Justice League Unlimited

Season 1 Episode 6

The Enemy Below (1)

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Dec 03, 2001 on Cartoon Network

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  • When there is some trouble under the sea, the ruler of Atlantis, Aquaman, decides to take his issues right to the surface.

    This episode was truly painful to watch. First of all we have the absence of Flash. Why? Flash is everyone's favourite character(well he's certainly mine). Most of the episode was done with views of the trouble in Atlantis. People who watch this program don't want petty troubles under the bubbles thankyou very much. What people want to see is Superman smashing people's faces in. Also, except for the crashing submarine at the start, there is no threat involved. Aquaman just wants his people to be more represented in the world. If we wanted to see a show about politics, or at least something that makes us snore, we would watch an episode of Judge Judy. All these aspects combine to make a truly shocking episode.
  • A submarine goes into the see and the protectors of the city of Atlantis goes to inspect and attacks.

    A submarine goes down as the protectors of the city of Atlantis attacks them. Aquaman is concerned about the security of Atlantis.
    This is a good episode. For one thing it was a nice thing to see the Batman come back after some time. But this episode lacks a bit of imagination, we all know from the beginning that it is Aquaman's brother that is the person who is going to be bad. With him wanting to attack the land dwellers. And during the ending of the episode we know that he is the person playing the bad part, cause he captures Aquaman cause Aquman doesn't want to fight. But i give this episode 8.2 cause the story is short but still interesting if we leave the fact about the imaginative part on the bad guy...
  • Aquaman is targeted by the assassin (Deadshot) after his attempts to make peace with the surface world don't go over too well.

    Aquaman is targeted by the assassin (Deadshot) after his attempts to make peace with the surface world don't go over too well. Orm, Aquaman's brother, then takes control of Aqua City, stating that until Aquaman's son is old enough, he will reign. Aquaman later finds out that his brother betrayed him and his family and takes revenge.

    Definitely one of the highlights of this 2-parter was seeing the way Aquaman lost his hand. Just the fact that he took it to save his son's life, shows how much he loved him (corny, but it's true). Then the end fight between Orm and Aquaman, ending with Orm falling down to his death.

    I didn't notice any "weak" points in the story at all, aside from the obvious fact that it took the four League members (Batman, Martian Manhunter, Superman, Wonder Woman and Lantern) to take down a single assassin. While it certainly showcased what each member was capable of, seeing Batman take Deadshot aside and "talk" to him was definitely the biggest treat this episode had to offer (if you were a Batman fan, that is).

    Animation in this episode was especially good, and the water sequences flowed really well--especially the one near the polar cap. The summoning of the killer whale and the fancy tricks that the League and Aquaman pulled were all equally stunning to watch (I even caught myself saying "woah" a couple of times). From the zapping of Orm's staff, and the explosions that ensued, it was definitely fun to watch.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode, because it showed how much further (in terms of violence) Justice League is going than what TAS and TNBA was able to "pull off". This episode definitely ranks in the top 10 for me.
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