Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 1

The Cat and the Canary

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 05, 2005 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

At a warehouse, Black Canary is getting ready to move in on criminals and calls for Wildcat, who claims he's busy. Black Canary goes in on her own and takes out the crooks, but sees a TV broadcasting Wildcat in a pay-per-view arena fight. Aboard the Watchtower, Canary gets together with Green Arrow and after a sparring fight, asks him to help her on a secret mission. She reveals the aging Wildcat, former heavyweight champion of the world, is involved in the Meta-Brawl fight arena to prove himself. At the arena, Wildcat tries to resign but the owner, Roulette, convinces him to stay by appealing to his pride. Canary and Green Arrow get hold of a contact and buy tickets in and confront Wildcat, who is taking his anger out on super-powered bad guys. Wildcat insists on fighting and Canary initiates "Plan B." Wildcat goes out to fight the Atomic Skull, and Green Arrow and Black Canary break up the fight. Roulette sends in her security and then the other super-villains and Wildcat intervenes momentarily, but then steps aside to let the villains move in. Outnumbered, Black Canary offers to fight Wildcat in a fight and requires Roulette to ban Wildcat from the arena if she wins. Wildcat's not thrilled with the arrangement but Roulette warns him that if he doesn't win, she'll kick him out. Green Arrow knocks Black Canary out with a gas arrow and takes her place in the arena against Wildcat. Green Arrow goads Wildcat, who proceeds to beat him to a pulp and then kill him. Wildcat snaps out of it and walks away. Green Arrow reveals he used a metabolic stunner to fake his death, and Black Canary uses her sonic scream to destroy the arena. Wildcat expresses his regrets and Black Canary has J'onn mindscan Wildcat to make sure he stays out of fighting. Black Canary Black Canary was originally a Golden Age character who first appeared in Flash Comics #86 (August 1947) and was created by Robert Kanigher and Carmine Infantino. Dinah Drake was a brunette florist who donned a black costume, a blonde wig, and fishnets and fought crime with her martial arts training. She eventually joined the JSA, became romantically involved with Johnny Thunder and Starman, and married police detective Larry Lance (becoming Dinah Drake Lance). Pre-Crisis she and her husband had a daughter with a mutant uncontrollable "sonic scream" and she was put in suspended animation. Later, Larry died saving her and the Canary apparently joined the Justice League (and went for a superhero-boyfriend triple-play by becoming romantically involved with Green Arrow), but actually she died too and her daughter (memories adjusted) took her place with no one else really knowing. That was pre-Crisis. Post-Crisis, Black Canary was still a 40's superheroine and JSA member. Her daughter Dinah took up the family tradition and helped form the Justice League. Black Canary has an occasional "sonic scream" and uses smoke pellets and other similar device, but her primary ability is her martial arts skill. She has been a member of the Justice League, the modern-day Justice Society, and the "Birds of Prey" organized by Oracle. This is her first significant appearance in the WB animated universe, although in "Legends" the character Black Siren is based on her. Wildcat Wildcat made his first appearance in Sensation Comics #1 (January 1942), was created by Bill Finger, and was college student Ted Grant. His father died and left him little money. Grant rescued a boxing trainer from crooks and in return the trainer prepared him to become a heavyweight boxing champ. Apparently killing his first opponent, Grant was arrested for murder, escaped, and donned a cat-themed costume to track down the real killers. They confessed and Grant was cleared of all charges. Wildcat has remained a superhero since the 1940's and a member of the Justice Society of America of long-standing. His inexplicable longevity was recently explained as his acquiring nine lives after fighting a mystic villain. He has lost several of them since then, but remains the world's greatest boxer and has trained a number of heroes, including Batman and Black Canary. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe, although in "Legends" the character Catman is based on him. Roulette Roulette first appeared in JSA Secret Files #2 (Sept. 2001). Roulette ran an elaborate underground gaming arena, the House, where she pitted drugged and mentally-controlled superheroes against each other for the entertainment and gambling pleasure of super-villains. Later she kidnapped seven members of the JSA and pitted them against each other in a series of death games. They managed to escape after wrecking the House, but Roulette swore to rebuild. She later lured one incarnation of the Justice League into the new House but they also managed to escape. Roulette has no apparent superhuman abilities but is a genius when calculating odds and gambling winnings. It has been revealed she is the granddaughter of the Golden Age Mr. Terrific, Terry Sloane - "Man of a Thousand Talents," and she may have inherited his genius. She also bears a grudge against the modern-day Mr. Terrific, whom she considers a pretender. Roulette has robot security dogs, automated security devices, a series of death traps, and at least one metahuman on staff who can negate super-powers. This is her first appearance in the WB animated universe. Sportsmaster The first villain that Wildcat beats up at the beginning is the Sportsmaster, who first appeared in All-American Comics #85 (May 1947). "Crusher" Crock was a frustrated athlete who turned to crime, using his superior athletic abilities and a variety of sports-based gadgets to fight such Golden Age heroes as Green Lantern and Wildcat. He teamed up with the Golden Age Huntress and the two married and later had a daughter who called herself Artemis and followed the family tradition. Sportsmaster also was a member of various incarnations of the Injustice Society of the World and his body has been used by a secret organization as the basis for an army of clone enforcers. There was also another Sportsmaster, Victor Gover, who possessed "photographic reflexes" but he apparently died after a few appearances as a member of the Suicide Squad. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe, although in "Legends" the character the Sportsman is based on him. Atomic Skull Wildcat's main opponent, the Atomic Skull first appeared pre-Crisis in Sueprman #323 (Oct. 1991). Albert Michaels was a corrupt scientist with a nervous disorder. When he couldn't find a cure, he contacted the criminal organization SKULL and they gave him a way to harness his neural disorder into atomic blasts. Post-Crisis in Action #670, Joe Morton was struck by an intense blast of energy that gave him superhuman strength and premature baldness. Later attacked by some thugs, the resulting head damage caused insanity and he took on the guise of "The Atomic Skull," a villain from an old movie serial. He later gained the ability to project energy blasts and has plagued Superman. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe. Bloodsport Bloodsport, the guy in the red bandanna fighting before Wildcat, first appeared in Superman Vol. 2 #4 (April 1987). Robert "Bobby" DuBois equipped himself with super-guns and went on a rampage, declaring he was a Vietnam veteran seeking revenge. It turned out he had dodged the draft and his brother Michael went in his place and lost his legs, which unhinged Bobby. He has appeared sporadically since then fighting Superman and other heroes. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe. Electrocutioner The guy fighting Bloodsport is the Electrocutioner, who in the comics first appeared in Batman #331 (Jan. 1981). He used a costume rigged to generate a lethal electrical shock to kill criminals and ran afoul of Batman who disapproved of his extreme justice. He was later killed by the second Vigilante (Adrian Chase, not the one in the League) and his brother Lester later took on the role. He initially killed criminals but later became a mercenary and fought a number of super-heroes. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe. Hellgrammite The insect-looking guy at MetaBrawl is Hellgrammite, who first appeared in the comics in Brave & The Bold #80 (Oct.-Nov. 1968). An unnamed entymologist, Hellgrammite designed a number of gimmicks that duplicated insect powers and went on a crime spree, loudly declaring which insect he was duplicating as he used that power. Kinda annoying. Later Hellgrammite made a deal with the devilish Neron, trading his soul in return for real power. He gained inherent insect powers but his costume became his permanent look. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe. (The character might be Charaxes, the former Killer Moth, but there are some substantial differences. Both guys are insect-men with mandibles, bug-eyes, and antennae, so it's hard to tell) Tracer The furry villain with the orange hair is Tracer, who first appeared in Justice League Europe #15 (June 1990). He was a super-villain on the world of Angor, a parallel Earth of sorts, and a member of a team named the Extremists. The Extremists wiped out Angor in a nuclear explosion, leaving only themselves and a few heroes who fled to Earth. The Extremists pursued them and it was revealed all but one of them had died and the surviving one, Dreamslayer, used androids of his comrades, including Tracer. They were deactivated and stored in the Watchtower. Tracer and his android duplicate demonstrated enhanced senses that made him an excellent tracker, enhanced strength and reflexes, a feral attitude, razor sharp claws, and enhanced healing. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe, and any similarty between Tracer and Marvel's Sabertooth is purely coincidental. Evil Star The guy with the red star mask appears to be Evil Star. This appears to be the Golden Age version, who first appeared in All-Star Comics #45 (Jan. 1949). Guy Pompton, owner of Ace Movie Rental Agency and a crimelord, donned a costumed identity to stop a movie studio from completing a film that used a script that would have exposed his criminal activities. He fought the JSA but possessed no superhuman abilities. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe. (There is a Silver Age Evil Star, but he was an alien scientist who created a starband that used stellar energy and could create objects similar to a Green Lantern's power ring. It is unlikely he is the Evil Star seen here, and both wore similar costumes.) Amygdala The big orange guy with goggles is Amygdala, who first appeared in Batman: Shadow of the Bat #3 (August 1992). In the comics, Aaron Helzinger has reduced mental capacity and outbursts of violence, as well as augmented strength. "Amygdala" refers to the bundle of nerves in the brain that control anger. Helzinger's amygdala cluster was removed in an attempt to "cure" him. Easily led, Amygdala has been the pawn of a number of Batman villains but when properly medicated leads a peaceful act and is often let out into the community, where he is an ally of Nightwing and has worked as a warden. This is his first appearance in the WB animated universe.