Justice League Unlimited

Season 2 Episode 26

Starcrossed (3)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 29, 2004 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

The League defeats the squad of hawkmen sent to kill them at the Batcave, but must now figure out how to stop the activation of the hypergate before it destroys Earth.

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  • Great conclusion to an outstanding 3-parter with a surprise end. One of the best.

    "Starcrossed, Part 3" shines as the best of the epic three-parter. The action scenes are simply incredible, the voice acting is great, the episode is well-written, and it brings a startling conclusion to the Justice League.

    To start, the action is..... well, I can't describe it. Let me show you. (mouth hangs open in utter astonishment) The action was unparalleled in this episode. The fight scenes between the Thangarian fighters and Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Latern are awesome. The battle between the Justice League and the Thanagarian soldiers in the Bat-Cave is great, will all of the League getting an equal amount of screen time. But the action scene that shines above all the rest is the final battle between Lantern and Talek, and then between Shayera and Talek. The music in this scene is great, and the voice actors really bring out the emotions of the characters.

    Of all of the VAs in this episode, the one that stood out to me the most was the voice actress for Wonder Woman, Susan Eisenberg. You can really feel her hatred through her voice when she frees Shayera and when she tells the League to "fire" her at the end of the episode. All of the other voice actors are equally excellent in this episode. Victor Rivers is once agian great as Hro Talek, and Maria Canals does a great job as Shayera. Kevin Conroy is good as Batman, especially when he is on his suicide mission.

    The episode itself is a work of art, as it is extremely fine-written. The dialogue in the fight between Talek and Shayera is very good, as Shayera tries to reason with him about Earth and the Justice League. The end of the episode is particularly well-written, if surprising. Shayera's speech as she leaves the Justice League is like, "WOW". Flash hugging her = more WOW. The writers do a great job of showing how serious the situation is, considering that even Flash is not too optimistic about the future of the League.

    The ending most likely left all of the first-time viewers shocked. I recently saw it on DVD, and I already knew that Shayera was going to leave the League. For those who did not know how it would end, I'm sure it was quite a shock. This 3-parter may not be overtly shocking in terms of the Thanagarian double-cross, but the end of the episode is definitely surprisng. Even so, with such a grim end, Justice League continues to pump out excitement through Justice League Unlimited. If you're a fan of JL, you will love JLU.moreless
  • Dealing with betrayal is not an easy thing to do.

    I can't say much for the next season since I haven't watched it yet, but this is the most action-packed episode to date.

    The characters on both sides handle betrayal in the way 99.9% of the world's population do. By taking out their anger on something.

    This is one of the darker episodes to be produced, with Hro's "Just kill them this time" order, and with the League throwing out the rulebook. This is evident from the fight in the skies (Superman smashes the cockpit instead of the hull) and in the cave (Kragger is brain dead, three Hawkmen will suffer psychological trauma, two are crushed, one has at least a crushed hand and the clothesline move should have broken or at least crushed another's throat).

    These inferences are subtle and easily missed, and this appears as no different from the other episodes with one exception: The Justice League is not using kid gloves this time.

    In my opinion though, the final scene with John and Shayera is one of the best scenes ever written. John is torn between his love for her, and his anger at her betrayal and lies.moreless
  • final chapter for the justice league? no way, jose!

    hpw can i classify this episode in one word? i can't. but i can in 3 words: exciting, action-packed and tearjerker. the final scene is a real tearjerker. just look at green lantern!

    shayera wasn't a traitor after all; she was a woman torn appart by the love of two men. so she made a few mistakes, but who's perfect? in the end, she proved herself a real hero, maybe even more than the others. alfred thinks so at least. a glorious end for a glorious series.

    but, every end is a new beginning, as justice league unlimited proudly shows it.moreless
  • Jusitce League must make a final attempt to save Earth before the Hawkman destroy it...Hawkgirl decides who's side she's really on

    At first i was totally pissed that Hawkgirl would betray the Justice League like that but i was so happy when she helped them again. i understod if the members were upset with her about but i couldn't believe that she really left. i mean, what about green lantern. they totally loved each other. i understood why she left but i really thought that she would come back....throughout the entire 3rd season i kept waiting for her to return and when she finally came back i was so happy... all in all this was a good episode.moreless
George Newbern

George Newbern

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El

Maria Canals

Maria Canals

Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Susan Eisenberg

Susan Eisenberg

Wonder Woman/Diana

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Flash/Wally West

Victor Rivers

Victor Rivers

Hro Talak

Guest Star

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.


Guest Star

Elizabeth Peña

Elizabeth Peña

Paran Dul

Guest Star

Hector Elizondo (I)

Hector Elizondo (I)

Lieutenant Kragger

Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Snapper Carr

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • This is the last time we see Hawkgirl in a mask in the show. It's also the last time she is referred to as "Hawkgirl" by anyone in the League.

    • When Batman launched Flash and Martian Manhunter out of the Watchtower, couldn't J'onn have just phased back into it?

    • In the holo-video, the hand that Hawkgirl offers Green Lantern his ring in is not the same hand that she offered in Part 2 of "Starcrossed."

    • How can the holovid of Hawkgirl talking to the League have her on it? The recorder was on her chestplate and should have only seen what she saw.

    • In the scene where Green Lantern and Hro Talak are fighting, Hro Talak had already taken off Green Lantern's ring and Green Lantern had a big open cut on his chest. But in one shot for a few seconds you see him with his ring on and his clothes are intact.

    • Seems that Green Lantern forgot the lessons he learned, then forgot, then was retaught by Katma Tui in "Hearts and Minds", about how to use his ring to attack an opponent from multiple directions. Sure enough, he gets defeated by a guy with only one weapon that can deflect his beams, one at a time.

    • It's established here that Hawkgirl (and all Thanagarians) have considerable inherent mental defenses against psychic intrusion (nobody offers to take off Kragger's helmet). In "Only A Dream", J'onn/Martian Manhunter had difficulty getting into her mind when she was having her nightmare, stating that he couldn't get to her because there was a barrier around her mind; therefore GL had to use his ring and presumably broke through it or waited until Dr. Destiny was defeated. But in that very same episode earlier on, Dr. Destiny was easily able to get into her head.

    • How did the Thanagarians know the entrance to the bat-cave was behind the clock? Was it an unseen part of the holovid they made from Hawkgirl? Seems hard to believe that Alfred would let her down unannounced so she must have came in a different way.

  • QUOTES (17)

    • Green Lantern: So, where are you you gonna go?
      Hawkgirl: I don't know. Someplace where the fate of the world isn't in my hands. Someplace where there are no more secrets, no more lies.
      Green Lantern: Was it all a lie?
      Hawkgirl: I love you, John. I never lied about that. (flies off)
      Green Lantern: I love you, too.

    • Superman: Hawkgirl....
      Shayera: Before you start, I have something to say. I came to this planet as a patriot. I had a mission and I carried it out. What I couldn't know was that I would come to care for the Earth and her people, that I'd come to care for all of you. I've spent the last five years torn between my feelings and my duty. I won't ask you to do the same. Therefore, I am resigning from the Justice League, effective immediately.

    • Hro Talak: Any last words?
      Green Lantern: Yeah, you can kiss my axe.

    • Kragger: You think I'd tell you anything? I'd sooner choke on your bones.
      Flash: (makes a fist) Okay by me. Start with these?

    • Hro Talak: She won't save you again, Lantern. No woman's skirt to hide behind. No ring. What are you going to do now?
      Green Lantern: (picking up a pipe) I was thinking of introducing you to my friend here!

    • Batman: You take out the force field, I'll take care of the generator.
      Flash: What are you going to do? Throw a batarang at it?
      Batman: Something like that.

    • Alfred: (to Hawkgirl) If I may be bold, I'm neither a superhero nor a soldier, so I'm hardly qualified to judge your actions by those standards. But I do know this. Without the great sacrifices you've made, we wouldn't be here to share this nice pot of tea. Whatever they decide in that room, in my eyes, you'll always be a hero.

    • Superman: Always have to be the hero, don't you?
      Batman: Right back at you.

    • Green Lantern: That all you got? My grandma hits harder then you!

    • Hawkgirl: It didn't have to be this way.
      Hro Talak: Yes. It did.

    • Batman: Gentlemen, it's been an honor.

    • Wonder Woman: Pretty bad odds.
      Superman: Yeah, they don't stand a chance.

    • Alfred: (regarding a fallen hawkman) I've asked Master Bruce to refrain from leaving trash on the yard.

    • Flash: What's this do? (accidentally triggers weapon)
      Batman: That's. Not. Helping.

    • Superman: Let's use our inside voice.

    • Green Lantern: All through hiding. Come and get some!

    • Batman: Ingenious.
      Superman: Yeah, I'm impressed. Let's go wreck it.

  • NOTES (10)

    • This episode was nominated for a WGA Award (TV) for Animation.

    • According the commentary for "The Return" (from Justice League Unlimited, Volume 1 on DVD): Originally, The Thanagarians were going to destroy Oa (Home of The Guardians).

    • The episode along with "Starcrossed, Part 1 and 2" was released on DVD as Justice League: Starcrossed The Movie.

    • The puppet seen in the Batcave is Scarface, the Ventriloquist's puppet. And the giant coin that falls over the two Thanagarians is the same one that Batman kept in Batman: The Animated Series's "Almost Got 'Im."

    • In this, the season finale, Superman saves Batman's life after he stays aboard the Watchtower, just like Batman saves Superman's life after he stays aboard Braniac's satellite in the 2nd season premier, "Twilight".

    • At the end of this episode in movie format, they have the credits black-on-white on the Toonami screen/logo. They also show previews of the Unlimited series' episode "Initiation."

    • Presumably Thanagarians have natural wings. First all of the invading Thanagarians all have "natural" feathered wings when armored wings would seem more appropriate with the rest of their battle garb, if the wings are artificial. Second, at the end Hawkgirl is in civilian clothing but still has her wings. This is confirmed on the DVD commentary track by Bruce Timm.

    • The entire League appears in this episode.

    • The weapon that the Thanagarian uses against Superman is Mr. Freeze's freeze gun. It isn't destroyed here, which is a good thing (and a nice continuity nod) since it will play an integral part in a couple of Batman Beyond episodes in the "future" when Terry McGinnis and an elderly Bruce Wayne go up against Inque.

    • First Aired on YTV May 17th 2004 - said to have been the series finale on YTV!