Justice League Unlimited

Season 5 Episode 8

The Great Brain Robbery

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Mar 04, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • To better understand the enemy, the JLU attempts to obtain information on Grodd from Flash. Similarly, Luther and Co. try to get info from Grodd's mind about Brainiac. Lex and Wally have their own "Freaky Friday." Chaos ensues. Why not a perfec

    Overall, a fun, good episode. Any episode that highlights Flash is fine with me. I didn't give it a perfect 10.

    First of all, Wally West isn't stupid. For the fastest man alive, he sure was slow in thinking of things to say and how to act. Doesn't he think at hyperspeed as well? Come on! I'm not sure how familiar the writers of JLU are with comics, but I certainly don't get the impression that Wally is as dim-witted as they portray him (all the time!).

    Second, why is it that Lex as Flash is so much more formidable than Wally as Flash? I appreciated GL's comment concerning Wally's ability to cause explosions by using 'residual energy' (at least we know he can do that in JLU as well) and that Wally's too responsible to use it, but what about his ability to basically beat the tar out of half the league? Lex as Flash was creaming everybody! Even GL couldn't contain Lex as Flash! Are the writers suggesting that Wally isn't even bright enough to use his powers to their full extent? I'm sure they are. Flash needs some respect.

    Third, a general problem is Wally's being a senior member, but pushed around by almost everyone. Why isn't Flash ever in charge of something? Even Jr members give him orders. That's gotta stop. Flash has got to get some credit. JLU may be headed that way--Flash is getting more screentime in the previous 6 or so episodes than almost any whole season. Let's hope the trend continues.
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