayera. (I think that\\\'s still the case...I just loved the elevator scene.)

    The whole Thanagar-Egyptian tone rocked out loud. The shadow thief, though kinda undeveloped (character-wise, people!) fit really nicely into the setting and everything else going on.

    Carter just made me crack up, to be frank. How can anyone not love an episode with freaky stalkers? I\\\'m not going to emphasize much on that subject--everyone pretty much gets the picture there. (\\\"You don\\\'t know anything about me.\\\" \\\"Your favorite color is teal, you could eat oysters everyday, even though they give you heartburn...I forget what he said. It was funny, though.)

    All in all, a great Shayera episode for those of us who have been waiting. I\\\'m anxious to see what the staff does with GL/Shayera\\\'s relationship.

    And I\\\'m pissed that it was on an hour later than I thought it was and I accidentally recorded \\\"One Piece\\\" instead of JLU.
  • This was a very unique episode.

    Shyira's new boyfriend Carter Hall,seems very peculier,and Batman decides to investigate,at first they rank him as a stalker,but then discover that he is Hawkman.

    Hawkman claims that him and Shyira had lived and been married together in ancient times,and they had died years ago.And the it appears that rthe Shadow theif has been the one stalking them from the beggining of the episode.

    This was a great episode,and I found it very interesting.
  • Hawkman.

    This episode was perfect. I definetly like this Hawkman better than Hro Talek. I think that they really captured the essance of Hawkman.

    They only need Jay Garrick and The Sentinal and they could have a pefect JSA story.

    I also think the plot was great.

    I think that the episode really went into deatil on their origins of Hawkman and connected it to the comics.

    Good choice of villans in the episode. I liked how the begining of the episode took place in Gotham once again. It's good to see an episode every once in a while in Gotham.

    I have onequestion. Where those guys in the Legion of Doom. I know Bloodsport is, but I don't know about Tracer or the other guys. What about Shadow Theif.

    It was great seeing another icon from the comics into the show.

    Mabey next season we'll see powergirl.

    J.m Debits or something spelled like that did a great job on telling the origins of Hawkman, his re-incarnation, and The Love square now.

    The I-hate hawkgirl builin boards part was pretty funny. It was a great episode.

    The Animation was great.

    It was also nice to see a blast from the past.

    But who was that villan that Hawkgirl took down in the news flash?

    It had to have been back in the days of the early JL.


    Great Plot
    Exelent Story

    In my book, this episode deserves a 10 out of Ten I hope Carter and Hawkman will be back later in the series.
  • After a battle with some wierd villians, Shayera meets Carter Hol, and after warnings from Bats and GL, Shayera travels with him to egypt, and learns that her and Carter might actually be reincarnated ancient egyptian gods. Bat's follows her to egypt and

    Ok, we all know Carter Hol is really Hawkman, and I know that this is for the fullmost, the explanation of Shayera and Carters origins from the comics. But, I really don't think that Hawkman was really used to the best degree here. I know we are just entering the season, so I won't make any presumptions, cause this is just story building, but it really was a boring episode. Batman was especialy out of character. Since the times of BTAS, Batman has always been the down to earth character. With last season and now this episode, he seems to be in situations that don't fit him, especially those that deal with aliens and magic. GL and Bat's encounter with Chronos is mentioned and that was a nice nod to continuity, But Batman following her to Egypt alone, and then his fight with Shadow Theif, just seemed off character again. There was a part that I was confused with. A conversation with Carter and Shayera. Basically, you have to hear it for yourselves, but to me it sounded like they slept together before they arrived in Egypt, which is all good, but it's just kinda confusing, and was prolly deliberately done that way. Anyways, to me this episode was mainly character development with Shayera and Hawkman, but I wish there would have been a little more meat to the story. As cut and dry as it is, its still worthy to watch and will definetly assist you with the episodes still left for the season. END-J
  • A good episode and the introdution of Hawkman.

    This episode introduced Hawkman to the series. After a difficult fight helped by Batman, GL, and Vixen, Shayera is approached by a man claiming to be Carter Hall. He unwields a Thanagarian sword that he says is 8,000 years old. He proposes an archaelogical adventure to help unlock the secrets of the Thanagarian presence on Earth. He also wants a date with Shayera and after a disapproving look from GL, she accepts his offer. Be sure to pay attention to where Shayera is looking after this. I thought it was incredible that they actually have her staring/smiling at what appears to be Carter Hall\\\\\\\'s erection in his pants!
    Batman does some sleuth-work and shows Shayera that Mr. Hall is not the person he says he is with some video evidence. She discounts all their concerns and heads out on her date. Cut to Egypt and Shayera and Carter are trekking to the dig site. A hot and busy night-before was implied. Another sexual reference! Hah.
    Carter reveals his true intentions as he is about to open a sealed door. He believes he and Shayera are reincarnated lovers from thousands of years ago.
    The Shadow Thief has been following them and stands to block their way.
    It was interesting to learn how the Thanagarians were connected to ancient Egypt. References to the events in the Once and Future Thing keep with the continuity of the series. Hawkman\\\\\\\'s introduction further complicates the already complicated relationship between Shayera and GL. It appears this will not be the last time we see Hawkman.