Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 8

The Great Brain Robbery

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • But, I mean "o-o-c" in a good way! Body-switches are one of my favorite science fiction sub-genres.

    And, this one was no exception.

    First; there's the obivous, real-life irony. Michael Rosenbaum, voice of the show's Scarlet Speedster, plays teenage Lex Luthor on SMALLVILLE.

    Second; there's the contrast between Luthor being mentally fast enough to adapt to Flash's body and powers. While the reverse is almost fatally not-true!

    Third; the look on Tala's face, at the end, when she realizes that Luthor is, indeed, back to his old narcissistic self. It almost makes me wish she could have caught on to the imposture sooner! Just so she could blackmail and/or mesmerize Wally-in-Luthor to act as her figurehead, while she becomes the real new leader of the LOD.

    The only reason I don't give this a perfect ten? Hijacking a trainload of mere paper cash doesn't seem super-villainous enough. But, gold bars on their way to Fort Knox? THAT would have been a worthier target!
  • While it doesn't go very far in plot, the voice work is fantastic and the action is quick and to the point.

    The Flash really would have to be one of the most powerful superheroes. You might be able to shoot rays of energy or take down a building, but if you can't even keep up with someone how can you beat them.

    Lex Luthor and Flash trading minds is an old science fiction standby, but they are classics for a reason. You can make it into a character revealing episode or pull it purely for laughs. This is mostly for laughs but we learned something more about the Flash then was probably intended. More on that in a second.

    Lex is trying to bring Brainiac back and use his power, but needs Grodds knowledge to do so. Because of the unwilling participant, Lex uses a device to enter Grodds mind. At the same time, Dr. Fate convinces the league he can mystically use Flash's mind to figure out Grodds location, and the new league of villians. A mishap occures, minds switch and the chaos begins. One plus is Dr. Fate knowing instantly that Flash's mind was switched. It would have been nice to get at least a moment to see Fate a little humbled by the mistake, but that is a minor quibble.

    The League is trying to hold Flash/Luthor down, and Luthor/Flash is disoriented and surprised at being winded only running a short distance from Grodd. His attempts to avoid detection is what makes the humor of the episode. His comments in the group meeting for the generic robbery plan were perfectly timed, in animation, getting a laugh from a pause is hard, but they pull it off. The only real humor from the League point of view is Luthor resorting to at least getting the Flash's secret identity, but learns he doesn't know the face at all.

    (As a small comment, Tala seems to just be twitter-pated over Lex and he hasn't really given her any notice whatsoever, even blantantly brushing her off. She seems a little dense for that, though she may have her own reasons)

    About learning about the Flash, Luthor uses the Flash's powers with surprising verocity and danger. He took out nearly the entire watchtower by himself, like I said before, if you can't touch him... Wally West is immature, sure, that is why we love him, but here we learn that he actually is careful about his powers. Flaunting does not neccesarily mean abusing and he is actually responsible concerning his powers, that's why he is a superhero. This came as a one note deal when Luthor uses a vibration blast to open a door, Red Tornado comments on the instability of the technique and Green Lantern says that is why Flash doesn't do that. So much is said in just a few lines.

    The voice acting was just perfect, Clancy Brown mimics the voice style of Michael Rosenbaum intricately, and Michael Rosenbaum uses his Lex Luthor voice from 'Smallville', which is a neat little piece of trivia. There is no point where we don't believe they have really switched bodies.

    The resolution is predictable, but done with enough creativity to make the entire episode a lot of fun.
  • JLU once again showing it's talent for humor, just like in The Greatest Story Never Told

    I think it's fairly obvious that I love The Flash and the only thing possibly cooler than him is Michael Rosenbaum as The Flash. And only very slightly less cool than that is Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor in Smallville.

    Put 'em all together and you get one heck of a hilarious Justice League episode.

    Sure, it's a little light on plot and doesn't progress the overarching story much, but hey, it's a really fun episode.

    Synopsis: When the JLU attempts to search Flash's brain for Grodd's whereabouts at the exact same time Luthor is hacking into Grodd's brain for information on Brainiac, Flash and Luthor switch bodies and hilarity ensues. Though the hilarity is mostly on behalf of Flash in Lex's body, trying to lead the villains.

    The only thing that could've made this episode better would have been if the plots were more parallel with no one realizing that Lex is in Flash as well as the other way around. I would have loved to see Lex raise havoc in more than just the physical way in Flash's body. But Flash in Lex was just plain brilliant.

    Keep 'em coming.

    "You going to wash your hands?"
    "No. ...Cause I'm evil..."
  • To better understand the enemy, the JLU attempts to obtain information on Grodd from Flash. Similarly, Luther and Co. try to get info from Grodd's mind about Brainiac. Lex and Wally have their own "Freaky Friday." Chaos ensues. Why not a perfec

    Overall, a fun, good episode. Any episode that highlights Flash is fine with me. I didn't give it a perfect 10.

    First of all, Wally West isn't stupid. For the fastest man alive, he sure was slow in thinking of things to say and how to act. Doesn't he think at hyperspeed as well? Come on! I'm not sure how familiar the writers of JLU are with comics, but I certainly don't get the impression that Wally is as dim-witted as they portray him (all the time!).

    Second, why is it that Lex as Flash is so much more formidable than Wally as Flash? I appreciated GL's comment concerning Wally's ability to cause explosions by using 'residual energy' (at least we know he can do that in JLU as well) and that Wally's too responsible to use it, but what about his ability to basically beat the tar out of half the league? Lex as Flash was creaming everybody! Even GL couldn't contain Lex as Flash! Are the writers suggesting that Wally isn't even bright enough to use his powers to their full extent? I'm sure they are. Flash needs some respect.

    Third, a general problem is Wally's being a senior member, but pushed around by almost everyone. Why isn't Flash ever in charge of something? Even Jr members give him orders. That's gotta stop. Flash has got to get some credit. JLU may be headed that way--Flash is getting more screentime in the previous 6 or so episodes than almost any whole season. Let's hope the trend continues.
  • Superb episode, with extremely talented voice work. Some excellent humorous moments. And Luthor in Flash's body is just plain cool. Why are all the Flash's episodes awesome?

    Wally West, probably the only Flash I actually like is one of the funniest and sweetest characters in the DC Universe. His personality is greatly reflected in the way the story in this episode is told.

    Flash and Lex Luthor have switched bodies. This leads to alot of comedy with a powerless Flash trying to fit-in with the villains around him.

    Clancy and Michael give some of their best performances here. Though Michael is pretty good as Lex in Flash's body, he lacks the same intellectualism that Clancy gives to Lex's every word. He's more disdainful than sarcastic. I think he tried to hard to sound like the Lex he plays on Smallville. That Lex is a very different one from the one on JLU, but I dunno.

    Clancy on the other hand is a perfect flash, he has great comedic timing and delivers those perfect moments such as when he adresses a gathering of the Legion of Doom in third person. "Lex Luthor is pleased. Carry on."

    I guess Michael didn't have as much to work with. Lex as Flash didn't have alot to work with, as he had very sparse dialogue.

    I really liked Tala in this episode, and her unintentional crush on Wally. Poor girl is stuck with so many jerks for boyfriends, a nice guy like Wally must be a nice break.

    The thing that really brought this episode full circle for me, however. Was the fact that instead of switching voice actors, so Clancy was doing Lex in Flash's body, and Michael doing Wally in Luthor's (With the villains dismissing it as "What happened to your voice, Lex."-type lines). They kept the voice actors to the bodies. Real nice touch, as I outlined before.

    Great episode, really deserves that 10 out of 10.
  • There's nothing like taking the tense confrontation between the League and the Legion and finding a way to give the audience a few laughs at the expense of both sides. You'll love this one.

    It's one of the oldest situation comedy story lines - a case of mistaken or in this case misplaced identity. They pulled the whole thing off reaaly well leaving few loose ends or after thoughts. Even though we all knew how this one would end (Luthor and Flash would both return to their rightful bodies), it still had enough of its own unique twists and turns to keep it fresh. It was great to see both the Red T and Mr. T get into action along with Dr. Light, Steel and Ice. This episode also marked the first appearance of Dr. Fate in season 5. I've always enjoyed his contributions to League episodes and this one was no exception. The only criticism I have for this episode other than the overused story line is the lack of any meaningful dialogue. We once again learn that Luthor is obsessed with finding Braniac - nothing new here. There is a real "hate triangle" between Grodd, Luthor and Flash - yeah, we know that. So where is this season's story arc going? Unlike the "Cadmus saga" which gradually revealed itself starting in season 3 and then ramped up to a thunderous conclusion in season 4, this Legion of Doom thing just doesn't seem to be going anywhere. There have been some nice action sequences between the League and the Legion but I'm not feeling any sort of crescendo in this concert of stories. Maybe I just need to be patient. The good news is that this episode along with most of season 5 has been just great.

    Thank you JLU!
  • The second time during the season where we get a good look at the Flash. And to think I was worried they were shuffling him off to the side.

    What really comes out to me after watching this episode is how much of a fish out of water The Flash is as far as the superhero game. With Lex Luthor calling the shots inside his head, you really get to see how much His Quickness is capable of - and all the things Flash could be doing on his own.

    It also was fairly revealing to show that the only way Flash could really get any sort of feature in a group as great as the JLA is that he had joined first, \\\'cause as far as his ability to deal with being in Lex\\\'s body, he\\\'s lucky to come back with any synapses still intact.

    The funniest and best moment of the show was when Lex finally realised he could at least find out Flash\\\'s secret identity... and has no idea who he\\\'s looking at. Being mild mannered might be a good way to stay incognito, but being some kid who works at a crime lab in Edge city - that\\\'s how you really stay obscure. Wally West sure ain\\\'t no Clark Kent, any definitley no Bruce Wayne either.

    This episode comes off to me as essentially a bit of a filler, and a way to flesh out more of what\\\'s going on with the bad guys - and give Flash a chance to goof around some more.
  • Great writing and voice talent. They really start to show what the Flash can really do when Lex Luthor takes over his body. Brilliant.

    This has to be a great plus for the writing team and the voice actors playing both The Flash and Lex Luthor. They really showed their versatility as talent, and performed beyond what I consider quality entertainment.
    One of the best lines in this episode comes from the Flash (inside the body of Lex Luthor). In the washroom, Lex (Flash) is about to leave and Dr. Polaris asks him, "You gonna wash your hands?" To which Lex replies, "No....'cause I'm evil." Beautiful.
  • Oh, great, another switcheroo episode, right? Uh, uh. This one catches your eye. Well written, easy to understand, and fun to watch: Classic Justice League. This is an episode to remember.

    What happens when you switch Lex Luthor and the Flash\'s brains? Anything and Everything. How could I not laugh when the Flash (in Luthor\'s body) makes a crack at being evil in the bathroom, this episode cracked me up. Tons of action, Luthor now has super powers, what will he do? Watch it.
  • A fun episode indeed. Well written and plotted, the characters remain true even when they're not themselves. Plus, we get to see The Flash (try) to play the villain. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

    I started this show not knowing who The Flash was; even -what- the Flash was. I was not a big comic reader. But he quickly became one of my favorite characters and this is one of the episodes that shows why.

    Wally is often used as comic relief in this show, but there is a deeper side that often shines through during the show's run. While this episode clearly goes for the humorous route, we still get to see just how -powerful- The Flash is, and how dangerous.

    One memorable scene is where it is explained to us why Wally never uses the full potential of his power: the result could be devestating. Wally is so often shown as the carefree youngster of the group that sometimes we forget -why- he is one of the founders.

    There are numerous laugh out loud moments as Wally tries to pass off as Luthor, and Lex-Flash tries to escape the Tower. The bathroom scenes of both characters are classics and will most likely be ranked as some of the funniest moments of this show's run.

    Still, even given the full run of Luthor's hideout, Flash remains true to his character and learns absolutely nothing of value during his tenure as Luthor. And we're reminded of Luthor's evil genius as he reveals just the amount of control he has over his team of villains.

    There is also a questionable scene where it is heavily hinted that Wally and the witch were having 'fun' in his room. I doubt kids would get it, but adults are sure to laugh as they watch.

    Overall, this is one episode I know I would be able to re-watch and still find amusing.
  • This is the best episode ever. The bathroom scene did it for me; I laughed so hard. And then The Flash's retarded acting.

    I knew Luthor was evil, but this display... this complete lack of... regard, did it for him. His evilness is now cemented in stone. Every time he yelled "Wrong", he'd make buildings explode and glass would rain down upon the unsuspecting, innocent people. That wasn't to bad, wasn't to vile of an act. But now this key evidence has appeared - what I'd like to call, "The Bathroom Incident." You have to be pretty evil to commit such a heinous indecency and in front of people! Luthor is a filthy beast; I can't believe he doesn't wash his hands. He should be slathered in anti-bacterial hand sanitizer.
  • Ah, a great little filler episode with quite a few laughs up for grabs.

    An incredibly entertaining episode, this, which manages to produce some hilarious slap-stick moments and allows for Clancy Brown to lighten it up and show he can deliver when it comes to comedy as good as the rest of 'em. Essentially a Flash-centric episode, 'The Great Brain Robbery' also manages to dip into the season's arc, though it's evident the gimmick of a body-swap takes central focus above all other arc-related elements.

    Interestingly enough, we only ever glimpsed at Flash's true potential in previous episodes, but when Lex has control of his body we see a completely different animal altogether. Lantern's concern of Lex becoming unstoppable felt a little too false at first, but as the episode progresses, the writers do a good job of demonstrating his true potential. Flash, if he wanted, could very possibly take down the league single-handedly. Even Superman (remember the Justice Lords? Flash managed to whoop evil Clark's ass!). And, once again, we're also shown just how powerful Flash is when he faces Brainiac when everyone else is unable to - Flash rules!

    Clancy Brown manages to emulate Michael's Flash down to a tee. He's fantastic here, and really goes for the win. Of course, his talents wouldn't have shined through if it weren't for some top-notch writing. The script is choc-filled with quotable one-liners and some typical Justice League dark humour (what a twisted way to use Flash's power -- drill a speed hole into someone's head!).


    Best moment?

    It has to be Lex (as Flash) walking up to a mirror and taking off Flash's mask so he can reveal his secret identity. Shockingly, he does. And hilariously, he adds " I have no idea who this is." Very very funny.


    Overall, another strong episode for the final season. With such arc-heavy episodes surrounding this episode, it was nice to take a break from all of the ruckus and have a little fun. Plenty of action and heavy on laughs, this is essential filler-fun.
  • in short...lex and Flash's brains switch and lex is using wally's power against some leaguers, meanwhile wally tries to not be found out as the other villians are following his orders to majorly attack

    this one is hilarious and i loved it so much, i really liked how this episode shows how powerful the Flash could be if he used his powers at full. i really like how wally, even as lex, is still a funny guy and OMGsh i totally loved him as lex!!! tee hee his "evil" act was so bad it was funny. and i enjoyed the bath room scene where lex wants to find out Flash's secret identity... i liked the scene where lex (really wally) was in the villians bathroom a lot better though. but this entire episode was really good!!! :)