Justice League Unlimited

Season 4 Episode 3

The Doomsday Sanction

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Feb 19, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

While Batman investigates the Cadmus conspiracy headed by Amanda Waller, Superman battles a resurrected Doomsday in the heart of a volcano.

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  • The Conspiracy Continues

    With this episode Dwayne McDuffie brings the Cadmus group, the secret U.S. governmental organization that have determined the Justice League are a threat, to the forefront. We find out the members: General Eiling and his military expertise, Dr. Milo and his genetic research, Hugo Strange and his mind-reading device, Dr. Hamilton and his knowledge of Superman's DNA and cloning techniques, Tala and her mystical abilities, and the formidable Amanda in charge.

    What's interesting is how writer McDuffie pulls together all the aspects of various WB animated series. We have the Batman & Superman animated series, Lex Luthor, and the Justice Lords of the alternate Earth as a motivating force. We also get a revisionist origin of Doomsday. It's quite a melange of different aspects.

    Perhaps comfortingly, the conspiracy group is not one big happy family. Milo is a screw-up and Eiling is a ruthless psycho, while Amanda Waller seems to be dong what she truly thinks is best but isn't willing to see innocents get killed. It looks like we'll see more of Tala in the future, judging from the end-of-episode previews.

    If the conspiracy poses any danger, it's because of...Batman. He seems the only one with the skills necessary to handle it that the League takes seriously (the Question notwithstanding), and the conspiracy may have swayed him to their point of view. The ending is rather enigmatic and the build-up to Batman believing Superman has the potential to be a ruthless tyrant is a bit brief. It comes across as more of a depressive reaction to the situation then a reasoned response on Batman's part. We'll see how it pans out.

    Superman gets some serious screen-time - we both see him go toe-to-toe with Doomsday, and have his moral position questioned. Again, it's not entirely clear what Batman expects Superman to do at the end - don't the League have protocols for dealing with villains that can't otherwise be contained, protocols that Batman would presumably have helped written. It's a little murky if the League under Superman are overriding Batman, or what. It would be nice if the writers/producers could clarify a ltitle bit.

    The Flash is back once more and a welcome presence - he bridges the gap between original member and comic relief. It's also nice to see the original 7 assembled for the first time since the end of Season 2. We get some visual checks on the newer League members, but this is basically about the originals.

    There's nice use of computer animation, with the missile launch and Batman's intercept. But there's also some good old-school-ish animation in the Superman/Doomsday battle. The whole thing ends up to a tense showdown at the end as Batman and Superman face their respective dangers.

    If the previous episodes like "Fearful Symmetry" and "Ultimatum" and "Dark Heart" were foreshadowing for the conspiracy-angle, then "The Doomsday Sanctin" sets everything off. It looks like the government will eventually launch a full-out assault on the League (judging from last week's previews and the use of the Suicide Squad), so plans are already in the works to crank it up to the next step. But at the same time there's still the mysteries of Lex Luthor's involvement, and Batman's eventual stance. That should be enough to keep viewers coming back for a while, and Cartoon Network has confirmed a new order of 23 episodes, so we should get to see the whole thing.moreless
  • Mroe than just informative and revealing this episode is full of action

    A great installment to an overall great story. This episode reveals a great deal about the Cadmas program and all of the ventures they had their hands in. It tells the story of doomsday and brings some significance to his character, instead of him being some random villain out for Superman's head. more importantly than all those things though, the episode is exciting. All of the things we watch the show for were there. The fight between Doomsday and Superman was very well done and the interception of the missile kept us very entertained. Excellent story with great action, definitely one of the bestmoreless
  • Batman confronts Waller, the military tries to nuke Superman, and Justice Lord comparisons abound. All this, while Superman brawls with Doomsday.

    Where to begin? Not only do we get characters returning all the way from Batman: TAS season 1 (giving a cool moment to anyone who's been watching the DCAU since then), but this episode really pushes the whole Cadmus storyline forward a great deal.

    We see that people DO see the similarities growing between the Justice League and Justice Lords. We see Batman begin to doubt the other founding members. We see the government try to kill Superman, and we get one of the most brutal battles in animation history.

    Even though Doomsday's origins are completely changed, it works in the context of the season.

    An overall great episode.moreless
  • In this episode the League must save the people of a volcanic island before it erupts. During this rescue operation Superman ends up in a battle with Doomsday inside the erupting volcano. Further knowledge of Cadmus' plans are revealed.moreless

    This is the kind of stuff I like to see in a Justice League episode. You have ties to the main storyline of the show with Cadmus, plus you still have a large scale battle.

    The confrontation between Batman an Waller was good because we saw that both are highly intelligent people on opposite sides of the fence. Both Batman and Waller also have opposing thoughts with their colleages. It shows a certain similarity and connection between the two enemies.

    The Superman v Doomsday battle was good because they were near equals. In most Superman battles, he wipes the floor with his enemy, but Doomsday was more than a match for Superman.

    This episode also raises the thought in our minds that the League isn't doing everything right. It raises the thought that maybe the League is becoming too powerful for their own good.

    Overall a good and enjoyable episode that I'll watch again and again.moreless
Susan Eisenberg

Susan Eisenberg

Wonder Woman/Diana

Carl Lumbly

Carl Lumbly

Martian Manhunter/J'onn J'onzz

George Newbern

George Newbern

Superman/Clark Kent/Kal-El

Michael Rosenbaum

Michael Rosenbaum

Flash/Wally West

Kevin Conroy

Kevin Conroy

Batman/Bruce Wayne

Michael Jai White

Michael Jai White


Guest Star

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

General Eiling

Guest Star

Armin Shimerman

Armin Shimerman

Dr. Milo

Guest Star

CCH Pounder

CCH Pounder

Amanda Waller

Recurring Role

Juliet Landau

Juliet Landau


Recurring Role

Robert Foxworth

Robert Foxworth

Professor Hamilton

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Concerning the Flash, this episode seems at odds with the immediately preceding one, "The Ties That Bind." There he was griping about how he's dismissed as the teen sidekick. Here's he's still one of the core seven, which seem to be an Inner Council for the League as a whole. It's unlikely what he did in "Ties" improved his status, so why the sudden change?

    • Hawkgirl's status is unclear within the League position-wise, but there is one mismatch: she's in the initial "head honchos" conference at the beginning when they're discussing Cadmus, but at the end she's not in the tribunal that is interrogating Doomsday (the empty chair is presumably Batman's). Shouldn't she be at both?

    • There are no other Leaguers on the Watchtower or on other parts of the globe that can intercept the missile in time...but why can't Wonder Woman and the Flash? She's super-strong, super-fast, and has a lasso, he can run at super-speed and generate tornadoes and water spouts, and the missile's heading right for them.

    • In the hangar in the long shot, Wildcat is in the lead, Hourman is in the middle and to Wildcat's right, and the much darker, shadowy Obsidian is bringing up the rear to Wildcat's left. But in the close shot when Batman comes charging in, Obsidian and Hourman instantaneously swap left-for-right and the two of them are walking even.

    • When Doomsday initially charges towards Superman, he runs across the lava at Superman's level. But as we saw when Superman burst into the chamber, the floor of the chamber is about 8-10' below the level of the lava, which flooded the chamber when Superman burst in. Superman only appears level with the lava at this point because the rock-pedestal he was standing on was about 10' tall. Doomsday should sink into the lava, which is about 8' deep.

    • How did Doomsday know where Superman was? He had no access to Cadmus research, no indication he has the smarts to access their security systems from the pod, and there's no reason the pod would have a built-in Superman-tracking unit.

    • When Doomsday busts out of the lab, bursts of energy hit him from his left, and he looks left. Then they cut to a shot of the guards in a corridor even though the lab door should be to Doomsday's left. Then Doomsday walks straight ahead and attacks the guards.

    • In the medlab, Bruce Wayne's eyes are brown. In "The Once and Future Thing: Weird Western Tales", they're blue.

    • In one scene, Amanda mentions seven Justice Lords, but there were only six. The Flash was never a member of the Justice Lords.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Superman: You don't owe anything to them. They manipulated you and then tried to kill you.
      Doomsday: So I keep hearing.

    • Superman: I know who you are. But I'm not the one who hurt you.
      Doomsday: Superman is Superman. And I will kill you.
      Superman: Why?
      Doomsday: It's what I am--I don't care why.

    • Doomsday: Superman. I'm here to kill you. Is this a bad time?

    • Waller: Milo! I'll have his hide for this.
      Security Guard: Doomsday beat you to it, ma'am.

    • Waller: Dr. Milo - I'm not known for my sense of humor, but I know a sick joke when I see one.

    • Batman: Call off the missile.
      Waller: How did you get this number?!?
      Batman: The missile heading for San Baquero. If anyone dies on that island today, I'm coming for you.

    • Batman: I've got the Question looking into it, and...
      (everyone moans)
      Flash: Not that kook!
      Batman: I admit, he's wound a bit too tightly...

    • Flash: (The Justice Lords) went overboard because their Flash died. So as long as you all focus on keeping me alive, that'll never happen here.
      J'onn: Lets put a pin in that theory to explore another time.

    • Batman: What would stop you from doing what that Superman did?
      Superman: There's always that kryptonite you carry around.
      Batman: You don't get to joke! Not today! I just took a bullet for you.

    • Batman: Sent him off to the Phantom Zone, didn't you?
      Superman: He left us no choice.
      Batman: Spoken like a true Justice Lord.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Character bios: Dr. Milo, Professor Hugo Strange, Tala, Doomsday, Amanda Waller, General Eiling

    • The "Langstrom research" that Dr. Milo refers to is tied to Batman: The Animated Series and the episode "On Leather Wings." Dr. Kirk Langstrom was a scientist who studied bats and developed a serum that turned human beings into man-bats.

    • The armor that Waller and Tala discuss is presumably the Annihilator battle-armor that Hephaestus built for Ares in the episode "Hawk and Dove". Tala and the Annihilator (and Lord Hades) can be seen in the end-of-episode previews.

    • Other heroes that appear without dialogue: Hawkgirl, Green Lantern, Hawk, Vixen, Fire, Ice, Black Canary, Booster Gold, Vibe, Wildcat, Hourman, Obsidian, and Shining Knight.

    • C.C.H. Pounder, Michael Jai White, J.K. Simmons, and Robert Foxworth reprise their prior roles of Amanda Waller, Doomsday, General Eiling, and Professor Hamilton, respectively. Armin Shimerman takes on the role of Dr. Milo, who was previously played in Batman: The Animated Series by Treat Williams.

    • Previews at the end of this episode on its original airing are from the upcoming episode "Double Date" and at least one other unidentified (as of 2/19) episode.