Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 13

The Brave and the Bold (2)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 17, 2002 on Cartoon Network

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  • The Justice League must stop the evil genius Gorilla Grodd from exacting revenge on Gorilla City.

    The Justice League must stop the evil genius Gorilla Grodd from exacting revenge on Gorilla City. “The Brave and the Bold” is far from perfect but is one of my favorite episodes of the first season of “Justice League”. The episode nicely spotlights Flash and offers plenty of humor, sharp dialogue and great character development. I liked that the episode also focused attention on the other members of the League. The League works well together and their interaction is refreshing. There is a nice and touching moment where Wonder Woman kisses Batman for being very concerned for her safety. One of the most appealing elements in this episode is the dynamic interaction between Flash and Green Lantern. Flash’s light hearted attitude clashes with Green Lantern’s hardnosed attitude biggest and offers some good moments and amusing banter. Michael Rosebaum and Phil LaMarr are great. The story is pretty straightforward but well paced. Gorilla Grodd proves to be a very charismatic textbook super villain and Powers Boothe really brings out the best in this characters. The ending was interesting. Flash actually uses his brain to save the day.
  • Part 2 of the "required" Planet of the Apes send off.

    As predicted in Part 1, Capital City was not really destroyed. If you didn't see that coming then you should stop watching super hero shows. And as predicted they saved Capital City in a cheesy way … they turned off the shield.

    They Green Lantern, the Flash and Solovar are walking around, the city is empty. Flash points out that this is not right. Apparently, Grodd's mind control works very fast as Grodd’s already got them under mind control and has gathered them together. Of course.

    But wait, the cheese-fest is not over yet. Batman, J'onn, Hawkgilr and Wonder Woman were all captured by the Gorrillas and interrogated. Batman does his magic and they escape and they end up at the shield way, just moments before it comes down. I find that too convenient that they ended up there at just the right moment.

    As for the story, they could have been downtown ape city, noticed the sky change and then flee. Once away they could have noticed the nukes on their way and have saved the day without having to be told what was going on. This would have made the apes even more grateful to our heroes. But they chose to do it the blah way.

    On the plus side, we get our first glimpses of the now new feelings Wonder Woman and Batman apparently have for each other. Of course we know it's doomed to failure since Wonder Woman is almost immortal and Batman is a recluse. But that's ok.

    Overall, a disappointing conclusion to a lack-luster first episode.