Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 4

Task Force X

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 21, 2005 on Cartoon Network

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  • Villains united?

    The first in a series of new American episodes of JLU kicks off with a non-JLU episode. As advertised, this episode is told almost entirely from the "bad guys" viewpoint. The attempt is ruined slightly by showing us a few scenes from the heroes viewpoints to tell the full story, but generally it works.

    Essentially the secret conspiracy uses a military officer to assemble four convicted villains - who rely on their skills and weapons - to break into the JLU Watchtower and steal a mystical robot for future use against the League.

    All the villains are well portrayed - Deadshot and Plastique flirt when they're not getting vicious, Clock King is the master coordinater and anal-retentive timing guy, and Captain Boomerang is a jerk. For those familiar with the comics, the idea of a "Suicide Squad" might seem familiar. Rick Flagg, the fifth member of the team and its leader, is surprisingly vicious himself. And yet since they're the protagonists of the story, we're cheering them on in a way.

    Also nice work by all involved, particularly Michael Rosenbaum but also Donal Gibson, Mel's brother.

    We also get a look at a few more "crowd extras" - Vigilante, Shining Knight, and Atom-Smasher, who manage to hold their own briefly against superior numbers, in a very nicely choreographed group fight scene which is among the best we've seen since the League went unlimited.

    This story doesn't really advance the whole Cadmus storyline, although the Annihilator construct will play a major role in the next episode, "The Balance."

    This episode also neatly filled the foreshortened (and now customary) 30 minute slot. Just enough of everything to keep it moving - no unnecessary filler, and we get more of a glimpse behind the scenes at the Watchtower. No explanation for who is paying for all this, though.

    Overall, a highly entertaining episode and one that hopefully will give us the return of Task Force X down the road, with a few more members added to the team.
  • The Cadmus arc ramps up...

    It's a nice change-of-pace episode that we see from the villains' point of view, and one where the seven "core" Justice Leaguers really do not play a part.

    I love Michael Rosenbaum's Kevin Spacey-like take on Deadshot (which he previously used in "The Enemy Below") and it was nice to hear the same voice for Clock King from the old Batman animated series. Adam Baldwin provides the right tone and strength as Flagg and I like how relatively few details were revealed about his character.

    Definitely marks a turning point in the show's Cadmus story arc, with the League taking its first real hit, and GL's realization that they can't trust anyone on the Watchtower.

    I dug the banter between Deadshot and Plastique, and it was nice to see some second tier heroes (Shining Knight, Atom Blaster and Vigilante) get a shot at some action. I liked Vigilante in "Hunter's Moon," and am glad we get to see more of him as the series progresses.

    Season 4 of "Unlimited" is quickly becoming my favorite out of the DC Animated Universe, and I cannot wait to watch how the Cadmus storyline resolves itself.
  • This episode looks at the other side of crime-fighting.

    As a person who loves origanality, Task Force X is an episode onto itself. It introduces an entirely new set of main characters and doesn't even show many of the series main-stays. This is the kind of episode that you just don't see in over superhero type sows, and I have never seen it pulled off this well. The squad in this show comes right out of the comics, The Suicide Squad, and fits in perfectly with the canon of the JLU. The only problems with this show is how the Annihalator was used in the next episode of the series, and the aparent lack ofresistence by JLU members.
  • A very clever spin on showing an "insider/outsider" view of the Justice League.

    What I really dug about this episode was that while it dealt with some characters that I wasn't too interested in - it still managed to drag me in by showing some of the less seen aspects of life in the Watchtower.

    Standing in an elevator with Green Lantern? That was a pretty sharp if you ask me. By walking around with a bunch of "regular" characters, you got a chance to see the more human side of the world's greatest superheroes.

    I don't know if the intention was to be rooting for the bad guys to succeed in the end, because I wasn't - but I was excited to see Temple Fugate again (haven't seen him since the old, OLD days of Batman.) If it was, then this episode did fall short here - but as far as presenting a new point of view for how things work in that crazy world - 100% mission accomplished.
  • Now this is what the Justice League is supposed to be like.

    I shall summarize the entire plot. Bad guys get a chance to help their country or they go back to prison and their electric chairs. After accepting, they break into a place, steal a super weapon and take it back to the boss.

    Truly this is the plot summary. You must be asking yourself if I'm crazy to be giving such a high score to a ho-hum story. But as they say, the wow comes from the details.

    This show starts slow and quickly ramps up to fast paced. There is action galore with very little time to spare. The only time the pace changes it is so that it can speed up. There is a very brief epilogue scene at the end (as all good stories have) to explain the potential of this find for CADMUS.

    This is a rare episode where it takes place almost entirely from the "bad guy's" perspective. And even more rare, the Justice League losses outright in this battle. We also get another glimpse of J'onn's concerns with having regular humans on the Watchtower. Of course, this sets us up for the chance at some nice future clock and dagger episodes.

    Overall, a very entertaining episode. It didn't feel rushed for having only been a 30 minute episode, which is a first for me since Justice League Unlimited’s first few episodes. Wham bam, thank you ma'am.
  • I think that the best thing about this episode is to show that the JLU is composed of humans (mostly) that err and that that such a entity as Cadmus can assemble a team as Task Force X as a perfect match.

    This episode is written from the villains´ point-of-view. An assembly of really dangerous criminals infiltrates the JLU Watchtower in order to ge their hands on the Annihilator, a device built by Hephaestus himself (Hawk and Dove)

    The episode contains, the best fighting scene so far in this season (or series) between Atom-Smasher, Vigilante and Shining Knight, and the bad guys, lead by Captain Boomerang, Plastique, Deadshot, Rick Flagg and The Annihilator. Great to see these newcomers battling outnumbered and outsmarted, I must say.

    I think that the best thing about this episode is to show that the JLU is composed of humans (mostly) that err and that that such a entity as Cadmus can assemble a team as Task Force X as a perfect match.

    Just a few goofs, disappointments and incongruencies distract this episode from a perfect score:

    * They all are wearing a communication earpiece to communicate with The Clock King, while very few of the regular staff does.
    * I wonder what Captain Boomerang was referring to when he says: “this one needs no weapons”, when talking about Rick Flagg. Is that because Flagg is highly trained (it doesn’t seem that special, except the way he handled Shining Knight and Vigilante), or because he’ll eventually get a special weapon, The Annihilator itself.
    * After losing his sword, Shinning Knight is thrown and sealed into another room, where its sword magically reappears in its sac.
    * After the explosion where Plastique gets killed (or severely wounded?), Atom-Smasher seems to have evaporated from the ground.
    * I was a bit disappointed that at the end Green Lantern and J´onn don’t discuss the status of the wounded teammates.
    * Why other JLU members weren’t alerted? At least and explanation should had been given.

    Overall, an excellent episode, right up there with “The dead of Superman” and “The Return”.